Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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FirstLastStateTell us what the Country Bear Jamboree means to you.
Rose Falls Florida It means a lifetime of memories sharing country bears with generations of family
James Rynes Illinois We took my oldest sister to WDW in 1971 and we saw the bears. We have been back many times and we still go to see them It will be a shame if they not there
Greg Radabaugh TX It is part of Walt's original vision of the Magic Kingdom. If current Disney execs want to hype some new(ish) franchise, then build it elsewhere. There is plenty of room at WDW and MK to add new attractions without cannibalizing the old.
Amy McArdle Alabama
LARRY WARDELL East Riding Of Yorkshire Been to The Magic Kingdom on 13 trips from the UK over the last 25 years.....ALWAY go to see the Country Bears! Brilliant!! I really don't think they realise how many "regulars" will be upset if they retire it!!!
Theron Chewning FL The Country Bears are like never know what you're going to experience (a condensed show an animatronic malfunction or maybe perfect show) it's all fun but to not be able to visit the bears would be like losing a family our bears!!!!
Alice Bay Florida I have such precious memories at the park and one of my most loved attraction that I have is the country bear jamboree it would.break my Heart a lot of my family that I spent those memories with are gone I lost them in passing away I wish you would reconsider the motion
Jake Owen N/A The country bear jamboree is a staple of the magic kingdom park and it is one very few shows that has been present in the park since 1971. Disney has been removing classic attractions for the last few years in favour for more IP based ones. This needs to stop.
Brittany Barkasi FL Country Bear Jamboree is obviously an original attraction and should be kept as it is! I love going to see the show and I love knowing it’s an original. You don’t need to add by subtracting. Part of the amazing thing about WDW is the gift of space. Add new stuff, don’t take away something so many of us love.
Sarah Johnson GA This is ine of mg favorite attractions at Disney World. I will be so distraught if it is removed.
kevin Johnson Georgia Hilarious and fun. I love the animatronics and the humor.
Kevin Snow MA Always has been and will be my top 5 attractions at any disney park!
Susan Brooke Texas We used to live in Southern California and went to Disneyland often with country bear jamboree one of our favorites. It's now gone from that park. Last month we went to WDW and took our 1 yr old granddaughter to CBJ. She loved it and so did we and everyone inside it. So many were laughing, singing and clapping along with the characters. PLEASE keep this fun and nostalgic attraction. Not everyone can ride space mountain as they age.
Pete DiSturco NJ Fond memories of my 40+ years in the Park!
Debbie F. Florida Mr. Toad-gone, 20,000 thousand leagues under the sea- gone. Now country bears, you have to keep some of the classic fun and history from the original park. Country bears is still a lot of fun. What's next Tikki birds?
Alysha Goff Louisiana It’s one of my favorite memories growing up loving Disney!!
Marc Garcia Texas Aside from being an opening day attraction, the Country Bears Jamboree fits so perfectly in Frontierland and ties the park back to Walt Disney through Marc Davis.While somemight find it hokey, it embodies family entertainment albeit from a different era. Old doesn't necessarily mean outdated. With continued love and care this attraction will always serve as a reminder of the simpler times that Walt experienced and passes through the generations. If the current regime is dead set on IP attractions let them expand the land and not destroy what has come before.
Charles Murray AR As a multiple-time guest and former Cast Member, I have been a fan of the Country Jamboree for decades. This attraction is a staple of the classic Magic Kingdom attractions and deserves to stay.
Mary Walsh NJ It’s a piece of American history and a piece of My family’s history. We sing and clap along to every show
Ian Schmitt FL The country bear Jamboree has always been an absolute favorite of my entire family. We've seen it so many times that we know forwards and backwards and are often found quoting it from time to time. Losing this beloved attraction would be like losing a loved one and we most definitely don't want to have that happen. Spread them word people. Help keep this beloved attraction around for several more generations
Kelli R PA It’s an original from opening day. So few things are left from the opening day of each theme park. It was horrible enough they took away the Great Movie Ride but now this? There needs to be a place for classic attractions at all Disney parks.
Linda DiSturco New Jersey The Country Bear Jamboree is so important to keep in the MK because Walt Disney had a hand in the concept of this attraction. We need to hold onto some history to the founding of WDW. This is very important to all true Disney fans who hold this park dear to their heart.
Barbara Wetherhold Pennsylvania May 2017 was my husband's last time to visit this attraction. Although he passed away from Alzheimer's in December of 2017, he always talked about this attraction. Great family memories do not take it away from the rest of paying guests. You need memories in order to live a full life
Lucille Lapinski Delaware It is a quaint respite from the crowds for a bit. Even though corny, it is enjoyable. Must everything @Disney be overtaken by high tech?
Robert Horn NY This was once a MUST for me and many others. The show used to be much longer and they used to do summer and a holiday overlay, which way everyone enjoyed it so much. I knew that at some point they would do something like remove it when they started cutting out the overlays and the running of the show. TO PARAPHRASE BIG AL THEY'LL BE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS Long live BIG AL.
Tanya Priest South Carolina My first show I ever saw when I was 10 years old at Disney World. It is one of my families favorites.
Deborah Mitchell AL I have been going here pretty much since they opened. I have brought my children and now my grandchild. My oldest child has passed away and this was one of his favorites. He was wheelchair bound and blind but this was one of the many places where he could laugh. Now when we visit, we get to visit his memories too. Love Disney World. Live this and other classic rides especially. I live new but the classics hold special places in the hearts of those who grew up Disney.
Jon Hubbard Massachusetts This classic show , is always one of my 1st 3 things to do. It just makes me smile, ear to ear, each time I attend the show (at least a 1/2 dozen times per trip)
John Purvis TN In addition to being a favorite attraction of my parents, this show reminds me of my childhood vacations at Disney. It is classic Disney, corny jokes, full on audio-animatronics, and a cool place to spend some time out of the hot Florida sun. This show is integral to the story of Frontierland and the history of the Magic Kingdom. Save the jamboree!
Luke Dixon North Carolina The fact that Chapek is ruining every thing in Disney Parks is extremely disturbing. I get the integration of intellectual properties but Magic Kingdom being one of the most iconic places in the world is not the place to do that. Obviously he has no real connection to classic Disney parks and if this is any further indication of his actions I suggest that he is removed not country bear jamboree.
Mary F Morina NJ Tradition at WDW that is being passed on to generations of us that were once newcomers. Timeless.....heart....plenty of room for new IP.....keep the Bears!
Morgana McIntosh Florida Country Bear Jamboree is a much loved and Iconic experience. I absolutely love going in and seeing everything. The show is wonderful! Please don't take it away!
Terri Stanier FL
Rich Fidler Ohio It’s a show I remember seeing with my father, who absolutely adores that bears, as a young child. Going every time we visit from Ohio (several times a years as out of state AP) reminds me of that time...
Peter Gibbs Ohio It is attractions like the Country Bear Jamboree that keep me coming back to WDW. The CBJ is the heart and soul of Frontierland, and one of the attractions that makes the Magic Kingdom the Magic Kingdom. Its history, theming, uniqueness and charm are so special, that I can't imagine it would even be considered for removal. It truly represents what the Magic Kingdom is (or at least used to) be all about. I have never missed going to this attraction in any of my trips to WDW, and its removal would give me one less reason to look forward to coming back. I remember listening to the soundtrack on cassette tape on my drives to WDW with my parents as a child, and have lovingly shared the attractions with my children over the last ten years. We bring it up quite often in our discussions about WDW, as an attraction the whole family across generations can enjoy and smile just thinking about. This attraction, in my humble opinion, ranks near the top in regards to WDW's history and legacy and should be maintained allowed to continue entertaining future generations!!
Tammy Snyder Florida I’ve been a pass holder for over 20 years and my family grew up watching this show
Michelle Snyder Florida This was my grandmothers favorite thing in all of Disney and she passed away . When I watch the show I feel like she is there with me.
Earl Leonard Jr Upstate New York The country bears have been my child hood since the day I was born which was the summer of 99. When the bears came outside the attraction that would make me feel joyful and when I was sick they actually helped me feel better and that everything is going to be ok. It shows the frontier that Walt Disney meant to show in a fun way for the whole family to enjoy. The jamboree is and everlasting way of showing how country folktale is told. And my favorite character is big al. But they are all awesome cuz they show just how much detail that people have to make the impossible come to life.
Keith Mathews New Jersey One word: tradition. This was one of the attractions that I grew up with. Good music, escape from the heat, and just overall fun. Disney has closed way too many of the classic rides and shows lately. Losing this too would be devastating.
Dave Henry MN I haven’t been to WDW in decades, since I was a small child, but The Jamboree is one of the fond memories that I have of that trip, and something I had hoped to share with my own children as I plan a trip to WDW for three years from now. We have watched Country Bears videos on YouTube and when I heard that it would close before I get a chance to bring my kids to see those delightful bears, I was very sad indeed. Those bears must not go quietly into the night! Save the Country Bears!
Michael Jones MA The CBJ is an opening day classic that directly connects us to one of Walt's last involved projects. I am very fond of memories of this show going back to my first trip in 1987. I have since brought my own daughters to this show. Change is a part of life, but not all attractionsshould receive the same treatment. I respectfully ask that you rethink this decision and instead reinvest in ensuring future generations continue to feel a direct connection to Walt, Roy and all the men and women they entrusted to bring the Disney brand of entertainmento life.
Sandra Schabert FL This has always been my youngest child's favorite attraction for 21 years. (He is almost 22)
Jean Turner Georgia Seeing it with my parents as a child and later with my daughter. It is classic Disney and needs to stay. Thank you
Christina S NJ I always dreamed of bringing my children to see the Jamboree. After struggling for five years to get pregnant, after many miscarriages, my husband and I are finally pregnant with our first child. It was always the happy thought of bringing our children to attractions like the Country Bears that helped us get through the pain. Hearing that this very special attraction is going to close now, at almost 20 weeks is beyond heartbreaking.
Joe Balzani Ny I have been going to WDW since I was a baby. This was on of my father's favorite shows. I have pictures of my from the 80s with the bears. #savethejamboree
Stephen Davis OH A classic, original IP attraction, that resonates with audiences of all ages. A lot of folks go j to the show not knowing what to expect, and end up singing and laughing.
Zach Cicciarelli California I am a professional actor and performer, and I owe that to my love for Disney, specifically the County Bears. When I was a kid, my dad would play me the soundtrack and we would listen to it all the time together. It taught me how to create characters and not be shy, and it was always my favorite thing going to WDW. I am now doing improv shows in Hollywood each Friday night, and I always sneak a Country Bears reference in each performance as a homage. But more importantly than my performing career, CBJ makes me think about my dad and the memories we shared.
Bailey Barker Kentucky Ever since I was little, I’ve been a huge fan of the Country Bear Jamboree. I know all the characters, the shows, the songs, and the overall history of this great attraction. It was really the first ever Disney attraction that I got to learn about. I even own a few pieces of CBJ merchandise. When I was nine, my grandmother actually got me this puppet show stage so that I could re-enact all three of the CBJ shows with the bean bag plush toys that I owned (Still have them too!). Lots of fun memories. The first time I saw the Country Bear Jamboree was in 2002. It was when they had the Christmas Special going on. I saw the Original show in 2005. It was a huge treat seeing the Bears in person. I’ve pretty much been a fan of the Country Bear Jamboree all my life and hearing rumors of the attraction possibly closing just breaks my heart. I love Toy Story as well, but I think all new attractions for those movies should be built in the new Toy Story Land. If Disney does need to do anything with the Bears, how about giving them a fourth Country Bear show with new songs and jokes? I really don’t want the Country Bears to disappear from Disney. This historical attraction is sentimental to me and other Disney fans, and it would be a shame to see them leave their Florida home. Praying for good news soon!
Barb Kranz WI It is a classic that embodies the vision and spirit of Walt and Roy Disney. With all the land that Disney has start expanding instead of destroying original Disney rides.
Jeffrey Dunne British Columbia My first trip to WDW was as a five year old boy back in 1976. The Country Bear Jamboree was my favourite attraction and I immediately fell in love with the zany group of singing bears! I took home a Big Al plush and the official country bear album from that trip and remember listening to that album over and over and over. To this day it is such a cherished memory for me and if we lose this iconic attraction I will be incredibly saddened. LONG LIVE THE BEARS!!
Joshua Gilley Virginia The Country Bear Jamboree has been a staple of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom since opening day. It’s been a major part of my life since I first saw it when I was only seven years on my second trip to Walt Disney World in late 2004. First time seeing the Country Bear Jamboree was back when they still offered the Christmas overlay of the attraction. After seeing the show for the first time I had immediately fell in love with it and when my family took me to Disney World in the summer of 2007 (which was the first time going to WDW outside the Christmas season), I got to experience the original version of the show. Eventually, I had found out that they discontinued the Christmas Special at the end of 2005 holiday season for unknown reasons by the Cast Members. Sometime later I’d found out that not only was there at version of this show over at Disneyland that lasted until 2001, but a Summer overlay too. And it’s bad enough that they shortened the show by several minutes back in 2012 during a two-month long refurbishment. Country Bear Jamboree also has a rich history, it’s the last project that Walt Disney himself personally worked on before he died. Through the years I’ve learned about the history behind CBJ like Walt never saying goodbye is pretty amazing. Anything that Walt himself worked on like Tiki Room, Carousel of Progress, Small World, and Pirates of the Caribbean should be and needs to be kept untouched. While I’m fine with WDW wanting to add 50 new or special offerings in time for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Resort. But removing these iconic bears all together for a Toy Story audio-animatronic marionette show is a bad idea. Considering that Toy Story Land had opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios a year ago and a Toy Story audio-animatronic marionette show would fit perfectly in that land. Disney can update attractions by adding new skin, fur, costumes, and even change the show a little bit, but removing classic attractions like this is too much. Country Bear Jamboree is practically a Disney World time capsule in itself to a simpler period of time and should stay that way. To this day, Big Al, Liver Lips, Wendell, Shaker, and all rest of the gang are like a second family to me and I don’t know what be doing without their type of music or Country music in general. Whenever I go to WDW for two weeks every few years, I see CBJ more time than any other WDW attraction. So many times, in fact when finish watching a showing I immediately go back inside the theater watch it again, and again, again. With so much love for the Bears that includes them on merchandise to even having a special podcast called the Country Bear Collector Shoe for said merchandise. The Country Bears have proven to be iconic and popular by die-hard fans and theme park goers that they can’t be taken away! PLEASE DON’T REMOVE THE COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE FROM WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!
Christopher Hulse South Carolina My father took me to see the Jamboree. It was something that always brought a smile to his face. From the simple jokes to the Country hoedown vibe, he smiled and laughed from beginning to end. Sadly he is no longer here to enjoy the bears anymore(Big Al was his favorite). Whenever I go to the parks I take my sons to see them and it’s like he is sitting next to me one more time. Please don’t take that away.
Joel Jackson TN As a kid growing up in the early 80’s, the Country Bear Jamboree is one of my earliest memories of our many summer trips to Walt Disney World. I was absolutely fascinated by the audio animatronic bears in the show, mesmerized by the tiny details, like “how do the keep the wine from sloshing out of Trixie’s glass?” I remember the surprise of coming back one summer to find the Vacation Hoedown version of the show, loving the new music, even if it included “Rocky Top” (our family were HUGE Alabama football fans, so hearing Tennessee’s Rocky Top playing didn’t sit well with my dad at the time, lol!). Most of all, it was a time that the 5 of us could sit and enjoy an attraction all together, without a parent having to miss the ride/attraction while they sat with one of my younger siblings that couldn’t ride. Could it use a refresh? Maybe, but maybe all it would take is utilizing the 2 other versions of the attraction that have been used at Walt Disney World-much like Tokyo does-to provide a fresh take when guests visit at different times during the year and create new interest. Is it a timeless, classic Disney attraction? Absolutely! The story behind the attraction, Walt’s Last Laugh, makes it an integral part of this happy place. It deserves to stay, be maintained, and loved by management because it connects us to the history of the Magic Kingdom(s) Walt created for families to enjoy. It is an opening day attraction and to see it lost this close to it and the park’s 50th birthday to an IP infusion would be a travesty. I understand that during Walt’s time there were attractions-even whole lands-that were replaced, so I get the “Walt would want progress” argument. But we’re talking about something at Walt’s Florida project, which was supposed to have the blessing of size so it wouldn’t always take bulldozing what’s already there to make way for something new.
Richard McCauley KY please don’t kill our beloved bears! There’s plen-ty of Toy Story stuff to look at everywhere else in the parks.
Christopher Bradberry Texas The music, energy, humor and characters are all part of the bygone era that was Walt’s time. Why can’t we keep this time sacred and leave it alone? If bears isn’t sacred now does that mean mansion, pirates or small world may not be sacred years down the road?? All this just for a buck
Joanne Huard Massachusetts Please keep Country Bear Jamboree. My first trip with my children was in 1991 and this last October I took two of my grandchildren. I still enjoy it every time I see it. And I want to show my other grandchildren the same thing over the next few years. So please keep the Country Bear Jamboree for me and my family and all the families.
Annmarie Russette Michigan First visited this attraction during my very first visit to WDW in 1986. Fast forward 33 years, and my 12-year-old twin boys LOVE this attraction. It is hokey, funny and a classic that should remain. Don’t get rid of an opening day classic!
Anthony Earthen California Missing the Bears in Cali, we make a trip to WDW as often as possible with the primary intent on seeing this and Carousel of Progress. I so wish these attractions remained at Disneyland; but, at least we know they are somewhere. Disney, not every attraction needs the high-tech glitz and intense excitement you may think everyone wants. We need these thoughtful attractions, that fill our hearts and souls, as well as offer entertainment. We are absolutely PLEADING with you to PLEASE, PLEASE keep the Country Bears!
David Bartkowiak NY As a recent Disney Parks convert, I can’t cling to nostalgia or claim to know and appreciate the history of the attraction... but I can damn sure say that I was the most entertained i’ve ever been at any theme park in that show. Grizzly Hall has soul and it would be a shame to see it get cast out for shortsighted gain.
Melissa McCullough NJ It is the first ride my family visits every year. This is a staple of Disney.
Michael Bean New Jersey As one of the few remaining opening day attractions, as well as one of the only true showcases for classic animatronic innovation, the Country Bear Jamboree has more earned a place of prestige in Disney history, and should be preserved not only for its technical accomplishments, but for its representation of the simple age-old American love of the wilderness.
Elvin Quinones California I have always loved this attraction and it broke my heart when Calif removed it from the park I hope that Florida will keep it so when I go on vacation I can still enjoy the country bear jamboree
Michael Cibulka Ontario Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique. As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. I was there in 1971 for the opening. I have enjoyed this group of zany characters every time I visit. However, I feel over the past several years Disney has forgotten its roots. You have been pushing more and more movie tie ins on us. Your vision of the Magic Kingdom is not true to the fans who keep you in business. Do what you want with the other parks. But hands off Walt's Kingdom!!! Improve the show. Spend money on new songs better animatronic figures. Toy Story has been overdone. Whats next getting rid of the Haunted Mansion, perhaps, or possibly changing the castle into something stupid like a giant birthday cake.
Daniel Barkasi FL Ever since I first saw this show when I was a child, I've been enamored with the Country Bears. The humor is timeless and unique. It's Walt's last laugh. It's deeply ingrained in history - both in Disney Parks and classic Americana. It should be a historic landmark, yet, it's still as fun and relevant as ever. And it means so much to so many. Personally, it's a memory I'll forever cherish with my Grandfather, who passed in 2005. This was his favorite attraction, and it became one of mine. Getting rid of it would be spitting on history and the legacy of these parks. An attraction that's original to this park at opening. To remove it is a giant mistake. Bob Chapek seems to not understand history and how important it is to cherish it. Or, maybe he simply doesn't care, which is simply frightening. Please keep this treasure. It deserves to live on.
Alexander Jordan-Smith Florida What the jamboree means to me is the music and the bears and being a fan of the bears of Hollywood for the film I never been to there for the concert and that jamboree but it will be cool to see them
Gregory Galasyn Massachusetts Love this classic Disney attraction, bee coming here since I was a kid!
Liz Moore Ca It's important, Disney is getting rid of it's history, this show is legendary. You have Epocot, keep Didn't World fun ! I don't go to Disneyland anymore cause they are trying to be Universal Studios
Kaitlin Bowen Massachusetts It means the world to my boyfriend and I would hate to see it go.
Genevieve Tondreau Quebec Stability, knowing it’s been there for every trip. Please Disney, stop taking away what makes the magic comes to life. Keep the bears!!
Linda Donovan PA We have been going to Disney World since it opened. First as Newlyweds, then parents, and now grandparents. The Country Bears are a classic. They are a must for our family. We always end up talking about it being one of the few Attractions at park opening that managed to have longevity. Even though Walt Disney said the parks would never be finished because new things would be introduced, some things just don’t need to be replaced.
Joey Kette Florida Country Bear Jamboree is my favorite attraction at the Magic Kingdom. What it means to me is the bears were so cool and talented around Frontierland.
Matt Norris Georgia It's a part of our childhood. It's a nostalgic look at something that Walt himself loved.
Joey Kette Florida Country Bear Jamboree is my favorite audio animatronic show in the Magic Kingdom. I love seeing the bears around Frontierland.
Mark Radell Kentucky It's 1 of the few remaining classics from when Mgic Kngdom 1st opened. Because of this and other reasons almost everybody still loves it.
Samantha Reid Virginia It’s great
Eric Moeller Virginia I like it
Hollie Meyer FL Love the show, the bears, and the music! Life-long Disney fans!
Chris Reid Va A funny and unique show that is great for the family. The classics are an important draw for Disney faithful.
Kyle Frisch OH I love Toy Story and have long thought a Woody's Roundup puppet show would make a great attraction in the theme parks. However, I am absolutely against the removal of County Bear Jamboree for Toy Story. The Country Bears are a Disney World original, and while change at the park is inevitable, something so critical to the history of the park should be preserved. Toy Story is already well represented at the parks, and destroying an icon like County Bear Jamboree would be a terrible mistake and horribly shortsighted.
Kalen Ziegler TX Attractions like CBJ are the reason I love Disney. As much as I love Disney Movies, they're not the reason I go to the parks. I go for the unique, weird, and historical experiences you can ONLY get at the parks like the Tiki Room and Country Bear Jamboree. Closing CBJ takes away a huge piece of history from Magic Kingdom. I know that the parks are ever-changing, but that doesn't mean we should close the beloved attractions. New attractions may draw people to the parks, but the beloved ones keep me coming back several times a year even when there are no new attractions.
Rebecca Vanderbire Wisconsin The Country bears are part of the true essence of Walt Disney World. Disney without the country bear jamboree is like a body without lungs.
Michelle Fedele Florida I’ve been enjoying this attraction since 1978. While I live in Florida now, I lived most of my life in NJ. This has always been apart of my memories of the park. It’s classic Disney! Something to be enjoyed by all generations.
Dave Frisch WI The country Bears is the world to me. I will chain myself to the attraction once this becomes official
John Phillinger PA No bears, no John!
Carol Phillinger PA We love the Country Bear Jamboree! It’s one of the attractions that reminds us of our youth, growing up watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings with introductions by Walt Disney. Why does everything have to be about the new stories and new characters? We still like and enjoy the classic, original stories and films too. In some cases they are much better!
Matthew Hanlon NH This is an attraction that has lots of memories for my family. We have had all three generations of my family enjoy this classic attraction at the same time. It’s also one of those historic attractions that my son and now some of my nieces are becoming more interested in because of its age. This is like the Carousel of Progress or the Tiki Birds. It must stay.
Brian Cohen Nj My family loves the country bears, it is a must do every trip. My 6 year old knows the words to all of the songs
Jackson Records DE The Country Bear Jamboree is a family favorite of ours. The classic music, unexpected humor, and the characters themselves are things we often reference on a daily bases. When we discovered the soundtracks and videos for the other two versions of the show, we only gained more of an appreciation for the history and work put into the show. We actually listen to the Christmas version's soundtrack every holiday season. To me, this show is no different from the staple Disney attractions and should be treated as such. This is one of my top most favorite attractions, and I would hate to see the thing go the way of Great Movie Ride and Universe of Energy.
Claryssa Dunigan Arizona My dad used to take me to the Country Bear Jamboree all the time when I was little and I have so many great memories there.
Juliana Lodi Honofre Sao Paulo Country bear Jamboree means WD history is still alive. Do not erase his legacy!
Brian Callaghan New York I write this as I listen to my Country Bear Vinyl. I last visited the Jamboree in May of 2018, where I went with my parents in their 70's, my brother and his Wofe in their late 30's, me in my mid 20's, and my neice who was 4. We all had an absolute magical time! The Jamboree is a delight, no matter what age you are. It is a uniquely "American" attraction that encapsulates a moment in pop culture history, but transcends the time it was made. It tansports you back to a time when political affiliations wasn't endlessly derisive. The characters are so rich, and the show so well executed, it would be a shame to replace with something more derivative. I believe there is a gross misunderstimation of the revenue and marketing potential of pushing the nostalgia and quality of original IP like this. This attraction is timeless and a joy.
caroline eccles Lancs Please keep the bears! We love seeing them every time we visit, proper old school Disney classic.
George Commander FL As Stock Holder, passholders and DVC members, we have a life long love for the Country Bear Jamboree. Moving intellectual propertys into the parks, to replace true Disney story telling, is not the answer. Stay to the Magic and History of Disney, something need to be left alone.
Carol Schickram New Jersey I remember the first time we saw the bears.It was the year Disney opened. My husband and children loved it. Later my grandchildren loved to see the bears. My husband passed away four years ago. Every time we see the we think of him and how happy the show made him.
Bring Back Jaws FL I think we should focus on bringing back jaws before we start worrying about the CBJ
Andrea Nauss Ontario It’s such classic nostalgia. I love the bears, the music, everything. Especially Big Al, he’s my fave. I see it on every trip and to lose it would be to lose the very heart of Frontierland. Please save Country Bear Jamboree!!
Grace Consonni Connecticut The movie the country bears is one of the first that I can remember going to see in theaters as a kid. I’ve always loved the attraction and I would be absolutely heartbroken to see an original opening day attraction replaced with another IP. Although I do love Toy Story, I love the exclusive original attractions at Walt Disney World more. My only wish is to see more original ideas come into the parks in the future like back in the day.
Jonathon Freeman Utah "It all started with a mouse..." That phrase carries a lot of weight, and with that it means you have to respect the past and remember where you came from. Marc Davis' work inspired me to be a story teller and join the entertainment industry as a character designer and illustrator. The country bears are honestly some of his best work. You're making the world a duller place by removing his influence from the park for something that already has plenty of presence on property. Also, speaking from my MBA's perspective - this is idealogical inbreeding at its worst. Removing anything that isn't "so hot right now" will ultimately homoginize yourself out of existence. You're not even adding anything NEW. If this is the direction you're taking the parks ... then Universal is just going to kick your ass when they open up their next gate. At this rate it's basically going to be impossible for you to release anything that doesn't have a pre-existing franchise attached ... i.e. lack of creativity and innovation. Pirates of the Carribbean wouldn't have been made with this mindset. Thunder Mountain wouldn't have been made. Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World ... In short ... the fact that you're so bloody callous to this whole thing just kinda kills the magic. It's hard to give the benefit of the doubt when you're constantly trying to find new ways to milk customers.
Kristen Lenz Florida It’s one of my favorite attractions at the magic kingdom when you closed mr. roads wild ride I was devastated! Please don’t take away another classic attraction that has been a staple at the magic kingdom for almost 30 years!
Kate L NJ Family, classic, fun attraction. ORIGINAL!!