Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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Ryan F. This is really sad news because County Bear Jamboree is a must do every time I'm at the magic kingdom and has so much history behind the show. I really hope it could stay longer,people go in an watch and like the show so why get rid of something that great?
Phoenixterdam . Dear Disney. Why are you killing the true soul of these parks. Why not preserve these jewels that mean so much in so many ways and memories to so many . Please?
Daniel . Sad, sad, sad. Why????? I'm sick of Toy Story and I won't buy more Toy Story junk. The Country Bear Jamboree is a staple of the park. Instead of getting rid of something just expand! Sad day for all of us that have grown up in the park!
Maria P. This is terrible news!! First let me say I moved to Florida just about two years ago. One of the most exciting things of living here is being a season Passholder. Although we live two hours away my husband and I make the commute because we love it so much. My first visit was in 1973, two years after Magic Kingdom opened. Just three weeks ago my husband and saw the Country Bear Jamboree as well as the other classics like Haunted Mansion and Small World. They need to leave these original attractions alone! I was horrified to find no Great Move Ride or Backlot Tour Ride at Hollywood Studios two more changes that we're awful. And you're right I like Toy Story but enough, there's a whole section!! This guy in charge sounds like he's making very bad decisions.
TheBigKahoona . Please don't do it. Leave it alone for those of us who treasure Disney history. Thank you.
Melanie K. Well it this is true I am glad I am going next week with my nephew and I will make sure we take it in. I agree with the others though that although we have new modern up to date attractions to keep up currently but we shouldn't erase the wonderful classics!
Diane . I guess CBJ is too "corny" for modern audiences. What's next, "It"s a small world?" Not every Disney experience should be "contemporary" -- you lose the originals, you lose a lot of the charm. Sad news...
Timothy . I love cbj , and I don't know why theyd add another TS attraction outside the brand new land. But that said, this show is dead. Even when the park is jam packed, it's dead. Nobody goes in there , and it's always a ghost town when we do. There's no reason they'd keep spending money operating and keeping up something that doesn't draw anymore. The time to campaign would have been during the past 10 years when every family was steered away from stuff like this into cram as many rides as you can in one day tour plans, by encouraging more people to reach out and enjoy classic stuff like this. This will probably be an unpopular comment but whatever. It was the same with everyone getting bent out of shape about them taking over the river boat for an ice cream party - nobody was going on the dang thing so what do you expect? The only reason the tiki room got restored after that fire was because Lasseter wanted it - if they went off attendance it would have been turned into a table service restaurant most likely. The march continues if families don't visit this stuff.
Kimberly K. Our extended, multi generational family has decided that our trip to WDW this December will likely be our last. I am nearly 60 and grew up going to Disneyland with my parents and grandparents. In turn, I took my children to Disneyland and WDW. We now go with our grown children and grandchildren. However, the Disney Corporation's systematic removal of all that made Disney special, the up charging of Every. Single. Experience (how long until Disney charges extra to sit on the curb to view a parade?) the merchandising of Every. Single. Thing., together with their CEO's political posturing, has left us feeling foolish for continuing to spend our hard earned money on what is now an overpriced vacation. We have millinieal children, and they agree. Next year we will be spending our vacation $$$ in a place with lids on the soda cups (assinine and hypocritical "green" posturing in a place that sells how many plastic bottles of soda? Oh, but this "green" move just happens to save them money.) Walt's dream is largely dead. Thanks, Iger et al. Enjoy your millions.
Randy E. I always rode 20,000 Leagues at least twice on every trip, and I regarded it as an iconic part of Disney World. Losing it was indeed painful and one less reason to want to return to the park. So much of what I loved is gone and what replaced them is, well, pretty crappy. Sad to say that the only attraction tied to an IP that I find worthwhile is Splash Mountain, which ironically came from an IP that Disney spent so many years trying to hide.
Mandie . This would be an absolute abomination. I would be so heartbroken, as would many
Randy E. The "Under New Management" renovation of the Tiki Room was a loud and stupid horrorshow, right down to the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele, possessing a Jamaican accent. I was so glad when someone torched the animatronic for Iago, forcing a return to the original show.
A C. I agree that the loss of the Country Bear Jamboree would be significant. Disney wanted his parks to be a sentimental experience as much as anything. I remember visiting Disneyland with my family when I was thirteen. We saw the Country Bear Jamboree and I still love the jokes and songs. I was devastated when my husband and I finally saved enough to go and found it removed, especially for a rather uninspired ride. When my father, brother, and I were able to go to Walt Disney World for dad's 60th, we were elated to find the Jamboree still available there. Walt wanted Disney to move forward and keep changing, evolving. He also wanted the classic and important visions of imagineers to be perpetual (see his visions for Fantasia, which also fell away under other leadership). It would be a disgrace to the intentions of the Disney dream and to Walt himself to remove an original and treasured fixture such as the Jamboree permanently.
Marnie . I am truly saddened by this rumor (soon to be fact). I understand Companies like Disney need to keep up to be profitable but at what cost? I love the Toy Story franchise but is it really necessary to replace an old icon with a new one? If this is how Disney progresses, we could lose The Jungle Cruise, It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion, and Peter Pan in the same course. The charm and goofiness of the Country Bears isn't everyone's favorite but it is an attraction Walt Disney himself was a part of. It shouldn't be lost.
Lauren . I will be so devastated. I visit the parks several times a year and have been in many full shows before. I'm tired of Toy Story being shoved down our throats. Diamond Horseshoe would be the perfect venue for another indoor attraction which MK is severely lacking.
Tom C. I can't imagine that our sources are being used to distract people. I think these individuals reached out to fight something they don't agree with.
Kevin W. The first time I went to Walt Disney World I bought a Country Bear Jamboree record album with my own money as a souvenir. I was 7. I am 48 years young and still have it, I also have a Big AL bank and the glass mug, you all know which mug I'm talking about! The one thing that I've ALWAYS loved about stepping into the Magic Kingdom is seeing what hasn't changed, rather than what has. I know things will need to be updated; I've come to be ok with not being able to get my giant cinnamon roll at the Main Street Bakery. It would be a shame to remove something that is such a fond memory of my childhood. So from one "7" year old to all the others, please don't let them take the bears. We all need to be able to adhere to Buff...."you all come back now, ya hear
Joe . They always Disney world has the space to hold all their ideas and dreams - however they keep taking away the classic rides and shows and while we all love something new - we also share in enjoying the classics that as passed out to the next generation of WDW fan - so please explain to me - why when you had the chance to upgrade the speedways and possibly turn them into a Cars land - but instead we continue to tear down classics in stead of expanding
Jim T. Change is good. Even Walt embraced change in his park. While sad to see it go and not sure how to break the news to my 2 year old daughter that her singing bears are gone, personally the biggest problem I have with this rumored plan is the replacement. You built a land themed arrive Toy Story. PUT NEW TOY STORY ATTRACTIONS THERE! That park and even the new land could really use more attractions and the rumored replacement would fit in very nicely. As for the bears, well why not just hire some new management for them? That could liven it up a bit for... Oh, wait, the birds tried that and well, heh, maybe not. Ok, but if you take the bears out, at least come up with a well thought out replacement and not some rushed, poorly located, show that no one even wants. If you need ideas of things to change at the Magic Kingdom, here you go: Tom Sawyer's Island. Unless you have a little boy interested in the setting, there's no reason to even take the raft ride over. Swiss Family Treehouse. Lots of walking up and down stairs. Again, not very appealing unless you have an adventure loving young kid. Unfortunately the source of interest for this attraction isn't present in most kids lives these days. Alien Encounter, or I mean Stich's Great Escape. It's dead space right now, do something useful besides a meet and greet location. Tomorrowland Speedway. Again, only of interest to those who are to young to drive. However with ATV's and other similar things more common, the appeal is starting to wear off even for younger folk. The Little Mermaid. It's a great movie. The meet and greet line is always packed. But the ride queue is always deserted. Either make the ride more appealing or replace it with something else. Other than that, the Magic Kingdom is pretty well stocked with things to do. Now if only we can get a better EOCOT, without changing the park's identity or losing site of the original themes that made the park great. Then tomorrow's child might enjoy it just as much as I did/do. I have extensive thoughts on EPCOT, but I'll save that for a different post. Change isn't bad, but it isn't always the right choice either.
William G. My first visit to WDW was when I was 39. I was all piss and vinegar before passing under the train station. I was convinced that there was nothing for me in this overhyped kiddie wasteland. I had never had "Disney" as any part of my childhood so wasn't trying recapture anything. I could go into more detail but suffice to say by the time I made it to the Carousel, I had a rather dramatic change of heart. The Magic Kingdom was literally magic. The attractions were more than just a sum of fiberglass, paint and fabric. There was something indescribable. I didn't find each and every attraction completely captivating but there were some. The Haunted Mansion, POT and Enchanted Tiki Room did me in. Over at Epcot, Horizons, Universe of Energy, Spaceship Earth and World of Motion made an acute emotional connection. As a middle aged man, I discovered timeless magic. Soon I had visited DL, DPL and TDL. What I found was the magic that was imbued in attractions by the Imagineers. The Spirit of Walt in some cases. I got it. What I saw in subsequent years was the wholesale evisceration of that magic by bean counters that needed to peddle more sweatshirts. The need to fill every share inch with character meet and greets to drive sales of autograph books. The belief that everything had to be turned into a kiddie fantasy. Walt never talked down to kids. He respected them. Why not just gut every attraction to tie it in with the latest blockbuster. Maybe they should have reworked Haunted Mansion to add an animatronic Eddie Murphy. What happens when Guardians of the Galaxy becomes passe? Hopefully not before they open the roller coaster in Epcot. My real point is that Disney has more than just an obligation to it's shareholders. It has a duty to honor the vision of Walt and the Imagineers that create the real magic that lives in the Parks. That means keeping attractions like Country Bear Jamboree, but refreshing it. Imagineers need to be given more control over the magic that should exist in the Kingdoms of Dreams and Magic.
Angela . I recently just visited WDW for the first time in 24 years. And I agree with everyone when I say that the original rides are what I was taking my 5yr old daughter back to see. Country bears was my favorite the first time I visited and still in my top 5. My daughter also loved it. We rode it twice. I agree taking out classics will eventually crumble the fan base. And I second whoever commented about how shadeless the toy story land is in DHS.
Deb . Mr. Chapek doesn't get it and I fear that he never will. The heart and soul of WDW is being ripped away piece by piece. I had lunch today with a friend that went to the Magic Kingdom about a month ago. She said that everyone there was like in a frenzy. I told her maybe it was because people were racing to one fass pass to another and trying to fit in a ride in between. People weren't just relaxed. This is suppose to be a vacation!!! We went to WDW after not going for a few years this past fall. It just wasn't the same feel as it was before. I guess the philosophy now is to get a standard ride and slap an IP on it, rather than come up with a creative, unique idea. Are you listening Mr. Chapek? GE might be an exception, but time will tell as they strip away CMs to save a buck. And we all know that they will. WDW needs to offer something that will give people a bang for their buck and make people want to return. When I first started teaching, my school district would approve family trips during the school year to WDW because it was educational. Not so much anymore. I also can confirm in the last 15 years or so there have been a decline in those trips down to almost nothing. Quite frankly, you can go on many of those rides closer to home just without the IP.
Chris . The show is almost always completely filled, so filling seats isn't needed
Michelle . As a former castmember, I am extremely disappointed in the turn Disney has taken since the departure of Michael Michael Eisner. I am tired of the introduction of new, non-Disney intellectual property taking over tradition Disney attractions. I know to grow things need to change, but to completely change the tenants on which Walt built his theme parks, is sacrilege. The product has been cheapened, but for a greater cost, not only to the Guest, but to the castmembers, who put their hearts and souls into the company. It used to be a joy to work there, even if the pay was not great, because you were made to feel as though you were a part of the family... respected, and appreciated. Now, the castmembers are little more than cogs in a wheel. there to keep it running, and easily replaced. The perks that made the job feel special have dwindled to next to nothing, and longevity in the company is no longer looked on as something to be admired, but as a hindrance, because it requires a bigger paycheck. . No, the Disney parks are no longer the parks that Walt envisioned, and I for one, am extremely disappointed and saddened.
JS K. Please don't close the Country Bear Jamboree. I went to WDW when Epcot opened, I went there for my honeymoon and went back again when my daughter was 3. The Country Bear Jamboree and Mr Toad's Wild Ride were so unique to Walt Disney World to me. I was so sad when we couldn't find Mr Toad last time. Now we're losing Country Bears? Why don't we just dismantle Cinderella's Castle?
Rachel W. Jamboree is one of my favorite attractions. Every year, my whole reconnects at WDW, and this is one of the 1st.things we do. And then later in the day, I go back alone and watch it again. Please dont replace it!! It has alot of memories for me of my childhood. You HAVE to leave some of the originals. It's sad to walk into the parks and things be gone 🙁 it's like visiting an old friend..please please leave this one alone!!!
Lorraine . I cannot tell you what this attraction means to our family. From our first visit in 1977 up to now, we go everytime we visit Walt Disney World. It is a tradition that has been passed down to each generation. The memories that we have there are some of our best at WDW. I am looking forward to enjoying it with my youngest grandchildren. I so hope they reconsider.
Murphy . Save the Country Bears!
Rachel W. I agree!! I'm fine with expansion, but some things need to stay!! Especially for older generations who like a relaxing show. It provides a good laugh, somewhere to sit for a bit, and its important that younger kids are exposed to this type of attraction. Pretty soon, toy story and star wars is going to be the prevailing theme at every park.
Jena . Please please don't be true!! This is my FAVORITE.
Christopher N. I understand the move but this makes me incredibly sad. I took my first trip to WDW in 1972 when I was 8 and I was hooked. Since then I've been over 60 times, all from Connecticut. I've been lucky enough to ride 20,0000 Leagues, the Skyway, If you had Wings, Mission to Mars and it'll always be Wedway to me. The memories of these rides are what makes it so special and they're turning it into a Six Flags.
JSch . Closing an opening day attraction, in an effort to replace it with something new for the 50th, is senseless. This attraction should be celebrated for the 50th, not removed.
Steve F. We go back to WDW for the classics as well as the new attractions. We recently took our grandchildren who are Disney fans of all the latest, i.e. Frozen, beauty, moana, after the vacation all they talked about was pirates, princesses, and the " talking animals on wall". I have been going almost yearly since 1974 and Country Bears still brings a smile to my face and something different than the 3D nonsense of most of the newest attractions. Keep bears in the classic position they have earned along with haunted house, pirates, space mountain. I agree, do we really need another Toy Story ride in Magic Kingdom? What next, tear down space mountain and put in another futuristic restaurant with cold kiosks to service us? Replace pirates boat ride with a 3D little car that looks like a boat and put a height requirement to keep little ones from being jerked around and sustaining neck injuries? Come on Disney the classics are needed, you have plenty of land to expand if you need more toy story hype.
Meredith B. KEEP. THE. BEARS. I've always wanted a 2002 movie refresh for the Jamboree, but I'm realizing that desire is much too far-fetched at this point. Toy Story is already over-saturating the parks!!
Aaron . I worked at Disney as a CM. It was rare to meet other CM'S who enjoyed this show. They didn't "get" the bears. As a Disney history nut, this bothered me, because it told me that if the people working the attraction don't care about it, why would the guests or management? I made it a point to watch the show many times, as rumors of its refurbishment into a 10 minute show were imminent. In every show I went to, there were always guests in the crowd who got into it. People would clap their hands, stomp their feet, laugh, and meet at the fictional characters in front if them. Sure, there were the occasional crowds that were mostly full of tired people who needed some A/C, but there was never complete dead air. This proved to me that the show had staying power, despite the number of CM's who were perplexed by it. Guests were responding to a show with characters they'd never seen before, most likely. Disney needs to understand that certain attractions are irreplaceable. The Tiki Room, Small World, and The Jungle Cruise fit this mold. The Country Bears are right up there with them. The attraction may not be the giant people-eater it was in the 70's (seriously, look at some of the old photos of the lines!), but its more than earned its place in history. Yes, the park is "not a museum," but if other historic attractions like Small World, Pirates, and Mansion can get new additions to keep them fresh, there's no reason this one can't. Plus, I love love LOVE Woody's Roundup. I am willing to buy a lot of merch themed to it. A move like this would leave a huge bad taste in my mouth for Woody's Roundup (and sadly, Toy Story in general) much in the same way I went through a phase where I was sick of seeing Pooh after Mr. Toad closed. Guests respond to their parkgoing experiences with their wallets. A decision like this would not make me want to buy more Woody merch. Quite the opposite. Do the right thing, Disney. Walt had one hand on the future, but one foot in the past. Please keep his legacy alive by doing the same.
Janine . Don't take away the country bear jamboree. I have been going to magic kingdom since I was a small child and the park first opened. Getting to take my children as they grew up and share family memories with them is something I truly treasure. I want to take my future grandchildren some day on attractions I experienced in my childhood. The classics are still the best!
Laura C. I will be absolutely devastated if the attraction is replaced. That attraction was my father's favorite and he liked to claim he was "Al". When it closed in California it was a sad sad day. Every time I come to Florida, that is the one attraction I have to visit in honor of my father.
Mike . I do not understand the need to gut the classics. I agree with a previous comment thst said Walt is turning over in his grave right now. Walt nor Roy would have ever agreed with such a decision. Also, not everyone wants or xan handle the big thrill rides. And our children need more exposure to simpler times rather than more social media. This is a terrible decision. VERY DISAPPOINTING TO A TRUE DISNEYNUT.
Michael M. Country Bear Jamboree was my favorite experience at Disneyland back in 1976 when I was 5. I begged my parents for the large Big Al plush and did not let him go all the drive home to Seattle. 43 years later and Big Al is still in my collection. A little worse for wear, but loved to the point of being threadbare. I found the LP of the show at a local record store and it was the first record I purchased. I wore it out over the years. I had not returned to Disneyland since that trip, and was devastated when I heard they had removed my favorite childhood memory. I was able to see it again when I traveled to Disneyworld with my family and all was good because they'll never remove it from Magic Kingdom, and it will be waiting for me every time I can scrape enough money for a trip. Now I am beyond sad. There is no way I can make it before it closes to say goodbye to my friends. There is Blood on the saddle, and pain in my heart.
Darlene G. You are so right! We have been going since our granddaughter was 7 months old and she will be 18 when we go later this year. We also went before she was born but not as often and they have removed some of our favorites. What will they close next Pirates or The Little Mermaid, which would really upset our granddaughter because she's named after Ariel and she loves everything mermaid. They need to keep the long standing attractions and add the new ones somewhere else on property instead of always building new resorts all the time. Just extend the parks for the new attractions and cut back on building places for people to stay at, there are plenty of places for people to stay in Florida already!
Slader . I want to be emotional (and i am) but thinking critically it is honestly just unnecessary, to hit 50 improvements is nice but this is one that is not asked for and not necessary. The Country Bears is an institution, and the only thing when compared to the The Carousel or Progress that has it on the chopping block is the fact that it was not completed in Walt Disney's lifetime. But if Country Bears is shuttered you have to assume Carousel of Progress is not far behind. Both Country Bears and Carousel of Progress were closed in California because there is a deficit of usable space in California and a much more active Annual Pass demographic so newness seems to be prioritized. Florida does not have that problem, and Walt purchased the land in Florida to house all of his creations, there is plenty of room in Florida to improve upon the Magic Kingdom without critiquing a beloved attraction. Like it's been said, if you have to do something use the space in the Golden Horseshoe or the Shootin' Gallery for your marionette show. Why would you take one of the original attractions from 1971 and close it for its 50th birthday? Disney is usually on it about anniversaries, this seems pretty ridiculous.
Brenda M. Another blow against Walt's classic Disney World. Every time Disney does anything anymore I cringe. Country Bears is, along with Carousel Of Progress, a must do every time we visit. I felt this way when I heard The Great Movie Ride was going. I have no intention visiting the new ride that is taking its place. Mainly because I am not a Mickey and Minnie fan, especially of the new awful versions of them. All it needed was a revamp just like Country Bears. But no, let's eliminate everything Walt Disney loved and stood for. Yes Walt is spinning in his grave and probably regretting he did not do more to protect his imagination after he was gone. Instead the moneygrabbing Disney management chases the almighty dollar in everything they do. My son and his wife were both raised as Disney kids. Their sons have been raised so far as Disney kids. Neither of them are Toy Story fans and they love going to Country Bears every time they go. Although they ride some of the new rides and see some of the newer shows, they ask every time to make sure they get to visit the classics...Haunted Mansion, POTC, Country Bears, Jungle Cruise and, with a slight twist of their arms, Carousel of Progress. I was also heartbroken with the terrible revamp of the Tiki Room and was so happy when it came back in the nostalgic form. I agree also, they have enough room to build new without touching the classics. And maybe some day those that are destroying the name of Disney will be out and someone who truly loves Disney will take over. We can only hope, before it is too late.
Dave W. This is insane. The ambiance and character built into Disney Parks has always made the expense of the visit more than worth it Each park is slowly losing the distinction that existed at it's opening Epcot was to be about tomorrow. World Showcase was to be like a World's Fair. There were strick requirements on each country built. Employees came from the respective Homeland. I'm reality, a chance to experience and learn about each country. Now, we have a cartoon attraction that teaches nothing about Norway. How much does the Memo ride enhance the learning experience in the Living Seas. How about ruining Imagination by pulling Figment and the great exhibits upstairs It goes on in all the Parks. Disney is overplaying their hand with the overuse of cartoons The Rides are good but need an appropriate home of their own There needs to be a department that oversees how these changes enhance the original intent of the parks. Walt didn't build them to be a monument to the success of given cartoons. They would be a great fit for a new park based on the animated movies. I can see the cartoons in the theater, on television or on my own film library. My park experience should be one of enjoyment with the magic each of the Parks were themed to do Anything less is no different than a trip to a lesser amusement park with little, or no, character
Mary . I still miss Mr Toads Wild Ride. We were disappointed that they stopped the Christmas version of Jamboree now this is just horrible news.I want to cry.
Karla U. I am so sad to hear this news of the closing of The Country Bear Jamboree. I've been going to Disney since it's opening and that is a true Disney Classic. Please don't close this attraction
KiraV . This is a horrible idea. Woody's Roundup would be a great attraction... in Toy Story Land. I see how it could thematically fit Frontierland, but it just doesn't make sense now. Toy Story Land is already really light on attractions and this could be just what's needed if they could manage to cram it in at DHS. Country Bear Jamboree still gets WDW's abandoning of original IP in favor of slapping existing ones on everything is truly sad. They're what are truly memorable and *unique* to bring you to the parks. Not to mention that adopting the kind of fast turnover this mindset leads to is going to wreck the nostalgia factor going forward. No one's going to have rides to be nostalgic for if you replace them whenever a shiny new IP rolls along. Also: with prices continuing to rise and attendance causing unpleasant crowds year round, it would really behoove Disney to *add* attractions rather than subtract or substitute. These people need places to go, and no one *wants* to pay hundreds of dollars to stand in line for hours. I hope they change their minds.
Bud C. This would be a terrible loss, still wish we had the CBJ at Disneyland! The CBJ is a must-visit when traveling to WDW, and it usually is pretty busy. Love Toy Story, but enough is enough. I'm trying to like this Bob Chapek guy, but he seems more and more like another Paul Pressler - and we know that didn't turn out well. Let's just see what is said at D23.
Darlene G. They have already removed Micky and Minnies houses and so many other loved attractions. Someone needs to stop and smell the roses because pretty soon their numbers will decrease because they are removing too many of the beloved attractions and putting in one's that will not stand up to them!
Melissa M. Pirates and haunted mansion BOTH received updating. From what I've heard, jungle cruise is ALSO slated for updates. Epcot recieving updates. If things remain the same, crowds will taper off. Crowds gather for the new rides. New lands. We await eagerly for the new additions. Updates. It's gotta happen.
Andi W. My kids just saw Country Bear for the first time this January. I had told them for years about how their mom (me) and grandpa (my dad) used to love that show when we had it at Disneyland, and how sad we were when it was removed. We made a point to see it on our first trip to WDW. They are 11 and 7 and tend toward skepticism, but they both thought it was great fun. Taking away tradition and history and Walt's vision is a mistake. If we need something different, bring back the specialty versions like the summer and holiday specials. I seriously can't imagine not being able to visit Big Al and the crew with my kids in the future.
SSS . This is very disheartening. I became a WDW fan in my 30's after visiting for the first time. I'm old enough to have grown up with "The Wonderful World of Disney" every Sunday night and to experience it as a young adult at the Magic Kingdom was truly magical. I don't care if it's corny. My wife and I went many time before we had children then started taking them at a young age. As of late, with the onslaught of Star Wars and Toy story, we can see the magic of the starting to slip. I'm seeing it in the cast members who, more and more, seem to be working a job instead of making one feel like a prince or princess, at any age. I've been told that The Carousel of Progress will never leave. I hope that's right. New rides and updates are needed but in addition to, not at the expense of classics. And stop with the Toy Story already. Talk about stale!
Stephanie . This is a tragedy, in my opinion. I am so tired of all of the new attractions featuring movie characters and themes. True Disney, to me, is the original ideas that can only be found in their parks. The Country Bears is sadly one of the few remaining attractions that represent Disney's foundation. The parks seem to be heading in a generic direction with so many rides created to reflect popular movies. I'm tired of that and desperately holding on to what is left of the originals.
Tom B. More rides giving way to the IP tidal wave. I just want to gut Bob Chapek.
Donald . Fake news, not happening. More likely that Crooked Bob ends up in a prison cell where he belongs and every single trace of him at Disney gets dismantled.
Bri . This is one of my favorites- if not my favorite original attraction. I love it because it's entertaining, and because my grandmother (who died before I was born) loved it. I always feel a connection to that attraction because of my grandma, who felt so much joy when watching this show. I'm sickened with the rumored replacement, even more than I am with the closure of such an iconic attraction. Toy Story also has a special place in my heart, but Toy Story Land exists??! There is absolutely no reason to bring it to MK. Please, I'm begging, stop pushing the Toy Story IP down our throats. I for one do not like all of the changes involving IP's. Some are okay, but not everything is a cash grab. If this rumor becomes truth I will be absolutely crushed. I usually don't comment on things, but I can't sit by quietly. I hope with everything in me that this stays JUST A RUMOR and I pray for no more closures or reimagining of iconic attractions. Also- thank you wdwnt, you guys never fail to give the fans valuable news and information.
Frank B. Devastated. This is such a Disney tradition with my family. You need this iconic attraction to stay. And there is something to be said for attractions with shorter wait times that allow for families
Jim . Well said Tom. I couldn't agree more. Thank you for the backstory. My vote is CBJ should stay.
Shawn M. We need to start a grassroots movement like the 1990s SAVE MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE for this! Maybe we'd have more success with modern technology, but sadly I think Disney's corporate agenda doesn't even care about anything but merchandising anymore
Brian D. The Country Bear Jamboree is a classic and a National Treasure. It was a travesty to close it at Disneyland and would be even more of one to close the one in The Magic Kingdom and for what a cheap money grabbing Toy Story attraction that is not needed. They might as well rip Walt's name off the property, if this is going to be the fate of the last attraction he helped conceive before he died. If this actually takes place you can forget me stepping one foot in a Disney Park (along with the thousands of dollars I would be spending) unless this is rectified. It completely breaks my heart in a million pieces that this is even being considered.
Jennifer S. I love this show, my family loves this show, it has become a tradition since our first trip in 2014, to see the Country Besrs Jamboree the day we arrive AND the day before we leave. The show is always packaged, and the laughter is everywhere! There is no need for a Toy Story attraction in Frontierland, especially since its NOT part of the "frontier". Besides, if they use marionettes for a show, no one is going to see it more than once, because marionettes are CREEPY!!!!! Stop removing everything Walt Disney loved about HIS dream!!
Joanne T. This is very disappointing, and short-sighted. There is no way people will be coming back to a(nother) Toy Story attraction in 50 years the way we do to Country Bear Jamboree. Not everything has to be about selling the latest (or upcoming) Disney movie. If anything, build a new attraction, don't take away such a family-fun classic!!
Katelyn M. My heart broke reading this. As everyone else, I'm sure, my family and I have so many good memories of this attraction. Save the country bears!
Zach . No, just, no! The country bears is an icon of not just Disney world but Disney theme parks in general, I've been a fan of the bears even before being able to see them in person, because Disney removed them from MY park before I could view them. I waited 18 years to see the bears in person, and on the DAY I got to magic Kingdom, I RAN to the playhouse at a one off, because of the classicness of the attraction. If this is true then, gosh, as someone who has been a Disney fan in a long line of Disney fans, I might finally be fully deterred. Im tired of the lack of creativity, parks being jam packed full of IPs! There is no imagination in Imagineers if every new idea that have has to be copied off of a piece of paper that has a movies title written on it. When was the last creative idea of the parks in America, huh? Thunder Mountain? Everest? People want to see icons yes, but they also want to see unexpected adventures they've never seen before. Adventures like creepy old mansions you never know what's around the corner, ransacking pirates, and yes a band of mischievous bears. I know it's a safe route, but gosh, people are getting restless and tired of your safe routes, suprised us for once! Give us a Mystic Manor, give us a Sinbads, give us something new, and honor the man who died bringing creativity to the parks, the man who on his dying breath, gave us the country bears. It's getting tiring standing up for a company I love, When they just make bad decision after bad decision and this one, if it is true, could finally be THE bad decision. So please, if anyone in charge up there reading, please, REALLY areas it and REALLY take it to heart when I say, do not. Get rid. Of the icons of Frontierland. Do not. Get rid. Of the country bears.
Dean . Completely agree with making Disney+ content or full feature movie about the Country Bears. If this rumor is real, which I hope it is not, let's hope it is not as bad as the one that has been over here at Disneyland Paris: It is a real shame if this marionette show is considered better than the Country Bear Jamboree, which is a classic foot stomping fun musical show that could have the time extended back to the original length or longer to increase the number of people per show. And of course with a good full feature movie, the show will become more popular.
Colombo J. Extremely sad. My family and I were just in Disney World last week and we did of course see Country Bear Jamboree and love it. This to me is an iconic ride and reminds me of my childhood. I would be sad to see it replaced.
Louise . I understand that things need to be moved on and updated. However the country bear jamboree is a classic attraction that so many love. This is another in a long line of terrible decisions made, from tower of terror to this. Upgrade the attractions, bring in new technologies but don't rob the parks of every unique thing they have.
Tom M. No no no no! What is going on? Someone please tell Bob Chapek to stop! He is obviously not a real Disney fan. He's destroying everything! I don't understand what is happening right now but it's all turning me off... I'm a life long Guest of WDW since 1971, DVC owner, annual passholder, proposed at California Grill, married at the Boardwalk resort, moved to celebration 4 years ago, and a current cast member. I have dedicated my life to this place and one guy comes along and destroys it all, one ride at a time. The Country Bears are sacred for crying out loud!!!! Like the jungle cruise, Peter Pan, and Small World, I have a feeling Space Mountain is gone after Tron! Eventually carousel of progress .. ya know Main Street is out dated, make it more like a city scape with large LED advertising screens like in Time Square. I am so sick in my stomach over this! THIS IS DISGUSTING AND IM FURIOUS AT THIS POINT!!!! Enough is enough!!!! Stop your insane IP crap and get with the program!!!! Listen Disney.... it's not a secret that a lot of people are seeing Star Wars Galaxy Edge for what it really is... as nothing but a super expensive space mall! What returning guest is going to get a second lightsaber... there's really no staying power. Way to go on that one! I have an idea take some of the HORDES of money you tare away from children and their broke parents and fix some of bathrooms, or how about a decent meal in Magic Kingdom. HOW HARD IS THAT!!!!
Kevin D. Very sad, I saw the Country Bears Jamboree every year as a kid at Disneyland in the early 1970s. I made sure to take my kids to see it at Disney World in the 2000s once they were old enough to visit the park. It was like giving them a taste of my own childhood. This beloved attraction will be sorely missed.
Andrea . Our family visits Magic Kingdom every year. My kids (7years and 3 years) enjoy the bears and especially the Tiki Room. We would be very disappointed to see either replaced.
Kathleen B. After 27 years of yearly vacations to Disneyworld ( our children were raised on Disney) I have no desire to return. Ticket prices, alone are ridiculous. Everything is becoming thrill rides, the older hotels require a personal loan to afford, and the newer attractions seem cheaply thrown together. I'll keep my old memories.
Joe . Country bear jamboree is one of the attractions that should NEVER be shut down for 3 reasons 1- EVERYONE in the party can go on it 2- it brings the party back together similar to lunch or dinner 3- it is one of the original,historical parts of the park. If it hadnt been there you wouldnt have your park. 4- it is a break from walking, the sun, & heat. Now, in a party not everyone can ride thunder or splash mountain, EVERYONE can and does go to the jamboree
Callie M. This makes me SO sad. I absolutely LOVE the Country Bears. We come from Nashville to visit Walt Disney World multiple times a year, and every time I take my family to see the Country Bears. I have any merchandise they sell from their attraction (which isn't much), including my phone case! I'll really be heartbroken if/when they take this attraction from Disney World.
Kathleen D. This is so disheartening! I have traveled to Disney regularly since I was a child and then when my children were growing up. This is always a favorite attraction to see. To know that Disney World will be removing classics to put in attractions just to make more money on merchandise outrages me. That is NOT the Disney way. And to have an attraction that Walt Disney oversaw its origination, being taken out for no reason boggles my mind. Leave the Country Bears Jamboree...its a classic!
Goofy213 . What happen to the plan of a Main Stret theatre that was able to have rotating shows. Having a multi-purpose theatre that can change with the current trend right at the heart of merchandise road makes more sense then removing a classic in the back of the park. They wouldn't tear down Hall of Presidents to put in another Lion King Puppet show, that would be un American, even though Hall of Presidents has lower attendance than Country Bears. If you want to add Toy Story to Country Bears than update the animatronics and add the Woody's Round Up and You Got a Friend in Me songs to the already existing show. Just leave the Momma Don't Whup Little Buford song, I love that one. If this rumor becomes true then I say we hang Chepak and the Disney Board from the highest branches of the Tree of Life, now that would be an attraction worth seeing.
Jack P. With all of the land available, why close something in Magic Kingdom to build something new, especially a classic. Something Toy Story in Magic Kingdom really isn't new and certainly isn't original. Closing the only unique to Walt Disney World attraction still open in time for the 50th anniversary, is so misguided. Instead it should be highlighted!
Maggie . I think the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride exists for more reason than to sell Pooh Bear merch; mechanically, it's the slower version of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I think Disney made the ride to test-run the technology before deploying it at-speed. Also, for those who say that Bear Country fails to attract crowds, so did Enchanted Tiki Room... for many years. Now, it's a fan favorite again. Popularity ebbs and flows; I don't think it's prudent to eliminate an attraction based on short-term trends. I grew up with BCJ and was very sad to see it leave California in 2001. When I visit D'World, I'm sure to stop by and take in a show because it brings back happy memories of seeing it with my grand parents. (I also visit Swiss Family Robinson tree house for similar reasons; the attraction still sorta exists at Disneyland as Tarzan's tree house which seems to serve no purpose but to broadcast the most annoying drum track ever) Disney does have a bad track record of trying to force the popularity of IP (like Tarzan's tree house) that guests just don't connect to. People connect to Toy Story, but as has been mentioned, there are PLENTY of ways to enjoy (& purchase) TS stuff. I think they should leave "Walt's Last Laugh" for the rest of us to continue to enjoy.
David . Disney is in a reactionary mode, responding coarsely to the success of Universal but without the sledgehammer of a Harry Potter to wield. The homogenization of Disney parks away from "classic" Disney theming to "Generic Theme Park Land" was never more evident than in the Fantasyland rework, with it's oddly generic circus themes and conspicuously absent Disney characterization. Bottom line? Disney doesn't know what to do with itself. The problem? Disney thinks of itself as a social inevitability; but if people start looking elsewhere, a directionless Disney will hack and slash in response. They don't realize that process has already started.
Randy Z. so sad. a day at disney wont be the same. count our family as opposed.
Kate . No! Country bear jamboree is such a classic staple of a day at Disney. It's so much fun! Not to mention it's always been a great way to get out of the Florida heat for a while and if there's a new attraction there it's going to be a hours long line instead of an oasis. I'm sad to see another of my childhood favorites disappear. First Malstrom, now country bear...
Phil B. Thank you. Finally I read what I find so upsetting about a recent Disney upgrade: "the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida." --- YES! I find this shadeless 'land' to be what hell must be like.
Ely . I completely agree with you. Alot of rides and attractions are outdated. People want to hold on to childhood memories without realizing that times have changed. People expect more. Splash mountain is another ride that either needs a new theme or a major makeover.
Susan . I grew up with this attraction and continue to love it! I sincerely hope it stays. I experience positive reactions crom first timers whenever i visit it which is very often!
Jones . I hereby officially declare: Should they remove CBJ, I will not set foot in a Disney park ever again. This is not meant as a joke, I am dead serious.
Jose . Replacing The Great Movie Ride with one featuring Mickey Mouse Is one thing but replacing Country Bear Jamboree with yet another Toy Story attraction Is lazy at best and egregious at worst.
Donna . I agree. Leave the classics! I worry about Carousel of Progress too. CBJ and COP are two must stops when I visit Magic kingdom. Without the classics, it's just another theme park referencing movies. I already miss Snow White, Mr Toad and 20,000 Leagues.
Leah . Please keep my Country Bears alive. I love this attraction so much.
Andrea . This news, if it comes true, makes me so sad. I have been unhappy with the redesigning of current attractions (i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout and the Incredicoaster)...I understand the desire to change and update things as time goes on, but it seems like there are other opportunities for bringing those things to the park without taking away attractions fans have grown to love, that are unique and special. I hope we do not lose Country Bear Jamboree in this same fashion....
Will . Nooo!!!!!! Day it ain't so!!
Joanie . Very disappointing. Too many classic Disney items are going by the wayside. We cannot lose all the basics that made Disney great to begin with
Nick C. This is horrible. My wife and I just went to WDW at the end of January and saw Country Bear Jamboree THREE TIMES! I LOVE this attraction. I've been seeing it every time I go since 1974 on my first trip. Had I known this last trip could very well be the last time I might ever see it, I would have rolled in a few more times, and taken some high quality video. I truly hope the decision makers at Disney choose to keep Country Bear Jamboree intact, and place new attractions elsewhere. This also goes for The Tiki Room, which I also see a few times per trip to Disney.
bee . I would like them to make a Figment and the country bears movie, them they'd be IP
Bettye . Sincerely hope that the Country Bear Jamboree will continue to be enjoyed by many. It's been one of my favorite attractions.
Jason . Elsa: I am the most overused Disney IP ever Woody: Hold my lasso, icey.
Sheryl . So thankful I took my kids this last trip. I'm all for new and shiny things but those new and shiny things work when balanced with classic vintage goodness. Too much of either produces a stale park. Yes if they continue to wreck the classics, I see you GMR and Mr Toads Wild Ride and Snow whites Scary Adventure, and many others, and the park is only the new and shiny I believe it will backfire and create a stale park. And those who don't care about CBJ, it's a slippery slope and our beloved Pirates, HM, Tiki Room, Peter Pan, Splash and many others will be axed one day as the new shiny things draw more crowds away from these classics. I am not so sure I'm looking forward to 2021 now at WDW.
Corina . I feel this is long overdue. I havent willingly visited country bear jamboree in 30 years when i was dragged as a small child. I get the woodys roundup tie in and am THANKFUL for that. Keeping in theme of the kingdoms is a big deal instead of forcing something just to jump on popularity. Yes yes, i get nostalgia, but i think it is ignorant to attempt to say jamboree is on par with mansion or tiki room. They dont get the same attendance. The same way tea cups will never pull the same as peter pan. We all want new, better and more but yet want to keep the old at the same time for our memories? I certainly wouldnt be ok paying what i pay to visit if everything was the same as is was when i first started going. Look, i still believe that wishes was the best fireworks show MK ever did, but it needed to go before it did. Some changes are needed and this one is blaringly obvious. I personally feel that theres much in frontierland that would do well to be revamped as well as adventureland. I have toddlers, jamboree would never keep them exicted or keep them from having a midday meltdown. However, yes, another toy story show might. I love how the part of the park is trying to stay relevent and relatable for young families. And perhaps 30 years from now my childrens children will get a new more relevant to them ride in the same location.
Janet E. Please leave Country Bears alone. There is plenty of land in Disney World so add to the parks (or make a new park) instead of replacing the classics. It also seems that the studios would be a better location for anything Toy Story. Each park has it's own personality that needs to be maintained. I realize that Woody is a cowboy but that doesn't make him fit into Frontierland. Deviating from the themes thru-out the parks like this will destroy much of what is special about Disney parks. Spending money to negatively impact your product is an ill-advised decision.
richard b. I think it would be a horid mistake. And would completly fell disillusion . its bad enough you have Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride which has no imagination on that half of the park to add another imagine list attraction on that side of the part takes away from The Wonder of Adventureland and frontierland and is just a money grab instead of a true imagineering experience.
Emily . This absolutely breaks my heart. Stop taking the classics away from us! My 4 year old fell in love with the Country Bears when we took him for the first time when he was 2. It's one of his favorites and he absolutely sobbed when I mentioned this today to my husband. My kids are young and they appreciate the original Disney World attractions so much more than the new things that are replacing them. My daughter who is 8 even said "Another Toy Story thing?? Why?" Disney World was iconic and endearing and special because of these attractions. They were unlike anything that was ever seen before. There was charm and imagination that is unmatched. That is what Disney fans want. Not more commercialism and attractions based on what's popular at the moment. Spend the time and money to renovate and restore the Country Bears for the 50th Anniversary. Please do not take this beloved attraction away from us!
Daniel B. Noooo! Come on, Disney! If you really want to build ANOTHER Toy Story attraction, build it somewhere else. You have, as mentioned in this article, the "blessing of space." You MUST leave some of the classic attractions for us. While I'm at it, please do a better job of maintaining the classic rides you already have, rather than focusing so much on new rides. New is great, but not at the expense of beloved attractions.