Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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FirstLastStateTell us what the Country Bear Jamboree means to you.
Kate Mizell Louisiana As a child, I loved this attraction! The music was so fun and the characters were so believable! At times, it was a cool place to take a rest from a long day at the park. Now as an adult, I clap and stomp along, loving it just as I did when I was a child. I hope one day my future children will be able to experience this wonderful attraction I have loved for so long.
Jessica Mavaro-Stoller NY My best memories of Disney world as a child involve the country bear jamboree. I went with my family every 3 years since I was 3, and I have a 2 year old son now and I would be devastated if I couldn't share this important piece of my family's traditions with him!
Eric L. FL I have been going to WDW for almost 40 years now. Half my life as a kid on yearly vacations and the other half now as a Florida resident. The Magic Kingdom, as well as Epcot both hold a place for the nostalgia of those childhood vacations, that I now hold dear. As with so many now, the family of our childhood is rarely the same later in life. The Country Bears, along with so many other attractions and pavilions at Walt Disney World mean so much for the nostalgia they hold. While some may not be new and flashy, it has always been a comforting thought that certain attractions will be there to share with our families and our kids as we get older. The fact that this attraction has a Walt connection and that it is the only opening day attraction that the Magic Kingdom has of its own to celebrate its upcoming 50th certainly always made it feel like it was on the "don't mess with" side of the office white board. Please keep it on that side of the board, and don't mess with it.
Josh Dohme NC It’s my favorite stage show at the parks. To lose it would be tragic.
Lucille Gannon NY When my family and I first went to WDW in 1977 it was the first ride we went on. It's good, clean, campy fun, fun FUN!!!
Delaney Toler California This show was and is still my favorite when i visit WDW. Removing the Country Bear Jamboree would be removing a classic attraction not only created by Marc Davis, creator of Pirates of the Caribbean, but also Walt Disney. It is essential to keep the show in its original format to keep a piece of Disney History and originality in WDW.
Jeffrey fussell LA I love this attraction.
Amber Lindsey Florida This is my family and I’s favorite show! Please don’t take this away from us and the other families who also adore it.
Dawn Hannon Massachusetts My first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1977. I most remember Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Country Bear Jamboree. I consider the latter as important to the heart and soul of WDW as the first two which I assume won't be on the chopping block any time soon. CBJ is the one original to WDW attraction that has a Walt Disney connection and thus should be untouchable. Update it? Sure. Demolish it? Never. It has such a small footprint that any replacement will not be a great improvement. And more Toy Story?? And in Frontierland?? Completely unnecessary. I am a DVC member and Annual Passholder so obviously I love WDW and visit frequently. I still enjoy Country Bears as does the rest of my family including my 12 year old son (who is still devastated by the demise of The Great Movie Ride). I believe you would do just as well attendance-wise upkeeping and promoting Country Bear Jamboree as you would with a cheap Toy Story on strings attraction. So, please reconsider putting down our beloved Bears, a classic Walt Disney World attraction, in the name of yet another over saturated Intellectual Property like Toy Story. Thank you, Dawn Hannon
Kent Roesler MI It’s my childhood. Really want to be able to take my kids to visit this attraction.
Eric Hanson NC We go to the Country Bears every trip. My kids love watching the bears.
Alain Bauza Florida United States
Michael Greiner New Jersey This was my mothers favorite attractions when I was a young. We absolutely had to see it every trip. The tradition continued into my adult years. The first time I brought my young nieces to Walt Disney World, I told them we had to watch it. It ended up being one of their favorite things of the entire trip!
Chris Stewart Ontario This attraction is a staple at Magic Kingdom. When I was a kid (I'm now 43), my mom always wanted to go to Walt Disney World. My dad worked at a company who gave away a trip each year to WDW for the most creative idea and each year my dad tried to win the trip for my mom. When he finally won, they stopped giving the trip (so my dad finally had to just pay for a trip). When we finally went down as a family, it was the classic attractions that made our trip, including the Country Bears Jamboree. Since then, these classic attractions are a must-do on every visit. I get that the parks can and should change at the parks and that Walt would be the first to say, let's make the Magic Kingdom even bigger and better if he was still with us. But I also understand that with over 43 square miles of space and with literally thousands of hotel rooms on the way, keeping the classics for future generations to enjoy as a permanent legacy to Walt and the imagineers who built the park business is the right thing to do, and maintains capacity to handle the crowds that inevitably keep growing. Attractions like this is what built up the Parks and Resorts business at Disney and span literally generations of guests who want to share them with the next one. In the end, Walt would have never made decisions to improve the parks as "OR" statements; he would have made them "AND" statements. Why can't we find place for a Woody's Round-Up in the new barbecue restaurant in Toy Story Land (called Woody’s Round-Up Barbecue) AND keep our beloved Bears in their permanent home in the Magic Kingdom? It makes more sense from a theming perspective (especially with their location next to Splash Mountain) and literally everyone will be happy. Taking out an attraction to celebrate the 50th that was original to the park doesn't celebrate the 50th, especially with a franchise (Toy Story) whose movie series is now at an end. It makes no sense literally leaves me with no interest in celebrating a milestone anniversary if it kills the things that started it all.
Andrew M Maine
Christopher MacCumber Florida I remember riding up in our VW camper bus, listening to CBJ on the 8-track that my dad recorded off of the vinyl. Magic.
Rani Li Utah I was so sad when they removed this from Disneyland. The jamboree is so cute and loved by my family. We always make sure to go there everyday we are at the parks. It’s so cute and a tradition. There is enough toy story. The classics need to stay.
Douglas Mandell NY The Jamboree is simply a tradition for my family and I. We make sure we see it once each time we visit Magic Kingdom. Like Tom Sawyer Island, it’s one of the few attractions that feels more authentic and less commercial.
Megan C FL I’ve loved this attraction since I was a child in the 80s. The parks have taken a bad direction with IPs and lost are sense of original story telling with attractions. I hope we can save one of the originals and show a new generation that Disney is so much more capable of an attraction based on 4 films that only needed to be one.
Christopher Aurilio NJ This foot-stomping good time is not only memorable but a foot-stomping great time! Best show is it’s kind and a WDW institution.
Kristen Denny Fl My mom who passed away 3 years absolutely adored the Country Bear Jamboree! Especially Big Al. This year on my birthday, my husband and I were at MK and as we walked by the Jamboree there was Bug Al standing outside taking pictures. It was like a big hug straight from my mom up above. Disney IS about not just making current memories but celebrating past ones and still enjoying them today!!!!
Eve Rodrigo Texas It breaks my heart to think this show might be closing. The simple things about this park like Country Bear Jamboree are what makes Disney special and not just another them park.
brian harvey florida back in 1975, this was the first attration i wanted to go to when i went to the park. it is one of my favorite memories and still to this day, when I go to the attraction, it brings up all those wonderful memories
Cherie Hatlem FL Many are not into the movie driven themes. We desire the family oriented overall stand alone attractions. Please don't remove these oldie but goodies for the sake of some new movie attraction that doesn't provide any family interactions.
Mark Bandy GEORGIA (GA) Know the entire show by heart; organized performance with my 3rd grade classmates in 3rd grade, 1980
Roy Stephens FL When I was a kid, after a trip to WDW and the CBJ, my father would tease my mom for her taste in country and western music by singing "Blood on the Saddle" like Big Al whenever mom would have her music on. My dad passed away in 2011, but whenever I go to the CBJ, Big Al always makes me laugh and remember the good times with my dad as though they were yesterday as I am instantly transported back to those childhood days.
Liz Kim MD I love it (and not just as a shelter from the hot Florida sun). It is a great attraction with great music.
Morgan Sampson MA The Country Bear Jamboree is so special because of the fact that it was one of Walt’s original idea and yes I love all of the new attractions coming to Disney parks but let’s hold on to the few of Walt’s original ideas we still have. I will be devastated if it closes.
Beth Cook Georgia Anything with a Walt connection must stay!
Julie Bresnan Il Classic
Cindy Bridgford Illinois Love the classics rides atWDW if you take all away the people will Go away too!
Grant Davidson Iowa Classic Disney imagineering
Michael Flack Maryland A classic and one of a kind attraction that I hoped my kids would see.
Peter Walukiewicz connecticut Three years ago, I lost my younger brother to Pancreatic Cancer. We both loved the Country Bear Jamboree. When "Big Al" would start singing "Blood on the Saddle"we would be laughing so hard, we were in tears. Now, whenever I'm in Florida on a business trip, I always find time on the weekend to go to the magic kingdom, and trek all the way to Frontier land, to see the Country Bears. I sit in Grizzly hall, and imagine that my brother is sitting next to me. When he passed away in 2016, he was only 53. I am now 57 years old. If they remove the "Country Bear Jamboree" the "Heart" of Frontier land" will be gone forever. PLEASE put "Woody's Roundup" in "Toy Story land" at Hollywood Studios, whete it belongs.
Spencer Lloyd Tokyo I grew up on the Jambotee at Walt Disney World, and now I'm a Tokyo passholder and continue to adore the cheesy humor and goofy songs. Keep the classic edition at Walt Disney World so future generations can laugh along!
Lori Mazur Maryland It’s part of my childhood memories and my children’s childhood memories of our wonderful trips to WDW and DL
Peter Walukiewicz connecticut I would need to write a book to describe what the Country Bear Jamboree means to my family and I. I lost my little brother to Pancreatic Cancer three years ago. We both loved the Country Bear Jamboree at the magic kingdom. Whenever I'm in Florida on a business trip, I always find time to go to Disney World on my off day. (usually Sunday) and I sit where we used to sit, and I imagine that he is thetr next to me, both of us laughing at Big Al singing "Blood on the saddle!" I cannot say that I will stay away from the Magic Kingdom in Florida, but, if they remove the "Country Bear Jamboree", the "Heart" of Frontier land, will be gone forever. Please put "Woody's Roundup" in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Where it belongs.
Phillip Ives FL Disney has plenty of new attractions!! Just let us true old school Disney fans have Country Bears!! What is the harm in keeping it? Start selling more merchandise for it, people will buy...if it's money you want, take my money, I will buy every Country Bears merchandise item you can come out with.
Jackie Siefert Illinois I come from a Disney family, we’ve been going to the parks since I was born. Every single time we visit the parks we have always made it a point to go to the Country Bear Jamboree. Now that I have my own family I continue this tradition of seeing this show. This show means something to people. It’s a place to go for entertainment, relaxation and a good laugh. It’s one of the last places left where you can feel Walt’s presence.
Susie Babuschak NJ It is a ride that multiple generations in my family have enjoyed. It’s a classic and it deserves to have a place in Frontierland.
Len James GA It’s a classic along with Carousel of Progress. Plus the AC is great.
Maria Trippe FL When WDW opened in 71, this was technology at its finest. Taking away every original nuance of Magic Kingdom that doesn't represent a recent movie isn't a good business decision, the children of the 70s are now financing the Disney trips for our children and grandchildren, and we cherish our memories too.
Jared Babuschak NJ Literally my favorite attraction at WDW. Big Al is a personal hero. This attraction must remain for future generations!!!
Megan Stokes Texas The Country Bear Jamboree is really amazing! My friends and I love it dearly, we don't want it to be replaced! Disney has gone too far this time! Let's save the bears!
Timothy Garrity New Jersey It is a WDW staple. Toy story has their own land, put a TS show there. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.
Lou Workmeister VA The Jamboree is iconic Walt Disney World. An opening day attraction created by the original Imagineers. It inspired installations in two other Disney parks, and continues to bring a spark of humor, entertainment, and levity to children and adults. Not just in the show, but the character interactions in Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Innovation and updating doesn't require eliminating the original elements that created the character of the parks and the personality that Disney fans have come to associate with the Most Magical Place on Earth.
Suzanne Brock NJ I always loved the show as a child. But what makes it magical was watching my kids the first time they watched it. 30 years later they love it as much as I did. It’s magic is timeless!!
Suzanne Iglio New York It’s a classic attraction & I love it!
Yakko Warner California I just wanna see 'em all roast.
Luke Lugosi Disney needs to stop doing this leave the classic Disney park attractions as open and as they are.
Andrea Pelletier Manitoba Country Bear Jamboree is a fun and unique experience that we always make time for on each visit to WDW!
Anthony Scaramuzzi NJ CBJ means family, fun, and tradition. It’s a classic attraction that I hold dearly in my heart.
Matt Breslin PA It’s classic Disney! Its as much of a staple as Space Mountain. It needs to stay!
Jeffrey Zimmer DC The CBJ is a Disney classic right up there with Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. Even as an AP, I go to see the bears at least 3-4 times a trip. It has such nostalgia and entertainment that is different from some other attractions. Taking it away removes some of the key magic that permeates Magic Kingdom. #SaveCBJ!
Cassie Molina Florida It would crush my autistic son if the country bears close. He loves this show, as we do, and we would most likely cancel our passes and never return to the park. He believes these bears are alive and his friend. He has all of their merchandise even from Tokyo! Please don't break a little boy's heart!
Ryan Starliper NY To my family it is Frontier land. An absolute staple.
Jasmine Windsor -- please choose -- When I was younger my grandparents would always make sure that it was our first stop of the holiday as it was as my Gramps called it "pure Disney entertainment". We used to have fun laughing and singing along to the songs to the point that they were stuck in my memory even after we had left the parks. My grandparents now cannot join us abroad due to health reasons, but we always make sure to go to Country Bear Jamboree first when we visit MK as not only a homage to them, but also as it brings back some incredible memories of my childhood and is fantastic entertainment. Getting rid of this attraction not only takes away my first stop on my holiday (a tradition I was going to carry on with my children when I have them), but also for me takes away an attraction that encompasses what Disney is as a whole. I would be heartbroken if this attraction were to leave.
Sal Lutz Rhode Island (RI) It's a classic - we go see it every time we visit Disney World. Our grandson loves it. Come on! Keep it!!!
Victor Kong CA Originality. Creativity. Americana at its best. Walt Disney at his most sincere.
Eric Wolterink Washington I can still vividly remember the first time I saw the Country Bear Jamboree. My dad dragged my sisters and I into it, and we weren't exactly happy about it. However by about 5 minutes in we were completely on board. We were laughing our heads off and having the time of our lives. That night at the hotel we were looking up the songs, and remembering how much fun we had laughing at Big Al and the Liverlips McGraw. We would look up the whole show and watch it beginning to end. I'm always eagerly awaiting our trips to Disney World, and the Country Bear Jamboree is a big part of that.
Richy H England Country’ Bear Jamboree is everything to me. I fly half way around the world from the UK to enjoy it and it’s the one thing I look forward too most in Disney World. I have a very very strong emotional connection with this classic attraction. I don’t know what I’d do if it was removed for something bland and unoriginal. Save the Jamboree.
Dustin Truman KY Country bears is one of my families favorite attractions. We love the nostalgia and the history. I'll never forget seeing the joy that this show broughtmy father, and now brings me because of that memory. As soon as the show comes alive, i feel at home. Please do not touch this attraction unless you are plussing or updating the animatronics and show equipment.
Jonathan Rigby Cheshire I love the bears. They always make me smile, especially Big Al.
Autumn Davis CA It brings my family joy and it’s a timeless classic. I visit Disney parks for the rides that make me remember my childhood. CBJ was a favorite of my grandparents and my oldest memory at Disneyland is of the CBJ show sitting on my grandmas lap. I love that I got to have my kids see it at WDW.
P. Hucker Ryden DeBussy This cannot go! Tom always tells the truth - and this truth is terrible! Block change & twitter accounts! Change is always bad!!!
Jasmine Fraser-Neve It was my childhood as growing up I visited Disney with my family every other year and they were some of my greatest memories!
Brooke Coffey New York It’s a classic! One of my favorite attractions. There is no place quite like it.
Eric Ryan CA
Andrea Ross North Carolina This feels like the heart of historic Disney is being ripped out and plucked apart piece by piece. These will always be Walts parks and I would ask that the managment stop destroying that culture before my children (future customers!) Get to fall in love with it!
Allen Crouch Indiana First memories as a child. Talking heads on the wall. Having the same nickname as Big Al. Definitely a must see every time I go!
Max Morris Kentucky Ever since my first visit to the park when I was 6 years old, I have had a special connection with the Country Bears. Since then, I have amassed a large collection of Country Bears memorabilia, a Big Al tattoo, and dreams of working in the theme park industry with Marc Davis as my number one creative hero. I try to visit WDW at least once a year, mostly just to see my favorite bears. If it closes, the loss will monumental for me; I can say with complete honesty that I am unsure whether or not I will ever visit the park again with them gone. It would just hurt too much.
Jim Jinelli FL I believe removing the CBJ at WDW MK would be a mistake, for too many reasons to list here. But for the purpose of this petition, and as a DCV owner, AP holder, and Disney stock holder, I would like my voice to be heard, to keep the CBJ.
Chaney Uffelman Virginia Everything!
Mike Jones West Yorkshire Why would you want to take one of the few items that Walt directly had a hand in creating out of The Magic Kingdom? People love the show, it holds so many memories for so many people, myself included. CBJ reminds me why I visit Disney Parks; to get an experience I cannot get anywhere else. I can find a movie in a theatre or on a TV, I can’t find the Country Bear Jamboree anywhere else. Please, don’t close such a unique and well loved attraction.
Greg Sully West Sussex Memories of my first visit and subsequent visits, the CB Jamboree was a myst do attraction. It saddened me deeply that the one in Disneyland went. So this treasured attraction that is tributed in the Goofy Movie deserves to remain in the park as it is or it should be removed, it should be relocated to a park hotel, to become part of a heritage park, where these awesome attractions can live on and remain beloved for years to come!
Paul E Sussex A timeless WDW family classic. My parents shared it with me, and I hope to one day share it with my own kids. Should be around forever.
Eric R Pennsylvania Please save The Country Bears!!!
Kristyne Gooden Florida I love that so many Disney Parks fans are so passionate about this attraction, and I appreciate anything that brings this community together.
Wesley Vineyard Georgia A link to Walt Disney and his legacy. One of the last opening day attractions left in the park
Jackson Benight Arkansas It is a symbol of the Disney that I and millions of others grew up with.
Ilona Mayer Florida It brings back some amazing childhood memories especially, ‘y’all come back now, ya hear’.
Maddy Rigby MO Family memories and great songs.
Hannah Smith Florida Growing up I remember my grandparents taking me to the the show. Now, I’m happily with a partner of two years and we make it a point to see the show every time I’m in the park. Being disabled it’s the perfect place to get out of the sun and enjoy some fun. I love the country bears so much that I plan on getting a portrait tattoo of Big Al
Tim Lohr PA It's just a fun show, featuring a very American type of music. I think they messed up the flow of the show a few years ago by cutting out too many parts and rearranging the order of the remaining songs. They ruined the Tiki Room and Journey into Imagination along similar line, but people loved the original versions of those attractions. I think the Country Bears would be more entertaining if it was closer to the original show, but it's still world famous, and a Walt Disney World Original that I would hate to see go. Too much of the original parks are gone already
Tammy Laughlin Alabama I have gone to Walt Disney World numerous times as an adult. However, my childhood memory of being a 4 year old in 1973 is the Country Bear Jamboree (period). I have a very special relationship with this part of the park that I don’t have elsewhere. PLEASE do not erase this precious memory.
Billy Gray West Virginia Good family fun with a bunch of hootin, hollerin, clappin, and stompin if you don’t know what I’m talkin bout then I feel sorry for ya
Michael Sorrentino NJ I hadn't gone to WDW until I was 25, Country Bear Jamboree was the first attraction that made me GET what the park was and has been a must do every time we have visited since. After years of enjoying this attraction, I'm devastated at the possibility at not being able to take my kids to experience the Country Bear Jamboree.
Alexandria Fazio NY literally the entire world
Lupe Navarro California I have going to Disney parks half of my life, 31 years. I love Jamboree, its one the reason I go to WDW. Disneyland no longer has their their show. I am getting piss each time Disney eliminates a 'classic'. Why not put Toy Story in the old Horseshoe Revue site and let the Country Bears stay.
Abby C. California Ever since I first got to see this attraction at Disney World, I took an immediate liking to it that quickly grew to a deep love of the attraction that still holds today, years later. I hoped the day would come that the show would be restored to its former pre-2012 original-length-show glory, not this.. The cute characters, the personalities, the familial banter between the group of them, I've loved it all. It's something there should be MORE presence from, not less! It's their home!
Tom Jake CA Country Bears is a family story for me as it unites generations of stories in my family. I believe both new franchises and Country Bears have a place at Disney Parks but Toy Story already has an entire Land. Have a heart for the Bears and listen to the obvious love from their fans and stop this rumor of an eviction!
Jake Shaw CA After 50 years, CBJ has proven to be a staple and landmark for the Disney experience. Replacing it with an attraction tied to franchises already represented would be a big mistake. Save the bears as they have been a beloved experience for generations. I believe the Bears deserve their original home just as much as any other beloved franchise. If Toy Story continues to entertain people in 25 years, let them stay in Toy Story’s land as both, Bears and Toys deserve to keep their homes. Invest in Country Bear merchandise and a refurb instead and you will see results.
Michael Johnson FL
Chloe Rather Not Say, Sorry! New Jersey I've never seen the bears, but I do know many, many people love them. I'd never EVER want to see them go even though I've never seen them. I really hope they don't go because I know how special they are.
Tara Rojas Texas The Country Bear Jamboree is the most exciting part of Frontierland. I have so many priceless memories with my family and loved ones. We look forward to this event every Disney trip.
Sarah Workman OH It’s clapping my hands with my dad, introducing a very confused husband on our honeymoon and the absolute obsession of my 2 year old. She wakes up telling us about the Country Bears and is determined any future siblings will be named Trixie and Big Al. We watch it at least once every week on YouTube. Country Bears is a show that brings all generations of our family together - the exact reason Walt started his magical parks.
Amber Perry TN It's a pinnacle of excellent early animatronic work for its time.
Kevin Hewitt Pennsylvania A great show that is Walt Disney leave it alone
Cassidy Urban Ohio When I first saw the Jamboree, It was amazing. Now, I wasn't born in the 70s but I got to watch the original show on YT. All, I say is. I hope this doesn't close. Even though, I won't believe them until it HAPPENS. When it does. I'll be fairly dissapointed to see it go and it'll have my disaproval.
Ashley Reese Florida The Country Bear Jamboree is one of my favorite attractions. My partner and I have been planning for over a year to dress as characters from this beloved show for Halloween this coming year. Please don’t take away this show!