Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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Mary D. New is not always better as seen by several of the "new" attractions in Disney World. Frankly i am tired of Toy Story and would not wait in line for yet another such attraction. Disney World has a good deal of undeveloped property.. Maybe adding some additional attractions rather than replacing might be an advantage and maybe even reduce lines at others. Disney has also forgotten that the older visitors often return to the parks to revisit places that once gave them fond memories. There really seems to be little left that enables the older visitor to do just that. I would love to go back and relive with my adult son and create new memories for my grandchildren. Frankly, I am unhappy with the number of attractions that have been either torn down or replaced. That coupled with the high admission prices is making me think twice about "going to Disney." LEAVE THE BEARS ALONE.
Joshua M. I first visited WDW in 1996 at the age of 21 I have been every year since then, my 3 boys have grown up singing along with the bears and I had hoped they would be able to share this experience with their kids on day. Granted Bears is not on of the major attractions, but like the Tiki Room and Tom Sawyer Island it is always a good escape from the crowds. I sincerely hope this is only a rumor and nothing comes of it!
Steven C. Toy story land is open w/a large number of toy story products & shows already. One more T.Story show is not needed! Keep the campy & well loved Country bear Jamboree open. If Disney is seriously thinking of doing this... DON'T!!! Toy Story products can be p!aced in the Magic Kingdoms many(and I mean MANY) stores. Don't take out the Jamboree just to get a few more dollars.
George F. As you increase the price to the park ( but keep increasing the CEO 's salary 80M+ ) as a grandparent who foots the bill, if no rides I remember no more footing the bill for 9. If it goes only 3 rides are left I enjoy. Peter Pan, Haunted House and log ride ( someone will call it racist I'm afraid ) I'm out. Tired of all Board thinks of is profits and CEO's raises ( I'm a stockholder ) You are very close to pissing me off.
Jonathan w. Dont kill classic Disney. The reason we fell in love with the parks in the first place!
Tim . I used to look forward to going to WDW, but no longer. Stories like this have convinced me to never set foot in the parks again. So sad to see the artistry and magic killed little by little.
David . If this is true then the news is horrible. We lost 20 thousand leagues under the sea as well. These were classic Disney attractions and being replaced by commercialism. Where will the memories of these and other old time events like Davy Crockett reside? Is Frontierland a thing of the past? How can you stick a toy story ride in this spot? The new owners of the Disney experience are destroying the memories we cherished for years.
Robin P. It saddens me to think the Country Bears May leave. Yes it is old and not fast paced or exciting. Technology has far out paced it. But, this experience is still gentle fun. Children can come in and watch the bears and be entertained. All you have to do is watch their faces and the magic begins. Sharing my childhood with my children and their children is something that can't be replaced. Mr Disney did not plan everything around what characters were for sale. He wanted parents and children to be able to play together.
Nancy . So sad. Disney has become less and less attractive. It used to be so fun. Now it's a mad dash to either stand in line for ages or have your day all scheduled out. It's too crowded to enjoy, and all the nostalgia is being replaced. I've been going to the Parks all my life. I still have some old ticket books. I'm sorry to see the path being taken. Not only is a trip being priced out of reach, but it's become less if a place we want to go.
Sheila H. I'm saddened by this news & totally agree with the author. Country Bear Jamboree is a connection I think we all look for to Walt himself. It's an original attraction, 1 of a few left that has stood the test of time. I was just at the park in May. It was not a hot day so no one just trying to find refuge from the heat but every seat was filled. Everyone there was looking to be entertained or trying to hold onto a memory they may have shared with a loved one no longer around as I guess I was. If the company wants to expand Toy Story, so be it but put it in the Toy Story Land where it belongs. Leave the original attractions in the Magic Kingdom as is so that future generations can understand a bit of the vision that Walt had. We need those to still feel that magic. I hope it's a decision that they give a serious 2nd thought to.
D W. I'm a former AP. I've made upward of 7-8 trips to Disney World in a single year, staying on property, etc...and decisions such as this to close existing rides and attractions to make room for new is nonsense. Those decisions and the large heavy crowds made the decision not to renew easier this year. Walt purchased more land than could ever be used. Expand Frontierland passed Big Thunder Mountain. Make a new section with a show and theater for Woody 's Roundup, but leave Country Bears alone. There isn't much left of the original rides that opened over the first 5 years in the Magic Kingdom. I sat in the Country Bear Jamboree and enjoyed that show 6 times last year. Enjoyed it every single time and will be extremely disappointed in Disney if they would indeed close it. Build new, expand, grow, make room to spread the crowds around to more attractions... don't get rid of the classics!!!!
Amy I. This truly makes me so sad. Disney parks must leave part of it's history intact. The Country Bear Jamboree is one of my favorite things in the park. It would be a shame to lose such an iconic piece of Disney history. I would not visit anything put in it's place.
Jessica . I just want to say how saddened I am to hear this. Could try Bear Jamboree is one of my favorite parts of Walt Disney World! The main reason I even go into Frontier Land. I really dont see the need for more Toy Story attractions. Please dont take away The Country Bears!
greg p. I would be completely disappointed if this "rumor" becomes a reality. This is a classic and while some feel it is stale I disagree. There was a point where we did not go to the CBJ but that made the renewed visit starting several years ago brought new life to the venue. We were looking forward to bringing our new grandson to the venue in a year or so when he can appreciate it. The show transcends time as all classics do. He would find it very entertaining as well as giving the parents and grandparent a much needed standing break. That alone makes the venue a top priority. The animatronics are funny and the "mounted" characters are just that, characters I understand the need for change but to add another Toy Story venue is over kill nothing new and I believe leaves nothing to be wanted or needed. What a waste of good space and the loss of that entertainment would be irreplaceable especially when it the same old same old of Toy Story everywhere. Leave Toy Story to Disney Hollywood where it belongs and is expected
Lisa M. Noooooo! Please say it isn't so. Will the Tiki Room be far behind? Wait, get Eddie Murphy to star in a live action country bears movie. That might help
Les . What makes anyone think that these other iconic attractions will not also get chopped?
Peter D. My three year old granddaughter laughed uncontrollably throughout the whole show five years ago. We go almost every year to wdw and never miss the country bear jamboree show. It brings us some of our best memories of our vacation. Really would hate to see it closed.
Susan . I was and still am devestated by the loss of Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland. It's a small comfort to know it's still at the Magic Kingdom, along with the People Mover and Carousel of Progress. It doesn't seem right to replace an opening day attraction with something new to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
Dan . Time for a new country bear jamboree Pixar movie. Updated ride and merchandise to follow.
Amy I. My friend juat had a good thought...we chain ourselves to the door.
Miranda . They need to stop replacing the classics. The whole point to visit Disney was to introduce new characters. I seriously hope this isn't true
JGH . I was disappointed when the country Bear jamboree at Disneyland closed and that awful Winnie the Pooh ride opened in its place. My husband and I just returned from Walt Disney world a few months ago and the very first ride I went to in magic kingdom was country Bear jamboree. This attraction holds a lot of nostalgia for me and I suspect many other people too. In the Florida parks it's not necessary to close down old attractions to build new ones.
Vanessa B. This is so sad to me and my whole family. I can remember seeing the Country Bears 30 yrs ago as a kid while my dad bobs his head and sings the words, the same way he does now! Guess we won't get to have that experience again. Would love a last chance to see the Christmas show!!! What will they do next, pull Haunted Mansion and Thunder Railroad
Roe . Very ironic that the current "Disney" is trying very hard to remove anything and everything that has Walt's name attached to it. Want to bet the Carasel of Progress is next on the chopping block in a year or so.
Pam . I'm obviously the minority because I will not be sad to see it go and I have been going to Disney World since it was just Magic Kingdom. Half of the songs are pretty inappropriate and to be honest the bears are kind of creepy looking. Yes it reminds me of going to Disney when I was a kid, but how much longer are people my age going to be going there LOL. Shouldn't it appeal to a new generation? Why does it have to stay like it was when it opened?
barbara L. All i can say is blood on the saddle and blood on the walls
John . This would be terrible. Country Bears is a favorite attraction, the perfect getaway from a hot day in the park. The parks used to be able to generate IP, everything does not need to be based on one of the films. There is literally a Toy Story Land, I think the Parks community would regret the loss of this attraction.
Bob . There is a reason the Magic Kingdom continues to out perform all of the Univeral gates and ALL other gates despite the more modern and fast paced attractions available there... I guess this guy is tired of winning.
Kevin P. This would be awful and terribly short sighted. Let's hope this Mr Roboto idea is as empty as his skull
Miss P. Oh please don't close this Disney World! I just took my 6 and 3 year old great nieces and they LOVED Country Bear Jamboree. This is a must see at MK. There's plenty of places to build new attractions without closing old ones.
Rabby . It was sorrow enough to lose so much of the show's spark in 2012 with the show time reduction taking out songs and banter alike, this would leave me outright heartbroken. I've loved the show dearly ever since the first time I got to see it.. just in the past MONTH I got a set of Sunbonnet plushes imported in from Japan to add to my collection. It has so much charm and history to it that it would feel like sacrilege to destroy it, ESPECIALLY before ITS OWN 50th celebration being an opening-day attraction!! There's so much space in the parks and yet they keep insisting on closing down beloved attractions that have been here since the beginning, and it's absolutely tragic and heartbreaking..
Juan . Really? More Toy Story? Talk about over saturating the market with more of the same. Why rip the bears from their home of nearly 50 years when there's a hardly used space up the street ( Diamond Horseshoe Saloon) Oh I know... they just want to re-skin all of the existing animatronics to save money. Can't wait to see Big Al transformed into Lots-O-Huggin Bear!
Ash M. I wholeheartedly agree: the shameless Toy Story Land is a poor excuse if a new ‘land', so why not bring the show there to cut down in Slinky Dog wait times, and expand that land's theming? Magic Kingdom is the magic that showcases Walt's ideas- Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, etc. Why not add on to Frontierland with a new ride to help with crowds? Perhaps a Cars ride with the Radiator Springs scenic route ala Disneyland to fit in with the theming better? Listen to the people who pay year after year to come to this place: keep the magic for our children, but remember the magic that we experienced as children, too. That's what is so magical about Disney. It brings out the child in us all with magical memories!
Clara B. They are ruining Disney. The BearJamboree is one of our favorites at the part. Disney is trying to just for the all mighty dollar. It's so crowded now even in the winter you have two or three hour wait for some of the rides. That's not fun. Even with fast passes you can only get on a few rides each day. People will eventually get fed up and in the end Disney will lose out. They are still building more hotels and giving the special concessions you would get staying at a Disney hotel to off property hotels. It's just not worth it. Downtown Disney was always fun with some neat shops. Now it's like going to a mall and a lot of cheap items at high prices. We stayed in Ft Wilderness in February and it cost us $170 a night for a number of the nights. for 14 nights we paid almost $2800. Remember taxes added to the bill made it right at $200 a night. That's in campground. Disney is just getting greedy. That along with them supporting Hollywood's pulling out of Georgia because of their abortion law. Disney needs to realize that those little heart beats that Hollywood says should be aborted are what makes Disney. They are future Disney visitors. We will probably near go back to one of our favorite places. DISNEY...
Cheryl . I have been coming to Disney since I was a few month's old and just recently bought into the time share. This is a classic show that may be dated but doesnt need to be replaced. Why cant we just refresh this lovable classic? Make the old new again. Change isn't a bad thing but removing history is. There are tons of acres of property use that instead.
Phoebe L. Oh they do anything to the Tiki Room and they'll have to find a new crazy fangirl. Thats one of the best "untouchables". Thank God for Tropical Hideaway.
Dave S. This news of the Country Bear Jamboree possibly closing is without a single doubt the most disappointing news about WDW I have ever heard. I'm 55 years old and regard my WDW experiences as the single best memories of my life. I share the memories with my kids now, so many times a year that I can't count. I visited again this year for the 26th time in my life. I always tell people about my favorite attraction, The Country Bear Jamboree, whenever I am asked. I don't believe the park would ever be the same. This is an incredibly sad day.
Daniel K. The Country Bear Jamboree is a hidden gem among Walt Disney World attractions-unique, funny, and timeless. It would be an utter loss if it was removed because of its history and connection to Walt.
Michele . What is going to happen to the set pieces?
Chloe . I understand that the parks are not a museum and sometimes rides get replaced. I am still upset about the closure of the Great Movie Ride, but at least there is a promise of it being replaced with something amazing. This marionette show sounds like a slapdash effort - just one of 50 other new things Disney decided they needed to do. I wish they would just come up with 50 food items and call it a day. DO NOT DESTROY THE PARK IN "HONOR" OF THE ANNIVERSARY. I kind of want it around another 50 years, thanks.
Michele . I would turn one of the castles into a wdw museum. Fill it with old set pieces and photos of what was what is and what will be. Its important to hold on to past memories and share them with your kids.
L S. This is very sad if it actually happens. There are certain things in the Magic Kingdom that should always be a part of it.... Pirates of the Caribbean, Small World, The Haunted Mansion and Country Bears all come to mind. I was VERY disappointed to see the ending of the Electric Light Parade. It was something I always LOVED!!! Don't mess with the things that made Disney! It's fine to keep adding new attractions....but, don't destroy the classics!!!
Erika . I just wanna cry. My son came across a YouTube video a couple of months ago about the Country Bear Jamboree being shut down and our family FREAKED OUT until we realized it was an old video talking about Disneyland. WE WERE SO RELEAVED. Now this. I J U S T C A N' T E V E N
Lou . Here's the thing; the Country Bear Jamboree is a rite of passage that encompasses several generations. When you were a kid, you loved it and your parents loved it because you did. As you got older, you hated going, but your parents insisted because it reminded them of when you were young and innocent. And now, as parents, we are taking our kids and grandkids and seeing the wonder on their faces. It is the quintessential Disney experience; the wonder of a child enjoyed by an adult. Don't take away the chance for our kids to share a corny, timeworn piece of their past with their kids. I can't believe I'm saying this, but keep the Country Bear Jamboree!
Laura . Disney World will be unrecognizable to true Disney fans. They might as well rename it Pixar World. As a diehard fan who's been going since WDW first opened, I guess I better start checking out other vacation destinations.
Amanda . I realize many will be saddened by this news. I personally feel Country Bears is outdated. It's too bad that they can't keep the bears and find a way to revitalize the show. I think a western Toy Story themed attraction could be a lot of fun. I just hope whatever they put in is done well.
Jaime J. This is a TERRIBLE plan to even think of removing such an iconic attraction!! I cannot even try to guess how many times I've watched this show, and yet I still get tickled & laugh everytime I watch it! I have the country bear jamboree attraction poster framed on my wall at home. I get new things are needed, but like you pointed out there's plenty of toy story attractions, and theres plenty of space to add this elsewhere if they feel it's so needed. And is the money that us fans of the classics not just as important as the new fans?! Im a passholder & drive over 7 hours each way at least once a month (and always stay on site) because of my love of the classics like Country Bears, Tiki room, Small world, Carousel of progress, etc., not for that chaos over in toy story land. I will have less desire to continue to come to WDW & spend the money I spend if they do away with classics like Country Bears!! I really hope the powers that be realize this would be such a terrible mistake to take away Country Bears Jamboree!!!
Sarah . Oh no! I live those bears!! Are you sure a petition wouldn't work?
Kay L. What's next? Carasoul of Progress? Tiki room? This show is a classic. Find another place for a toy story experience in frontier land. This loss will be heartbreaking.
Frank W. What a horrible idea. And replacing it with something that belongs at Holloywood studios or Fantasyland is absurd. What's next? Remove Pirates and replace with with a Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo attraction?
Danielle . This is horrible news. The Country Bears are part of the soul of magic kingdom. It would be absolutely tragic to take them out, especially for more Toy Story. The classics are a huge part of the reason parents look forward to bringing their kids to the parks. If theres nothing left but toy story and frozen in a few years, honestly I probably wont bother coming.
Nancy M. Please never remove the Country Bears from Disney World. I have been going to Disney World since 1975 and the Country Bears are a must for a Disney visit. In 2004 I moved to Florida and since 2014 we have been pass holders. I would be very disappointed if the Country Bears are removed. This is not just another attraction it is apart of the beginning of Disney World, it's core. Next you'll want Pirates of the Caribbean or Cinderella's Castle. This was one of Walt Disney's own ideas please never remove it. Merchandise it as you did Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney can bring new life into Country Bears. Enough of Toy Story!!!
Congo C. 1st they leave the Diamond Horshoe Empty with one of the best shows that fits the theme of Frontierland. The Woody meet and greet hoedown, died there. Now another classic to close? Enough. Solve the capacity problems by adding not changing or eliminating. I agree the 50th should be about the classics and the new. EPCOT is going to be a disaster with all the IP with no consistent theme just slap together an IP and a gift shop. Remember when the gift shops were shows? Perfumery? Silhouettes? 2 Magic Shops with magicians? Glass blowers? Character Artists? Country imports only in Worldshowcase, And unique stores too, not the same plush in all 4 parks. People would spend like crazy on variety and quality, rather than plastic kills me to hear what they did to Main Street Cinema at Disneyland. They keep eroding everything classic and nostalgic in the park that made Disney the best storyteller. How can they get Avatar, TRON and Black Spire right.....then pull a garbage move like closing Country Bears. What's next? Space Mountain? Jungle Cruise? WED and upper Management need some history lessons. As a stockholder i would vote these clowns out. Quality, Clean, Show and Story and folks will, Come back. Don't go "on a bear hunt" Disney. Put the woody show in the lousy 3 attraction ToyStory Land. (REMEMBER WHEN LANDS HAD 4, 6, 8 ATTRACTIONS?, not 2)
Fred S. Country Bear Jamboree is definitely a classic and should be preserved! Truly one of the great shows at Disney and the fact that it's not a franchise/sales vehicle makes it all the more special. It's simply great entertainment and fun for kids of all ages, whether they're seeing it on a first trip to Disney, or they have enjoyed it for 45 years!!
Violet L. Country Bear Jamboree is one of my favorites and a classic I love to visit every time I go to the park. On my last trip, the cast members and the audience were clapping and hollering and having a great time! I appreciate some of the new IP rides, I like Toy Story, but I don't want to see the classics leave. They hold too much history and charm. Please don't take this wonderful attraction away!
Ethan N. I grew up going to the original Disneyland where my parents first brought me there as a newborn in 1955. I find it most disturbing that the Skyway, The People Mover, Country Bear Jamboree, the Circle Vision Theater and Carousel Of Progress were removed. Excepting for Country Bear Show and Carousel Of Progress they never replaced the other attractions and their locations sit there vacant. Disneyland has limited space but don't remove something and leave the space empty or replace it with a lesser attraction. Improve it, make it better (ie. The Matterhorn) but don't remove classic and original attractions, particularly at Disneyland. Respect the customers, most of whom continue to return for nostalgia's sake. My thoughts for what they're worth. Ethan Nielson
Maria . Considering that I still miss the Original Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride, I hate that they gut original properties like this.
Brad . I've been a long time Country Bear fan and visit the attraction every chance I get. I recently visited Tokyo Disneyland, and it invigorated my passion for the attraction even more. Having the chance to see the Vacation show again (which I have fond memories of as a child) and seeing the attraction in such pristine condition was incredible. Despite my love of it, it pains me to visit the WDW show sometimes when the audio can barely be heard over the clicking of the animatronics. That's not the case in Tokyo and doesn't have to be the case in Florida. The attraction can still capture audiences if an investment is made to bring the show up to the quality expected out of a premium product like Disney, not Chuck-E-Cheese. I also bought every piece of Country Bear merchandise sold in Tokyo, and if the show quality was improved for the 50th and merchandise brought to FL, I have no doubt that it would earn new fans And sell like crazy. Who doesn't love adorable bears?! Disney is wasting so many opportunities to build off its existing park IPs, and create new fans of them. I hope Chapek and Disney management get the message that long term fans are unhappy with the current direction of the parks towards poor quality IP integration like Toy Story Land and Pixar Pier, and they risk losing their best customers that consistently fill their hotel rooms and restaurants.
Loren . I hope that WDW never loses this prime nostalgic attraction. I love this show and go on it every time I visit!
Heather . We have not seen Country Bear Jamboree since our children were little. I had hoped to take my grandchildren but our next trip isn't until December of 2020 so they will probably not get to see it. As much as I love the older attractions, I would rather see WDW update its attractions rather than never change them. I do agree about Toy Story Land. While it is nice to look at, we were there in October and there's not much shade. Plus, why is there not a play area for little ones? That would have been the perfect place to put one.
Jess . I think CBJ is boring, and yet we still stop and see it a few times a year. Not sure a Toy Story replacement would be any better unless it was interactive like the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. I won't really miss the Tiki Room, other than the song, either. But if they touch my ghosts, there will be heck to pay! It's hard because many of the dark ride, slow track, attractions are rather staid. Today's park goers want things to be interactive, or thrill-ride oriented. Simply looking at animatronics insn't enough.
Brooke A. This just confirms my opinion that Disney is forgetting the morals that the company was founded on, namely creativity and uniqueness. I understand that Disney is a business and they have to make money, but as stated above, do that by EXPANDING and not REPLACING. Every time a live-action remake is announced, my respect for the company dwindles a little bit more. These films are not inherently evil, but show that the company is bypassing opportunity for creativity and originality for simple money grabs. I wonder what new, never-before seen films could be being made if the company's time and money weren't being put into these remakes. While these movies aren't terrible, they are not classics, and nobody will care about them ten years from now. The same goes for park attractions. Some of the most successful and beloved attractions (Haunted Mansion, Tiki, Space Mountain, BTMR, Splash Mountain, etc.) are NOT focused around an IP. Country Bear is a classic attraction that while maybe not the most popular, demonstrates what sets Disney apart from any other entertainment corporation. Toy Story may seem like the most lucrative move right now with the new film and all, but decades from now, when the Toy Story hype is over, which will stand the test of time? While I will be extremely sad to see Country Bear go if this rumor is true, this rumor poses an even bigger, over-arching problem for me. Quit banking on the already well-known stories and characters (both in films and in parks) and create NEW stories, characters, and attractions for people to love!
Shane L. Disney, please do not abandon your history for the sake of trying to make more money. The Bears are such an iconic part of the Magic Kingdom and what makes Frontier Land fun. I understand that you have to keep things fresh, but it does not mean you have to erase. I have such great memories of the Bears and my family watches the show each time we come to the park (annual pass holders). Please reevaluate your brand and what the Bears are to Frontier Land. Please consider what you have learned from Star Wars... mass productions leads to a stale market. Keep fans wanting more, not IP worn out.
GARY . This is disappointing, how about getting rid of stitches escape? Or its a small world? Or the new little mermaid that looks like a carnival ride.
RiverRat . Your statement about the number of people that attend this ride are false. As a former CM, that worked this attraction, I can speak to the fact that while Country Bear Jamboree is incapable of holding the same crowds as two other major attractions in the land, Splash and Thunder Mountain, the Bears welcome HUNDREDS of guests every day. This show is a classic. The relationships that people have with this attraction are unbelievable. You wouldn't imagine how many people have memories of clapping along to the songs. Or even the stories of those who have since passed that used to laugh at the show. This attraction is more than just some silly bears, its a FAMILY.
Pamela j. I am all for progress and updating for new generations. I have been sadded and disturbed by the addition of non Disney attractions to the parks. Disney has always had something..that spark of magic that you can feel in the parks and see in the detail in how it was created. There was always heart in the mix..not just grabs for $$. Universal is cold by comparison. Disney is a part of our history. I am all for more Disney original films coming to life in attractions in the parks. This should not come in place of the iconic historical treasures. There are not many of them. There is plenty of other space to create them. Change with the times without destroying the history. I was planning to visit for the 50th with all the new I am wondering if I need to leave Disney a fond memory. As for the comment saying it is needed to make room for new bang for your buck attractions. May I remind you they are talking about replacing Country Bears with a PUPPET SHOW. Disney please do not do this.
RiverRat . If they are going to mess with Frontierland, they should make the shooting gallery a "Rootin' Shootin' Gallery" and make the bad characters pop up.
Bill H. For over 40 years the Country Bear Jamboree has been a part of every trip to the Magic Kingdom. I will miss taking my great grandkids to it. Reconsider Disney.
Will . Really unwelcome news that belies a deeply upsetting trend. Love this attraction, love its ingenuity and sharp humor, when guests give it a chance it really surprises and delights in a way that many attractions can't. At this point its so difficult to imagine any addition to the parks that is borne simply out of the minds of creative Imagineers, as this was, and not a pre-existing bit of media being bent and squeezed into a mold it can't fit. This time it truly feels as if the sacred things are't sacred anymore. I'll never forget watching and laughing along with three generations of family that had enjoyed this attraction in many different stages of life, all coming out of the show with the same smile on our face. Hope it's not true.
Mollie S. I have been to WDW 4 times since 2013 and I always make a point to stop and visit Country Bears and it never gets old. I am returning this year in December and I plan to go then as well. I love it when new attractions come to the parks, but I also love the old ones. I don't understand why we can't just have both!!! I enjoy Toy Story Land but enough is enough!! Toy Story belongs right where it is and no where else!! When I go into the Country Bears show I take the time to sit back and relax and enjoy the cool air while getting a little laugh here and there. It gives me a unique nostalgic feeling that can't be replaced by anything Toy Story has to offer!! Please don't take Country Bear Jamboree!!!
Dan-o . Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be blood on Chapek's saddle
Will . In reality, the idea of a Woody's round-up type show, especially a chuck-wagon type dinner one isn't horrible, actually sounds awesome. But why not, I don't know, put it in the place it would actually fit the theme? Add on to toy story land with a wild-west play set, giving you some much needed physical shopping space, an indoor non-ride attraction, and the potential for a fully-considered themed table-service restaurant. I would be all about that. Heck, get rid of "Municiberg street" in the former Pixar place and make it a Wild West street playset, add-in a forced depth back panel at the end as a nod to the studios, you've just fixed everything
Katie . While I believe that "shooting Little Buford" and having the male animals ogle the female bears is out of date and not very PC, I love the nostalgia of the CBJ and would hate to see it removed. Update it if you must, but please don't remove it.
J. E. New isn't necessary better. Disney has the blessing of size. It's about time that management understands that they need to add MORE attractions. They also need to realize that building upon and plussing what already exists is way better than destroying a beloved park icon. The Country Bears transcend time and deserve love and development from the park's management. I'm disappointed that Mr. Chapek and Mr. Iger seem to care (by their actions) only about profits and stock prices. They have lost their way when it comes to understanding the Disney legacy for creative ingenuity and the Disney tradition for excellence. They see the parks as a means for profits above show. They are destroying everything that was great about the Walt Disney company, and that's tragic.
Andy J. I would be very sad to see the Country Bear Jamboree close. This is an iconic show that I have grown up watching in both Disneyland and Disney World. On our last trip, and my nephew's first, seeing their faces light up during the show and hearing their laughter affirms that this is a classic. While I know new attractions are nice, please don't take away something as iconic and social as the Country Bears.
Leah . Progress is inevitable and something Walt was open to, but taking away beloved classics is not in line with the values which WDW was built upon. WDW was our "happy place" that we visited yearly, but realized on our last visit in 2018 that the magic was gone. Replaced by too much commercialization, too many crowds, and an atmosphere of money-making and entitlement. As a result we don't anticipate visiting in the foreseeable future. It's not even about the money, but the loss of the precious sense of fun, family, and child-like adventure. The current WDW leadership has lost sight of the values and principles that Walt built his legacy upon.
MaryBeth R. Thank you Tom for keeping us updated on all the proposed changes at WDW. As a married couple in our 60's my husband and I have traveled to WDW every year, starting with our honeymoon in 1975. In this messed up world we are living in we all need some "Disney Magic" in our lives, no matter our age! It is bad enough that PC forces us to rewrite history (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean) but children today need more fun and fantasy in their lives. They are under enough stress at a young age so allow them time to justness enjoy being kids while they can. This also applies to adults since we need to escape from the pressures of our day to day lives as well!
MaryBeth R. Totally agree so thank you!
Denise J. I agree wholeheartedly! They are taking away so many of our childhood memories! Thank goodness I was able to share them with my grandchildren, but what about our Greatgrandchildren? This is really sad! Walt is probably spinning in his grave!
Paula S. Please don't discontinue the Country Bear Jamboree!! Some things should never change. And this is a prime example of one!!
Jeannette M. TO: The Powers that Be At Walt Disney World And the Disney Parks PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..... SAY IT ISN'T SO!!! I sure Hope you're listening... I Fell in love with Disney a long time ago, and it wasn't particularly the cartoons that did it! When I first visited Walt Disney World, on June 1st, 1977, there was only one park in Florida, which reflected the dreams and desires of, in addition to his dream-team, one man, Walt Disney. His desire was to create memorable experiences for the children and parents of the world. And each experience that I remember from that day was unique in its own right, not even close to anything else on earth. You couldn't get the Haunted Mansion Or Country Bears Jamboree at home. If you wanted to experience it, you had to visit a Disney Park. Walt and his team were CREATIVE then, and didn't rely on someone else's idea to copy for an attraction. Disney merchandise was available then, too, but it didn't overtake the creative ideas or dictate what would be presented for the guests to experience and enjoy. While we of course gain excitement at seeing a Disney princess, so many have joined the flock since the 70's, I personally do not get the thrill when seeing the unique attractions that were created by 'real thinkers' being replaced by something that reminds me of a movie that I can rent down the street at Redbox for $2 or so, anytime I want to. I'm a DVC member, have been since almost the beginning, so it's clear that I hold a strong affinity for Walt Disney World (and the other parks). And I'm a 7 year Florida resident, too, also because of my love for this special place. But I can't help but feel that the development teams at Disney are letting people like me down with their continued choices of so many 'ordinary' changes. Taking a classic ride out and replacing it with just another copy of a tv program or movie, while it is maybe filling the coffers with merchandise revenues (can't you just sell the stuff at Walmart?), in essence, you are watering down the experiences at the parks. That's not fair to the people who love the creative genius of the founders of this great place. If you want to do something Grand, step outside the box, or in this case, the box office, and create something truly worthy of closing a classic attraction. Or, maybe even better, update the classics with brand new technology to tell the same story (and I don't mean like adding Jack Sparrow to Pirates of the Caribbean, that was NOT an improvement in my book). You have access to all the best computer and engineering technologies that weren't available in the early days, don't take out Country Bear Jamboree, make it better, improve the technology, the robotics, this will make a bigger impact than a 3rd copy of a cartoon that's starting to feel old.
Scott . Disney has a lot of new and exciting attractions on the way but just as important are the old classics! That's what separates Disney from everyone else! Hopefully this is just a bad rumor that didn't come true...
Andrew R. Don't know that toy story is the best idea, but CBJ has run it's course. The hydraulics are so loud you can't hear the sounds. It's old fashioned and hokey to be perfectly honest. Needs an overhaul but probably not worth it, thus put something new in there. As someone who goes yearly I'd prefer to see improvements made with my 100 dollar ticket, not old, worn out attractions.
Angie F. I'm truly sick just thinking that this may happen. I was born & raised in central Florida so WDW holds a very special place in my heart. I grew up going to the Magic Kingdom & my children grew up going there & now their kids. The County Bears are sacrit & should be left alone. Everytime I take my 3yr old granddaughter, we have to go see the bears at least twice. I love Toy Story as much as any other fan but replacing the bears with a TS puppet show makes ZERO sense. If this does happen, they'll lose my family as passholders. Even though I know that financially it wouldn't make a difference to them.
Mary A. What a completely asinine idea. I've been to WDW over twenty times with my family and The Bear Jamboree is always on our list. There is plenty of room left at WDW. Build the toy story attraction elsewhere!
TBBBB . At some point they will have replaced all original Walt plans and then rename it. Sad.
Maureen J. DON'T CLOSE COUNTRY BEARS JAMBOREE!!! If Mr. Chapek & company feel the need to install yet an ADDITIONAL Toy Story attraction, how about putting it across from Buzz Lightyear in the old Stitch's Great Escape site that's been closed for years anyway?
Michelle . Oh my!! This is soooooooo....sad! The bear jamboree is so cute and fun for all families!!! I know everyone in my family enjoyed it very much! I get the whole adding new things to the parks but some shows like the bears should just be left alone! Its such a cute show for all! Theres plenty of other room in those parks for things!! Really!!!
Amy . Country Bear Jamboree is Walt Disney. Its getting harder to understand why movies and Star Wars and comics should surpass good clean Disney fun. Very sad.
Melanie S. Please don't get rid of The Country Bear Jamboree. I love it. We don't need any more Toy Story crap.
Elisa . My family loves the Country Bears, too. This is incredibly sad and I hate to see it happen. I did think on our last trip that the interior of the theater needed to be freshened up a bit and perhaps freshen the show for the young ones... but never did I imagine they would remove it entirely. I'm just heart sick over this 🙁 At least I'm getting to take my niece this week for her first trip to WDW. I will make sure she sees the pictures of our family there over the years and get some good ones of her there as well.
CecilyH . Growing up in Gatlinburg, TN, I regularly watched a few different "singing bear shows" (no doubt taken from the Country Bears). So, as we visit WDW yearly, I had no desire to see the Country Bears... but this last year we watched it for the first time... and my family loved it. This attraction has now been added to my "must do list" - I would hate to see it go now. I am not a fan of the Toy Story franchise - neither are my kids... there is something magical and fascinating about original ideas that are not taken from IP's .... I get that Jesse fits in Frontierland, but why do we need more Toy Story attractions? Yes, it might be a "classic" in 50 years, but right now, it's annoying. To be clear: I like Buzz Light Year's ride and Toy Story Mania, but unless you give me a fake gun and let me aim at something, I will not be joining the audience at this attraction.
Christine M. Booboo booboo leave it as is!!!
Carol . I enjoyed the Country Bear Jamboree so much before it closed in Disneyland.
Julie . We just got back from Disneyworld and my daughter got to see Country Bears for the first time. We have been to Disneyland multiple times and she asked why they didn't have one. We told her they used to but the Winnie the Pooh ride replaced it. She went well that's stupid because that ride always goes down. She is 9 and loved the Country Bear show. She is looking forward to seeing it again if we go back in a couple years to Disneyworld. I hope they stay.
Sara . It's sad to see classic Disney disappearing. It'd be great if they would move the bears to another location and open it up to the public. Fort Wilderness would be a good spot.
JD M. I'm a Californian and I grew up at Disneyland. The Country Bear Jamboree was always my favorite attraction. I have a million happy memories giggling with my dad and family in that theater. I was absolutely heartbroken when it closed at Disneyland. The only saving grace was knowing that if I could get to Florida I could see it again. Losing that is gut-wrenching. Winnie-the-Pooh is a lame, dark, and mildly disturbing ride. My three-year-old is terrified of it. I wish we wouldn't tear down the past, especially if we aren't going to replace these rides with something equally heartfelt and endearing.
Philip S. Don't do it, Mr Chapek. Country Bears is an icon as much as the Tiki Room or Jungle Cruise. Don't take away Walt's last laugh.
Will . Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Say it ain't so!!!