Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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Meeko . 100% agree!!! I still am devastated that SpectroMagic is long gone. Point being though is that Walt is the person who created this in the first place, so why on earth would anyone think to get rid of something that he had an actual influence on?
Gordon R. There is a delicate balance to be struck between updating and replacing original attractions. 50 years If you laid out all the plans we can dream up today for that small area in from of Walt Disney, would be choose a country bear attraction.....probably not. However the lure of Disney World / Land is that it appeals to all ages and sometimes the little trips down memory lane are important. Do we need any more Toy Story in MK? No!!!
Juan . I have been going to WDW since the 70's It was with my grandparents and my parents and there was so much that was enjoyed together and had appeal across the generations- CBJ has jokes that will make the grandparents laugh and the kids may not get but still enjoy the show for other reasons. Attractions with wide appeal have been replaced by those that are more focused toward children ( this being a prime example) which dumbs down the overall experience and appears to be another cash grab. On another note, We used to stay on property multiple days at deluxe monorail resorts, but the cost has skyrocketed so high, the crowd levels, and having to plan out everything months in advance, the price / value relationship isn't really worth it. We now enjoy a more relaxing vacation at Universal- where we've found the hotels better maintained and have a better value - and will drive to Disney one or two days with a park hopper to do the things we enjoy and get out! for example last trip earlier this year, we went to Magic Kingdom at rope drop to do Pirates, Haunted Mansion Jungle Cruise and Country Bears and left the park because the crowd levels were so unbearable. When Peoplemover has a snaking queue, you know it's time to go!
Beth . We have to make people aware of the importance of Country Bear Jamboree. I went to MK many times in the last few months (even on yellow and green days -meaning less than average crowds-) and CBJ was extremely popular! It would be a sin to close such a traditional and amazing show.
Shoshana . I have been going to Disney World with my grandparents, now gone, every year from 1982-2002. The Country Bear Jamboree always was and is a much loved never miss attraction. I know times change, however the replacing of original and classic attractions is ruining the generational and personal Disney experience. Besides being so many who love these attractions when they take the next generation one is losing "come see one of your grandparents, parents, in some cases great grandparents favorite attractions", and the memories of the attractions with it. I don't think this is what Walt had envisioned. There is most certainly plenty of Toy Story themed attractions already there. Though I would hate to see the original essence of the Country Bears change it can be upgraded and modernized for today's generation instead of removing it completely. I love Disney and always will but I have been and am sorely disappointed in many of the decisions made over the years.
Donna M. This breaks my heart. I am so tired of good attractions being replaced just because they can. Maelstrom was my favorite ride. I understand Frozen is a very popular ride but why could we not have both? With all the space Disney has can they not just add something instead of replacing something??? Not to mention all the money Disney (hello $1200 annual pass). It just seems like all of the magic of Disney World keeps disappearing. If I wanted a place where everything is a glorified movie advertisement I'd go to Universal.
Rapunzel . I think they should bring back country bear jamboree to Disneyland, it was a great show, they could put it where invention used to be, or move Winnie the Pooh is the shortest ride it dosen't match in with Splash mountain or Hungry bear restaurant. Bring Country Bear Jamboree back, please.
Allison M. ALL OF THE COMMENTS IN SUPPORT OF COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE NEED TO BE SENT TO THE DISNEY EXECS! THEY *DO* GET YOUR E-MAILS! I sent my letter to the following addresses (they all worked, and none bounced back): [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] In less than 12 hours, I received a response from John Raley, Executive Correspondence Specialist, Walt Disney World Resort. He was writing on behalf of George Kalogridis, Bob Chapek, and James MacPhee. Here is his response: "Thank you for your message to George Kalogridis, Bob Chapek and Jim MacPhee regarding the Walt Disney World Resort. Your correspondence was forwarded to me so I could personally respond to you. We truly appreciate your passion and interest for Country Bear Jamboree, as they do have a very close tie to Walt Disney himself. We truly appreciate your passion and interest for Country Bear Jamboree, as they do have a very close tie to Walt Disney himself. I also appreciate all of the very heartfelt memories you shared with us about your grandfather and how much the Attraction reminds you of him and the great experiences you shared together. Currently, we are focused on the new and exciting entertainment options coming to Epcot with Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney's Hollywood Studios with Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and the Tron attraction at Magic Kingdom Park. We are also very excited about the opening of the Gran Destino Tower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in the very near future and the opening of Disney's Riviera Resort later this year. Please know when we receive comments from Guests, such as yours, they are shared with various areas of our organization. Our Guests' feedback, as well as their continued enthusiasm for our products and services, is very important to us. We genuinely appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us." So send those E-mails. Be polite, be professional, use proper grammar, spelling, and writing conventions (type your letter in a word processing program first -- it will check it for you -- then copy/paste into your E-mail). Make a good impression; don't scream and yell and tell the person he/she is horrible for changing things. BUT be *firm* and *adamant* and *passionate* and *sincere* about your position in support of Country Bear Jamboree. It could be what makes the difference.
Vic F. Chapek is changing the Most Magical Place In The World into The World's Biggest Shop. Disneyworld is changing, sadly not for the better. More expensive, more one dimensional.
Chris . The one memory I have of Disney and my now deceased grandmother is Country Bear Jamboree it was her favorite. As an opening day attraction and the Disneyland one closed now I do not want to see it removed. Don't take Disney away from the Magic Kingdom. Where is the petition I need to sign?
Carmen D. #SaveTheJamboree #KeepWaltInDisney APH here, and I am APPALLED at the news. The 50th anniversary should be celebrating history, not knocking it down. I am increasingly frustrated with Disney and their obsession with a select handful of their IPs. CBJ is a priority for us everytime we go and everytime you see families absolutely cracking up. Everyone LOVES the meet and greet in the street outside in the morning.... it is one of the only wandering costume character experiences with NO LINE. What are we going to have ANOTHER Woody meet and greet? NOthankyou. They have their own land. If Walt wanted Frontier Land to be so authentic that he didn't have toilets in it and has the sewage depicted in the pebbles in the street, I guarantee that the Toy Story gang do not fit the vision. CBJ is whimsical, thematically appropriate, and, oh I don't know...Classic?! I am SO DONE with Disney knocking down their history to put in flavor of the minute! The reason we have all kept coming for 50 years is because of the ORIGINAL ATTRACTIONS. By the time the 50th comes where will Walt be? Where can we "feel him" ? People like the history. DISNEY IS ABOUT MEMORIES....SO WHY ARE THEY ERASING THEIR OWN? Poor Disneyland already lost their CBJ.....let us keep this for history. We already have a whole land for Toy Story. They are more than well represented. HISTORY AND WALT'S VISION are what set the heart of Disney apart. I am heartbroken and furious. I will be down in 2 weeks and every Guest Services counter will get a visit from me. If you are upset I prompt you to do the same. I will take any and every survey I am stopped for and talk about how Disney is making decisions that destroy the culture of their own history. Again, I suggest you do the same.
Wendy A. Absolutely a travesty to lose The Country a bear Jamboree! It is an iconic show that brings happiness to all ages! I understand progress but some things are amazing as they are!
Sarah A. We love country bear jamboree and there is already an entire toy story land. This would be supremely disappointing. I guess it would cement my not getting another annual pass.
Emma . I have been to Disney World since I was 8, and Country Bear Jamboree never gets old! Please don't get rid of this iconic/classic ride, Disney!
Eric S. This closure would pain me more than any other. It's the only attraction that as a child my whole family enjoyed, even my father who liked very little. If it goes, so does a part of me. For the sake of those of us who have enjoyed The Magic Kingdom since it's opening, PLEASE WDW reconsider removing this attraction. Keep some of the original magic, for us.
YellerDaisies . #savecountrybears Someone needs to start a petition. I understand the need for change, but you can't remove everything that made MK what it is today. Eventually it'll lose some of the magic. CB are an icon and most beloved! Please don't take my bears away!
Connor E. Really incredible. I remember in 2012 when they ruined the pacing of Country Bears by shortening it by 5 minutes. I thought then that things couldn't get any worse for the Jamboree. Seems like they have. At this point, I'm just sick of the Disney leadership's greediness. They don't even bother pretending they care about anything but money. I remember at the purple potion event from a few months ago, where I noticed something interesting on the ordering flyer. It said "Bring home the magic with our new products!" Yep, I want to be reminded of materialism and consumerism at Disney. Not like people go to Disney to escape that. The whole point is to escape the real world! The rides are neglected because of money. Merchandise has screwed up every exclusive event I have gone to (They can't even sell things correctly!). Bob Chapek is *explicitly saying* that the parks are designed to "leverage intellectual property." Add on top of that the price increase for AP's, and I feel green. I should be smart enough for this to not affect me. I know I'm being naive, and they're a business, and I shouldn't feel an emotional connection to a company, yada yada yada. But can't we just pretend it's not? Just while we're in the park. I really hope Toy Story 4 is a bad movie and fails. I wish Disney's leadership would wake up, like they did after Solo. I don't expect it to happen. As long as the printing press in still pumping out $100s, things won't change.
MLGAGE . I totally agree with Tom please do not remove Country Bear Jamboree. It does need some refreshing the song about blood on the ground and blood all around needs to go. Bears is a great place to go with small ones while the rest of the group goes on splash or mine train. Also great for hiding from rain or heat especially since is holds a large number of guests. We are DVC members and have 8 APH in our group. We are at Disney World around 8 times a year.
Cyndia E. Makes me cry. Hey, why don't you just move it to the Wilderness Campground? Perfect for that surrounding.
SampleText . According to Tom, some execs read WDWNT, so they do take things into consideration, their maintenance report has had its noticeable effects recently!
Mike . CBJ is a classic show that should not removed. Do people even know the backstory to this show ? It is very much classic Disney ! Btw: Shouldn't everything Toy Story go into the designated "Toy Story land" area over at HS ?
Warren . I would be very upset to lose this iconic original attraction. On my first visit to Disney World in 1997 the Country Bear Jamboree was a highlight which stayed in my memory for many years. After returning 19 years later I remembered the dancing and singing bears so fondly. The following October I returned to Magic Kingdom for a 3rd time and watched CBJ again. It transports me back to being a kid again. Who doesn't love bears? I would like to see a new Toy Story attraction however not at the expense of this classic. The right place would be Toy Story Land at DHS. Like Haunted Mansion and Carousel of Progress some attractions should stay forever.
Rob . This seems like a terrible idea on so many levels. I'm ambivalent about the Country Bear Jamboree though I appreciate its significance as one of the few remaining original attractions. I would prefer if they made some sort of update or modernization. The idea for its replacement, though, just sounds awful even by Bob Chapek standards. I don't get why, if they really need to pursue this, they don't expand and put it in the mostly underwhelming Toy Story Land. Along those lines, I was hoping that the opening of that land would actually motivate Disney to clear out other space in the Magic Kingdom by closing Buzz Lightyear, which to me seems redundant (and a more annoying and inferior version) to Toy Story Mania!, in order to put something new and better in Tomorrowland.
Crystal . The magic of Disney is in its history. This breaks my heart. I wasn't fortunate enough to experience Disney as a child. In 2018 our family took our first Disney trip and I fell in love with classic Disney. My last night of the 2018 trip consisted of riding Haunted Mansion and eating Dole whips while watching Country bears 3 times in a row during extra magic hours. After a year of searching for Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, Tiki Room and Country Bears merchandise (why they don't stock Country Bears merchandise?) I brought my family back for a 2019 trip, and my kids fell in love with the Peoplemover and Carousel of Progress. I bought attraction magnets and post it's and key chains and pens and umbrellas...if it was a classic attraction, I bought it. Disney merchandise is everywhere. I buy Disney merch at Target and on their website. I love Toy Story but there is nothing special to me about buying a Buzz Lightyear at Disney world. It's just too saturated in everyday life. The classic attractions aren't something I can access without going to the parks. As I said, the magic of Disney is in its history. I recognized that during my first visit. It seems to be something the people in charge lost sight of. At the end of my 2019 trip I wanted to buy a Dole Whip and go see the country bears to day goodbye to my favorite bear, Liverlips. "I'm just so tired" I thought to myself. "It will be okay though. I'll come back and see him in 2020.
SJames . Let's take it to the Disney execs themselves!! Disney Corporate Phone Number (818) 560-1000 Robert Iger [email protected] Bob Chapek Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts [email protected] Meg Crofton President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations in United States and France 818-560-7401 [email protected] George Kalogridis President of Walt Disney World 407-828-2600 [email protected] Email you comments, petition to save the original attractions!
Alex J. That's terrible. I'm a teenager here, and the Country Bear Jamboree is essential for any trip to Disney. I'm not surprised that they want to remove it, but once they do what's next? Where will it stop? Disney is great not only because of their IPs but the stories their parks have created. I hope that this plan falls through and we can keep the bears for me to show my kids. But, unfortunately, I doubt that will happen.
Alex J. True. We have enough toy story for sure.
Aaron . I have to say I completely agree with Toms thoughts on this. Country Bear Jamboree should not be replaced. And definitely not by another Toy Story attraction. Shoe horning all these IPs into the parks is getting a bit tiresome. Disney imagineers can and should be allowed to do better.
Jon F. To me this is a real shame as this show was one of my favorites growing up. While time marches on, it's hard to imagine a replacement having the same level of charm and whimsy that the original had, even with the Toy Story Franchise. Part of me thinks this is an echo of Eisner era monstrosities like Tiki Room new management ... but we'll see. I just hope that if it does get replaced, the replacement has more care and love put into it than the half-effort Pooh ride in California ... which has an attendance draw of 5 people in line.
Adam . If this happens it is a travesty. I am all for dreaming for the future and creating new attractions, but the Country Bear Jamboree, much like the Enchanted Tiki Room, and the Carousel of Progress, is sacred. It's sacred to what we all grew up loving. Mr. Chapek - your staff will read this - keep dreaming - but please don't do this. Put the Toy Story Puppet Show in the new Table Service Restaurant in Toy Story Land or behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad where there is room. Open up your pocket if this new show is that important to you. The Country Bear Jamboree isn't Maelstrom, or the Great Movie Ride - this is Walt Disney's Creation. Don't take this from us. This is the original.
Michele . Chapek is a joke. All he does is slap a bunch of IP's on rides and call them new. You're Disney for goodness sake your supposed to be better than that. Stop re-themeing old attractions. Disney used to be innovative and imaginative. Everything they do now is rushed and half-assed with the exception of Star Wars land which is a mistake in and of itself by having nothing to do with the original trilogy. Disney practically prints money anyway so why destroy the classic attraction that takes up no space in Frontierland? More importantly why get rid of a Walt attraction to promote 50 new things for the 50th anniversary?
Michele . we are talking about an attraction that takes up such little space in Frontierland that there is literally no benefit to changing it. You can't put a popular attraction there because there isn't even any room for a queue. If you want change how about putting something in the Stitches Great Escape space? Yes change is always going to happen but it is important to keep some classics for the simple fact that many people go to Disney world for the nostalgia. No other theme parks in the world can bring on the nostalgia like a Disney park can so if Disney keeps taking away everything that makes them uniquely Disney then I might as well go to Universal Studios
Allison . Noooooo!!!!!! I'd be absolutely devastated!" That's what I wrote to my mom when I forwarded this article to her. Devastated, heartbroken, angry, gutted, disappointed are all words to describe my reaction to this (rumoured) news. Country Bear Jamboree IS the Magic Kingdom, and a day there wouldn't be the same without it. Big Al was my grandpa's favourite character in the show -- possibly in all of Disney. We went every year, and, no matter how many times he'd seen the show, he would start grinning as soon as it was time for Big Al's part (and when he comes out again at the end). In the last years of my grandpa's life, when he no longer came with us to the park, we would call him when it was time for Big Al's song so he could hear it over the phone. He loved it every time. One of the last gifts I gave him was a tall, glass mug with Big Al on it -- perfect for root beer floats, a favourite of my grandpa's. He was so happy. Now, every time we use it, we think of my grandpa, his love of Big Al, and all the times we shared at Country Bear. This past March, for the first time that I can remember, I saw Big Al walking down the street in Frontierland before the afternoon parade (the only parade -- another negative change). I had never seen Big Al walking around before. At the age of 35, and 6 years after my grandpa's passing, I was on the verge of tears. What I would give to have a picture of me and my grandpa with Big Al. To those people who say Country Bear Jamboree is old, boring, stale, dated, or anything else derogatory, I challenge you to say so to the people who were in the theatre with me in March. The house was PACKED (it was not a terribly hot day, so they weren't seeking AC), and the majority were first-time audience members. They LOVED it. There was more cheering, clapping, and singing along than at any other attraction. In fact, I can't remember being there when there haven't been people lined up to go in and families in each row. The audience's delight was palpable when Teddi Barra swung down from the ceiling. As far as another possible Toy Story attraction: really? There's already Toy Story Land, a new movie just premiered, so there's no risk of sagging merchandise sales, Buzz Lightyear is in Tomorrowland, and a children's marionette show is more suited to the section of Fantasyland formerly known as Mickey's Toontown Fair. Disney has to realize that they need to leave the classics alone (did they *really* have to remove the piles of gold and jewels from the end of Pirates?! Just to match the movie?! The movie should match the ride!). There's a nostalgia and tradition to the Magic Kingdom that is being lost with all of the updates and "improvements." Aside from preserving the history of Disney, they need to leave attractions that appeal to older guests (my grandparents started going to the park the year it opened, and my grandma still talks about the behind the scenes tour). Not everyone can go on the coasters, rides with drops, dark attractions, etc. Leave something for the grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren. Just as my grandpa did with me.
David H. Please do not close the country bear jamboree. That would be like closing the Disneyland tiki room. Yes they are old and not even politically correct at times, but these attractions Give every visitor, no matter how young a true "Walt " Disney experience. I love the tiki room and i am traveling to disney wolrd this summer just to see country bear jamboree. I love that it is a tribute to true classic country and to marc davis and to "walts last laugh" some attractions dont need to be filled for every show. Those lucky guests that enter these time capsule attractions have the chance to connect with the walt Disney of their parents. That is part of the Disneyland and Disney World that walt wanted to build. A park that all generations can find something to enjoy. Please save this attraction and build your toy story attraction in a new area. You have the space.
David H. I sent bob a nice email. You should too
Jim H. As a DVC member for more than 15 years. I will be furious if this happens.
Jason K. I wholeheartedly agree with the author's comments and thoughtfulness. Our family of 8, Which spans from a 60 year old to a 2 year old and the family in between who has grown up on Disney, just had the best vacation day yet at Magic Kingdom. And do you know what we did....nothing new!!! Our best family day consisted of Tiki Room, Liberty Belle, Country Bears, and lunch at Cosmic Rays (why on Earth Sonny Eclipse was removed for a nighttime DJ is beyond me). Disney will learn soon enough that this path they are on is going to be a mistake: just look at MGM Studios (sorry, I mean Magic Kingdom 2.0, wait that's wrong too). They are taking away everything that made that place unique and different. Now it's just more themed lands based on IP. Maybe it's fine for now but it will not being the same long term wonder and joy and nostalgia WDW has always been known for. People want pictures (in this instagram world) with icons and imagery we all know and uniqueness. Well another Woody or Jessie is not unique. They are everywhere. But just today I caught liver lips and big al in the streets of Frontierland. That was an experience! Simple and surprising and fun. If Disney wants new they should focus on the limited time surprises, engagements and magic....
Stefanie . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this NOT be true!! The Bears were designed by the original imagineers, and pretty soon there will be no more WALT DISNEY left in Disney World. There is a place for the new movies, and a place for the classics, especially the attractions Walt and the founding fathers built. There shouldn't even be a discussion. I am shocked and disappointed at Disney by considering taking out this classic. I am happy to see The Bears grow in popularity recently. The interactions with the crowd outside the theater and dance parties are always well attended that I've seen, which makes this rumor even more shocking.
Dave . My wife and I visit once a year and I can honestly say that if they close the Country Bear Jamboree attraction, so too will be the end of our yearly visits. Each year we plan our annual trip, stay at a Disney resort, and the Bears are the first thing we see. We were hoping to share it with our kids one day once we have them, as well as many more annual trips for decades to come. If the Bears disappear, so too will decades of our business. Sure, we're only a few people, and Disney probably wouldn't miss us. But I know many others who feel this way too. I'm also a Disney shareholder, not that that means much except that I will certainly sell my shares out of protest.
Alex R. I hereby refuse to see Toy Story 4, subscribe to D+, or ever visit another Disney park ever again if they do in fact get rid of CBJ. I am very distressed to read about this as this attraction is always the highlight of our trip. Mark my words, the thousands of dollars I spend at Disney World each year will come to a screeching halt if this rumor turns out to be true. Walt Disney himself would be turning in his grave. Earth to Disney, not everyone feels strongly about the Toy Story franchise. The characters just aren't lovable, simply put. Toy Story's past success lies in the fact that it was the first ever 3D animation feature film. The Country Bears are a valuable relic of the past and remain far more lovable than the Toy Story characters can ever be. For the same reason that Characters at the park are forbidden from removing their mask, I have far more interest in seeing singing bears than singing human-esque characters. Whoever came up with this half-baked idea should be fired.
Jason P. When the Magic Kingdom opened, Frontierland had Tom Sawyer's Island, the Frontierland Shooting Gallery, the train station, Canoe boats that were rarely open, and the Country Bear Jamboree. The land later added Big Thunder Mountain and lastly Splash Mountain. Having recently visited the attraction, I can say that the only thing needing to be changed is the tiny turnstile upon entering. I nearly got stuck in it. Otherwise, the show still entertains. Like an hysterical episode of I Love Lucy, the Bears have great timing and the best puns. Leave the Bears alone and go replace whatever the Mission to the Moon/Mission to Mars/Alien Encounter/Stitch's Great Escape should have become long ago.
Allison . Meg Crofton's E-mail is no longer active, as she has left that position. Instead, Catherine Powell is President, Disney Parks Western Region, "overseeing Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris." [email protected]
Chris . Having just seen that Knott's Montezuma's Revenge is gaining historical landmark status, I wonder if we could pull off getting Country Bears (which is older) such status, thus preventing Disney from closing it.
Karen W. I'm from the UK and have visited magic Kingdom many times. The bear jamboree and the Tikki Room are classics and I'd be very disappointed if this closes. Hope wdw wont do this.
obi w. I can't believe they're doing this. at least keep it around so it can have its 50th birthday
GracieM . This makes me sad. I do think a refresh is in order but not a removal. I love some of the original attractions and think that unlike IP attractions they seem to be more timeless.
Amanda P. My family LOVES the Country Bear jamboree! It would be tragic for them to remove this iconic attraction to shove more Toy Story down our throats.
Pauly D. Don't take out Country Bear Jamboree, we lost it at Disneyland to a cute but lessor attraction. If another Toy Story attraction is needed it seems a better fit in Hollywood Studios.
Erik J. Country Bear Jamboree has always been one of my favorite attractions. I hope they change their mind and decide to keep it. I would also love to see the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown and Country Bear Christmas Special versions of the show at the Magic Kingdom someday.
Larry . Leave Country Bear alone and keep Toy Story at Hollywood where it already is established.
Paula . One thing that makes Disney different than other amusement parks is its history, and if they keep closing their original attractions, that history gets lost (and the "feel" of their parks may become indistinguishable from their competition)... If Disney wants more "IP" attractions, perhaps they might consider turning the Country Bears into a tv series for Disney+? They could adapt these characters to a tv program targeted at young children...
Kitty . I, like so many here, grew up with the Country Bear Jamboree. Taking that out is like taking the Hall of Presidents and the Haunted Mansion out. Toy Story is ok but, it has its own spot, leave Frontierland and the Magic Kingdom alone. Some things should be left the way they are!
Katie . I am saddened that they may get rid of the bears right before its 50th anniversary. How do you get rid of Walt's last laugh and an original attraction? They need to just sell more bears merch to make more money. They don't even have to design anything. Bring the Tokyo Disneyland bear merch!
Renald G. First let's start by saying that I am a Baby Boomer. That being said I am also a Disney fan and always will be. Since having visited Disneyworld before having children, also with my kids and now starting with grandchildren that sometimes decisions to either add or remove certain attractions and shows are not always in the best interests of the visitors ie you customers. Over the years I have seen the electric light parade stop and then re-added only to be stopped again. Personally I feel this was a great loss. Also, the millennium parade at Epcot was one of the most beautiful parades with the giant butterflies, music and just everything about it. I think this could have been modified slightly but kept on. This parade was simply breathtaking as others I have spoken to about it. The closing of 20,000 leagues under the sea ride I could see closing. It simply could not handle the volume of people and all will agree the area it took up opened up what is now a very magical area of the park. Choosing to close the Country Bear Jamboree attraction is a mistake. As more and more customers with mobility issues visit the park with children and grandchildren this is an area where all can go to see a show that they themselves have seen before and can pass on to generations. What better to keep things alive then by telling your grandchildren that grandma and grandpa saw this show when they were young. It's a great place also to get out of the weather, be it heat, rain and occasionally the cold. Just sit an relax fir a while. Not too many rides where you can do just that. Not everything has to be a thrill ride anymore. That's not what Disney is about. What's next, Walt's Carousel of Progress? I miss the Universe if Energy ride at Epcot. Over the 25 or do time I have been to Disney and Epcot I have gone I and family have gone on that ride. Love the dinosaurs, it's nice and cool and most of all it's a relaxing ride. It's a no brainer but now it's gone. Back to Country Bear Jamboree. Replacing it with anything Toy Story I believe is a mistake. As others have said, there is already another park with lots and lots of Toy Story rides and merchandise. If you add more Toy Story to the Magic Kingdom the why would I want to venture to another park? Isn't the goal to want your customer base to visit all of the parks? Any in short, doing away with Country Bear Jamboree is not in Disney's best interest I believe. Thank you for reading.
Splash T. This is so tragic. I really hope that this doesn't end up being true. The Country Bears is such a beloved favorite. As a former Froniterland CM, I can tell you that Bears is HUGELY popular. That theater is always packed. Guests love the show. They love seeing the characters walk around and they love the merchandise. Yes, it may be a little outdated but people love it because it's wholesome family fun, a great way to get out of the heat and rain in Central Florida and because of the history of the attraction. It was an opening day attraction. Walt himself worked on some of the audio-animatronics and the ones he worked on have been altered the least over the years out of respect for him. Guests love that. I love Disney and I want to go back to work for them but I desperately wish they would stop with pushing all the new IP's and cheaply making new stuff out of the old. Walt wasn't about making a quick buck; he wanted to make a magical family experience. If they want to bring more Toy Story into MK they should just update Buzz's. That ride deserves a facelift and definitely needs it.
Mike T. Absolutely a bad decision for the guests. Disney today seems to have forgotten a lot of the stuff that made Disneyland and WDW great is a mix of up to date tech and simple, easy charm. The last time I saw Country Bears the audience ate it up, all ages. It's corny. Deliberately corny. And we all loved it. The type of thing the parks do to stand out from the noise and flash. It's just so well done. If Country closes they are really losing something that is an integral part of the whole experience. Toy Story is fine, but it already has entire "land" devoted to it. I don't think we need a Toy Story 4, either, frankly, based in the general disappointment that was Incredibles 2,but this current crop of execs seem not to get real core of what makes Disney Magic. Adventureland celebrates American culture. So now I'll have to go to Tokyo to see this delightful slice of America? To put it another way, WTF, Chapek!? Sit down, slow down, and take another look. This would be a terrible idea.
Brett . This is not a good idea. Country Bear Jamboree is one of the classics. They can put the Toy Story Marionette Show is another space. It can maybe go somewhere else in Frontierland or even put it in Toy Story land in Hollywood Studios.
Haley . This is so depressing to me! One of my Grandpa and I's favorite attractions! I grew up visiting Disneyland and we were sad when we lost this attraction, but relieved that it remained in Florida. Now, living in Florida, I stop there almost every visit, because it always reminds me of my Grandpa and how we both loved a good laugh there. I agree, a park needs to grow and improve, but there are some things that are just staples that should always remain. Disney is a family park and part of that is making memories with family and remembering those memories together after certain loved ones are gone as much as getting to create new ones. At this rate, my question is: How long until there are no more attractions left that my grandparents and I enjoyed together?
Mary B. I am very unhappy how Disney is taking away classic rides, for the sake of a buck. They are not even keeping the parks in the great themeing that Walt wanted. Don't make Disney a glorified carnival. We want our Walt moments.
Mary B. I am very upset that DisneyWorld co, is continuing to take out classic rides and ruining Walts vision. Stop losing the themes and mmaking into a glorified carnival. I love Walt Disney and Roys vision. Not the building for bucks thats going on. Stop ripping apart the clasic themes, for the buck.
Ken . It was the first original WDW Magic Kingdom unique attraction. If the company is going to promote a 50th anniversary celebration then for the fans of the park they could at least restore the original show and let it run for the duration of the celebration. I know the IP argument comes up and they tried to make the Country Bears IP with a ridiculously thrown together movie, but Disney can and should do better than another on the cheap overlay.
Hollikee . Refresh of Country Bears I give a thumbs up. Replacing with yet another Toy Story project.....huge thumbs DOWN! I actually am creeped out by that part of toy story anyway. The thought that this might happen is terrifying. Even if Country Bears wasn't doing well, please come up with something else. Muppets saloon show would even be better than that!
Lindy . Please don't take the bears down. Kids love this. All ages love this like the tiki birds!
Rory S. It would be the worst decision I can think of them making for Disney World. Not only is Country Bears an opening day attraction that should be protected at this point, but it is pure nostalgia. And it was my Grandpa's favorite thing at Disney World, and since he passed away, I think of him everytime I watch it. This would be a true shame.
Chris . Very well stated! This is the reason why I hesitate to become DVC members for the family. They continue to remove educational and traditional attractions that defined the WDW experience. I believe updates should be performed when necessary, however, while retaining the essence of the traditional theme. They have removed Energy, replaced the Maelstrom with Frozen, the Great Movie Ride, Motion, etc in favor of the latest movies that have a shelf life and do not create lasting memories. If WDW becomes just another theme park, the inter-generational appeal of vacationing there will fade. Makes you wonder what will they replace next????
Johnny C. There is room. People have pointed out the Diamond Horseshoe building, which is barely used for dining as is. In fact, I think it's only been open for 2 to 3 months max out of the entire year.
Phil A. Well if they do remove Country Bears, another iconic legacy attraction, then that is truly sad. One less reason for our family to visit.
Sammy J. If Disney cuts CBJ, I will be HEARTBROKEN. It is a classic, and one of my only must-hits every single time I go to WDW. It's a wonderful attraction for guests of all ages, and provides a great show full of laughs. It also is one of the few classics that doesn't need updating, although a fifty year overlay or Christmas overlay would be amazing. Yes, Walt said that the parks should be ever growing and evolving, but I don't think he meant it to mean that they should transform to a salute to all things Disney except mostly Toy Story and Star Wars.
Julie H. This show is a perfect way to get out of the heat and relax and enjoy something entirely for the family. It may be hokey, but this is what all of us classic fans love. The age of The Wonderful World of Disney is fading. Some of it needs to be retained and this show is a perfect example of juliethis.
Dennis . If Country Bears is actually removed it will be another sad step away from what makes Disney truly Disney for so many fans. Marvel, Star Wars, and even Pixar may be great for some fans and better for shareholders, but the company should be able to grow without leaving behind the very things that made Disney great.
Robbin L. I am truly broken hearted upon reading this news. My parents brought me to Disney World every year since I was baby to well into my twenties and the Counrty Bear Jamboree was always one of my favorite stops. I have continued to go to Disney every year and the Jamboree is still a must to see when I go. My family have a trip planned later this year, it will be the first time for my toddler. I would be devastated if they close the Jamboree before our trip and my son doesn't get to experience the wonder that is the Counrty Bear Jamboree, that he won't have the chance to make the wonderful memories I got to.
Jackie . I'm so tired of Disney replacing all nostalgic attractions with IP. In addition there are not creating any non-IP attractions. Do they have an original thought anymore? Does everything have to be IP related? It's so sad. I love Walt Disney World but I think I'll be taking some time off going forward. Too much IP shoved down our throats, too many remakes, not enough attention to the original concepts in Epcot especially from what Walt imagined. Imagineering is now all about regurgitating IP. I'm assuming they're going to re-theme Expeditions Everest or Spaceship Earth soon, I won't be able to take that. Rant over!
Sarah . For me this is sad news, I have a very emotional connection to the country bears. It was my grandfather's favorite show and we would see it everytime we went to the magic kingdom. For me this is like losing him all over again, it's been one of the only things that I have left to remind me of him. Though I am all for updating the parks and keeping things moving, I think some things should stay the way they are. If it isnt broke dont fix it, yes the country bears might not be as popular and it's nothing high tech but it's a great show to see and its enjoyable for the whole family.
Todd . I have lived my whole life in Orlando and it is sad how WDW it has become a mega corporation vs the company that Walt and Roy built. I am still a big fan of WDW but I agree, leave the Magic Kingdom alone it is the only park that IS Walt Disney. Even Epcot is not to his vision. Do the new stuff in the other parks or add on to the Magic Kingdom if you must but leave the core alone.
Joy K. It was the biggest mistake to remove Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland and replace it with Winnie the Pooh! Whenever we visit the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Country Bear is on our must do list! Don't take it away!
Bren . Most backwards thing I've ever heard. For the 50th anniversary they should be celebrating an opening day attraction, especially one that has cemented such a place in pop culture as this one. Even worse that I won't have a chance to see it one last time.
Bren . Wrong. Gonna be a very sad day when Splash gets re-themed.
Nick D. First the Great Movie Ride and now Country Bears? Please say it isn't so! Next they'll want to get rid of more beloved classics like the Tiki Room or Carousel of Progress!
Teagan M. I've never seen nor used this website before, but THIS, I had to click on. This is about the last thing I imagined to change. I'm not against the change and expansion of Disney parks, even ones like Magic Kingdom (though the other parks could really use some more love. Magic Kingdom is the very last thing that should ever be changed, I love it how it is. And while Hollywood Studios got toystory land, it very much feels like a way to sell merchandise. I love Pixar, and the Toy Story franchise at that, but the area felt kindof small and lacking in character or passion to me. Not everything about it, there were some good Easter eggs, but this is besides the point.) However, Country Bear Jamboree is a classic. I LOVE frontier land for the classic WDW atmosphere I get from it. It's almost one of the only places I feel like I can escape any sort of blatant marketing or branding to sell merchandise at Disney recently, save for Epcot. There's no way that ANOTHER Toy Story themed attraction would fit into Frontier Land like the country bears always have. What's next? Are you going to replace Splash Mountain? Replace it with an newer, more easily marketable franchise? I honestly feel like you're not far from it. You're more than welcome to introduce new attractions into the parks, but don't purge classics for it. The worst part for me is how sudden this is. My family's passes expired in December and we haven't gotten any new ones because prices are way up and we just can't afford it. Point is, I'm afraid I'll never get to see the attraction for one last time. If this goes through, the country bears, along with Max, Buff and Melvin, will be sorely missed.
Teagan M. To be honest, I feel the same. I only had passes with my family for a year, but I loved every single day we spent there. I always want to go in to see the jamboree, but I never got the chance because we were always catching a fast pass and we anyways said "we'll do it next time", or something of that nature. But I certainly love knowing just that it's THERE. It makes me feel like at least there's something sacred in the Disney parks. That they're not JUST in it to try and sell products or get press. Along with the country bear jamboree, though, that hope will be absent.
Donald . First of all this rumor is fake news and not gonna happen. Disney is going to lose Pixar and Toy Story after the government breaks them up due to antirust laws. Second of all, Magic Kingdom and other parks should NOT be changing. Keeping them the same is the best way to fix the attendance problems instead of raising ticket prices. I don't get tired of doing the exact same thing over and over again.
Joann . I was devastated when they closed The Great Movie Ride and Universe of Energy, two of my favorite attractions. I'm devastated again to learn about the closing of Country Bear Jamboree. I don't like this at all. It's becoming evident that the people behind Disney World are becoming greedy more than family oriented, in my opinion. The cost has become astronomical to say the least. I love WDW but lately I'm becoming disappointed in it. Sad, so very sad.
Teagan M. Holy crud, I didn't even know they were planning to do that to Epcot. I ACTUALLY can't believe it.. Is that a rumor or likely? I almost feel there like save for Frozen Ever After, Epcot would be the only park that could be left untouched, at least for now. But Marvel? In Epcot? REALLY??? WHO thought that ANYBODY wanted that?? With the changes to classics in Magic Kingdom they've been having, Epcot has very steadily been becoming my favorite park, and it was definitely up there right past magic kingdom after seeing this post, but now I'm honestly not sure. Like, seriously, who asked for marvel in EPCOT??? Note to Disney: just because you have the property, and just because it's popular, DOESN'T mean that you should give it an attraction in the parks, and it CERTAINLY doesn't mean that we want you to.
Elaine . I feel the same way, MK should evoke memories for all ages, stop removing all the classics.
Ciara . Ever since I was a little girl when we went to Disney World we would ALWAYS watch this show . I would always sit by my grandma and laugh with her . Now it's been 4 years since my grandma has passed away and this show is still an amazing memory I have of her.. it honestly feels like I'm losing something so special to me.
James O. Universal is nothing but IP.
Jim . The CBJ is my favorite attraction. I loved it as a kid and now as a parent I have loved sharing this my kids. One of my children has special needs and really has trouble enjoying some of the other attractions because of the volume or pace of action. CBJ is perfect for him. If it leaves it will be sad for the whole family.
Ed V. I am someone who truly loved the Disneyland version of this ride to the point that I could probably recite the entire 15 minute script for Vacation Hoedown from memory even now, 18 years later! I had not actually seen the original version of this ride until 2014, mostly because Vacation Hoedown was the version Disneyland had since 1986, and I had not gotten out to the Florida parks until I went with my own kids. I'm sorry to say this, but as much as I loved the versions I grew up with (also loved the Christmas Hoedown overlay we had out here), I find the version somewhat lacking in charm, and even technical presentation. Yes, it has been beloved for almost five decades, but would it kill them to remaster the audio tracks?! It honestly sounds very tinny and poorly recorded, like they haven't updated the original 1971 audio tracks or equipment! Tiki Room is almost a decade older and its audio sounds SO much clearer and better presented than Bears... Apparently, the show was radically cut down before I ever got a chance to see it, and it seems rushed and it doesn't seem to flow as well as the version I grew up with...It pains me to say this, since I still try to see the show whenever I can get out to Florida simply because I truly love the idea of the show and get some enjoyment from the characters, but it seems Disney hasn't really cared much for these Bears for quite some time now, and just saw the ride as "something to fill up space", which is the saddest thing about what seems to be the imminent final fate of these Bears
Mandy . So sad. 🙁
M. M. I recently took my 11 year old daughter to Disney World and was delighted to see that the Country Bear Jamboree was still there. I hadn't seen it since I was her age. She LOVED it and made me promise to take her to see it again the next time we visit. If Disney begins to abandon the classics we all grew up loving my daughter and I may just visit Universal Studios instead next time and keep our original memories alive. She does love Harry Potter too... We'll see.
Riley G. I agree the removal of this ride is a shame, it's purely a classic and something Walt Disney himself had a part in. What's next? Magic Kingdom is the nostalgic park not to mention this show would not fit in Frontierland as well as Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin is in Tomorrowland. Hope this is a false rumor 🙁
Linda . If this really is in the works to remove The Country Bear Jamboree then I am very disheartened with the powers that be at Disney. Walt Disney's philosophy was the following: "There's really no secret about our approach. We keep moving forward-opening up new doors and doing new things-because we're curious. And curiosity keeps leading down new paths. We're always exploring and experimenting. We call it Imagineering-the blending of creative imagination with techincal know-how." I also believe that his legacy is important to hold onto and that this attraction holds a lot of history for this wonderful park. I love the movie Toy Story but Disney's approach lately has been to shove too much of a good thing down our throats, such as they did with Frozen, until it no longer holds that special place in our hearts. I truly hope that the people in charge of these decisions listen to their guests and reconsider letting go of an attraction that is an original to WDW MK.
E. L. For the love of all things good and classic, please, Disney, don't remove this amazing attraction! We under 35 crowd love this attraction just as much as the older ones. Change is good, but removing all the attractions that were park originals, with original stories and replacing them with attractions based on movies is sad, disheartening and a poor reflection on the current mentality of the WDW leadership. Please don't make this same mistake that you did with killing Spectromagic and then the Main Street Electrical Parade. WE CARE AND WE STAND BEHIND THE BEARS.
Heather F. This makes me so sad and angry. Bob Chapek and Iger can't keep taking away all of Disney's classic attractions. One can only take in so many IPs. Classic Disney attractions such as this is what makes going to Disney Parks such a unique experience. I was pretty upset about the Great Movie Ride closing, but at least with that I could understand why with all the licensing issues needing to be resolved. But Country Bears IS truly a Disney Parks original, and it cannot be replaced!!!
Tommy . I disagree, I am a rural southerner from Tennessee and do not find CBJ insulting or derogatory in anyway. In no way does the show make fun of country folk. We are proud of our roots, customs and the way we talk. City folk might view it as not politically correct for today's day and age, but this attraction pays homage to country/mountain folk that populate the south.
Mary K. I think Disney should make another land in The Magic Kingdom for vintage Disney. That's where all the "old" rides could go and be preserved like mr Toad, carousel of progress, the scary alien encounter, the old tiki presentation, anything that was vintage should go there. Our amusement park in Pittsburgh Kennywood park did that and called the area lost kennywood. It's always crowded. They should call the new land Walt's Place! Or something along those lines!
Jason . Honestly I agree I'm sad to see the country bears will be no more. I'm praying that Disney would now create a park for all the defunct rides they've laid to rest. The icon can be the earful tower or the sorcerer's hat! I bet you it would generate more revenue than the other parks since that is what we loved. Will it happen? Probably not.
Lauren . Please please PLEASE do not get rid of Country Bears. At minimum it's not necessary to replace with Toy Story. There's Buzz in Tomorrowland and a whole dang land of its own in HS. Keep Country Bears! #countrybears4ever
Kristen . Noooooooo!
Dianna B. Our family *always* visits the Country Bears. My husband visited WDW when it first opened and this is a touchstone attraction for him that he has passed on to our kids. We were looking forward to taking grandkids to it someday. The rumor that it will be retired gives us a HUGE sad.