Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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FirstLastStateTell us what the Country Bear Jamboree means to you.
Justin Humpage Leicestershire Shocked that this is rumoured to go - my childhood memories have been cooling off watching the jamboree. In adult life we always visit this attraction many times in each of our stay. We have also watched the Tokyo Disney jamboree on our visits there. Please do not take it away from us....
Christiana Oatman CA Country Bears is one of my mom's favorite attractions. She was so upset when it was removed from Disneyland, and she particularly loves Big Al. The show is a classic, with adult humor that goes over children's heads, and great audio animatronics and clever music to entertain everyone. Just from a Disney history perspective, it was one of the very last things that Walt worked on before he passed. Please don't disrespect your own history, especially when the 50th is so quickly approaching.
Jeffrey Lee Flaherty Florida Usa
Jeanette Goni California The Country Bear Jamboree is and has been one of the foundation attractions in Frontierland. I remember it fondly as a child and always look forward to see it when I go to the Magic Kingdom. Frontierland would not be the same without it. It is a classic.
Doug Lane Mississippi The Country Bears are classic Disney. I understand updating but some things should be left alone and this is one of them. I remember my grandparents taking me to the show and just 2 months ago I was there with my wife and kids. It is the connection to the things that remain after all these years that make Disney so special. It’s almost like my grandparents are still there (and they would be if they were still alive). I e-mailed Disney after I heard the rumor asking that they not remove the Country Bears. If they want to put in a Toy Story puppet show then put it in Toy Story land because we went there for the first time 2 months ago and were underwhelmed. There is just not enough to do there to spend much time (unless you want to wait in line for an hour or 2 for a very short slinky dog coaster). Maybe if they added the puppet show there where it belongs, the wait times would be a little more manageable and it would be a more enjoyable area. Thanks for setting this site up and I really hope it helps save the Country Bears so my family can continue enjoying them for years to come. Change just for the sake of changing is not always the best idea.
Lisa Cafferty MN This attraction is a classic. It is on of the few remaining opening day originals. Keep this classic alive for generations to enjoy!
Benjamin Morrison British Columbia My parents were engaged on the Mark Twain, in Disneyland. My dad asked for my mom's parent's permission while watching the Country Bear Jamboree, which has made it important for my family. While it was sad to see it leave Disneyland, the original was still there in Florida, and it would be devastating for such an iconic attraction to close.
Donna DiBoni RI I feel the Country Bear Jamboree should not be replaced, as much as I love Toy Story. Like “It’s a Small World” and “Jungle Cruise”, it is a Disney classic in it’s humor and family entertainment style. Magic Kingdom already has the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger ride in Tomorrowland. I don’t feel it is necessary to remove a classic just to add another Toy Story location to sell/promote the new movie. Hollywood Studios has a brand new complete world for that purpose.
Valerie McMartin NY I went to Disney World 3 times with my grandparents as a child. Country Bear jamboree was my favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom. It was unbelievable and magical and if my grandparents had let me I could have sat there all day watching it completely enthralled. Shortly before my grandmother's death, she gave me money and told me to do something I'd enjoy and remember her. At the time, my daughter was 2 and I was pregnant with my son and I told her that I would take the kids to Disney. I took them to Disney World for 4 days and told them about the things that I saw with my grandparents. When we went into Country Bear Jamboree, it wasn't as magical for me as an adult, but it was just as magical for my children as it had been when I was a child. My children did not want to leave the Jamboree. My daughter said that my grandmother was in there with us. Please save the Jamboree. If you need it to be changed and earn money, then it would be an awesome place to sit and eat snacks while watching the bears. Jamboree is the only attraction that I can recall as being in frontierland without looking at the map to see what else is there. It's Disney history. Please save the Bears!
Chris pilz fl save the bears.
Jerry Radley Illinois Dont need new, all the time people come to see different, make memories, remember when kids were 9 years old and mom and dad favorite stop.doesnt have to be no stop fast paced rides. Look at small world tinkerbell and great movie ride. Mr Toad... new and change isn't always better.. relaxing Entertainment
Steven San Filippo NJ This a great musical Animatronic show that is an original Magic Kingdom attraction and should be kept intact for the long-term. Save the Jamboree!!
Mark Huber Pa Classic Disney singing aand humor that people of all ages can enjoy and pass on to next generation
Jeff Labriola NJ It’s WDW!!! A must keep attraction,
Christopher Nichols Fl The Country Bear Jamboree is a Classic Walt Disney World Attraction. It reminds me of my childhood. It is a way for me to connect with my son. The Jamboree simple entertainment. Pure family fun.
Ana Mascia New York Please,please don’t close the jamboree. It’s one of the classic disney attractions still left. It means innocence and family to me. It’s simple and sweet, like children. We don’t need more fast rides or special camera/ video magic. We need tactile, imagination. It brings comfort. Please don’t close the jamboree!
Ryan M NJ This is an iconic park original that I see on each of my visits to Walt Disney World. It would be a shame to see it go.
June Kramer OR I love the attractions that are staples in Disney park history. So please keep this attraction and do a toy story attraction elsewhere!
Mick Brown NY Generations of memories, laughter, and nostalgia.
Jacqueline Alicea Fl I saw the show with my grandparents and now i want my son to go with his
Paul McCabe PA In a single word: tradition. As theme parks compete for more advanced technology and thrills, removing such classics as the Country Bears or the Enchanted Tiki Room takes away a piece of Walt Disney himself. The challenge is for the imagineers to find a way to bring the interest back to these original masterpieces.
Donna H New York The jamboree brings back memories from family visits as a kid in the 70’s. Needs preservation for future generations.
Jennifer Hall FL It’s a classic
Elizabeth W FL This attraction has help to bond our family across three generations. Grandparents and grandchildren smile and clap hand in hand. It is a must-do each time we go to MK. In fact, in the youngest, it has sparked an interest in engineering and the history of audio-animatronics and Walt's history. Please don't take this little jewel of happiness away
Shari Race Colorado Every time we went to Disneyland when I was a child this was always one of our stops. Was so sad when it was removed for winnie the pooh. I was so excited when I went to Disney World for the first time in 2015 to see the Jamboree show again after so many years. This would truly be a loss.
Ana Quinelato - As a conservative it’s history should be presented
Eduardo Z. Quinelato São Paulo The country bear Jamboree is an attraction that represents the legacy and history of the Walt Disney corporation. From the connections to Mineral King to its closer in Disneyland. Personally i never understood the jokes in such show ,but in times of danger and fear that I write about it’ Importance. It is a duty to conserve what has led you [disney] to , I hope such disaster doesn’t happen ,after all...
Kristen Dyer Rhode Island The Country Bears are a must-do on our multiple trips per year. It's wonderful experiencing an attraction that was original to the park. Big Al is spectacular and I wouldn't change a thing! Replacing the Country Bears is an abomination!
Sara Hyink FL
Candice Mccurdy Il Memories I have seeing it with my parents and taking my own kids who are adults now to see it. I still love it and we need that kind of nostalgia to remind us of the good old days and the original real Disney experience.
Ian Michalski NY Removing the Country Bears would be to remove the soul of the Magic Kingdom. What happened to the days when executives were afraid to show the fans that they are in fact soul-less money grubbers?
Alison White South Carolina This is a staple that we have gone to since I was born. My kids love it too!
Brandon Chavis SC It’s such a wonderful classic Disney attraction. It would be a shame to lose such a great attraction and a huge piece of Disney history that Walt actually had a hand in!
Adam Handley The Jamboree itself is one of the last projects Walt worked on personally before his death in 1966, it was originally meant to be used as a show for a proposed Ski lodge, but plans fell through and it was reworked for theme park use. I do not wish this to be closed, because it is one of the original opening day attractions and it is still a favorite among families today!
Joe Marincic Ohio Have gone to the Country Bear Jamboree every trip since 1981. Our son was 19 months old at the time . He was singing the Little Buford song when we got home.
Melanie Steeeman South Carolina My husband and I love Country Bear Jamboree. Please don't close it, get rid of Toy Story. It's stupid.
Richard Jocz TX It is just fun. An AC rest haven that is cute and funny. It was there for my first visit to the Magic Kingdon and there for my daughter, my wife and I to enjoy for over thirty year. Yes, it is kind of kitschy, but that is the charm.
Brandi Marlowe LA It means pure joy and entertainment. It’s my childhood. It’s Disney World. It’s where adults and children can have fun together.
Kathryne Barrow Tennessee The Country Bear Jamboree is one of my fondest childhood Disney memories. My mom took me to Disneyland in 1973, and it was such an instant hit, I went home with the record album! This attraction should be given a place in the “Disney Historical Register”, and if there isn’t one, there should be. Please don’t break the hearts of all children aged 2-102.
Graham French London This is an iconic Disney classic -Why take it away
John Leopold Pennsylvania Its the show i remember as a kid. And now as an adult. My mom withch is disabled and forgets allot of things but remembers the country bears. Ever time we go she has to see it at least 3 to 4 times. I'm ok with that. If they get rid of it she & i will be devastatied. Save the bears.
Nancy Blum Michigan Our first trip to WDW in 1978 included a stop at the Country Bear Jamboree with our 2 1/2 year old daughter and her grandparents. It soon became the favorite of her Papa. We have continued this tradition over the twenty times in the last forty years that we have been going with our family. Although Papa has passed, his memory is with us when we clap and sing at the Jamboree. Please don’t take this away from us
Justin Carr New York Me and dad love to have a wild and wooly good time every year since 1990
Adele Kelly PA It was one of my favorite attractions when I went to Disney World at the age if 5. Then it became my twin boys' favorite when they were 4. We want to take our youngest in 2 years when she is 4. I want her to see the country bears and love like we did.
Janet Weathers South Carolina Love going there over the years! Been going since Disney World Magic Kingdom opened. My children and grandchildren have always made sure to see it. My 7 year old grandson cried when he heard about CBJ closing. PLEASE leave the things Walt wanted in MK alone. Find a new spot for Toy Story show.
Neil Herrmann NJ
Jaime Young Florida It is one of the only attractionscthat i have to see and do each and everytime i come to the park. It needs to stay
Carson frisch WI It is a classic and I’d hate to see it go
jonathan Fernandez fl make a new water park expansion
David C British Columbia It makes absolutely no sense to celebrate the 50th anniversary by removing a 50-year old attraction. It's a classic and I always go to see it!
brittney Thompson CA People of all ages go to Disney parks because there is something to do for every age and generation. By taking out attractions like this, you are catering towards a specific group of people, but not to all which I don’t believe is the will of any of the founding imagineers/Walt himself.
Jason Todd N/A Country Bear Jamboree has always had a place in my heart. It was the first place I went with my parents, and both has since passed. The show is funny and original, and makes me remember the time I first went.
Aiden McLaughlin Pennsylvania One of my favorite experiences at the Walt Disney World resot. It’s in my top 5 favorite things in Disney and it brought in so many generations the building next door was all full of people for the first months and years
Jack Paul Beeson KY I have been going to Walt Disney World since 1978. There is never a trip to WDW that we don’t make a visit to see the country bears. As one of the last things Walt was involved with, it would be a real shame to see it gone.
Leslie Whitten SC This is iconic, historical Disney. It is heartwarming and irreverent, and it is an absolute must do every time I'm in the park. More than any of the attractions we have lost, this would be really heartbreaking to lose. Please don't add more cheap, merch grabs. There is enough Toy Story in the parks.
Grant W SC
Dawn H VA Country bears are classic Disney-some attractions are the ones you immediately think of when you hear “Disney world”, and the bears qualify. It is also a unique attraction-no other like it. It gives the feel of the hoop de doo musical review for those who can’t get to the dinner show. If they feel the need to remove an attraction, I would suggest jungle cruise. While it may be an original, there is a similar and even better experience with the safari at animal kingdom.
Kimberley Dewar Ontario I have very few memories of my first trip to Disney as a small child. The most vivid ones are of Country Bears Jamboree and Tiki Room. It has always been a major part of my trips to Disney as an adult. To see it close would be heartbreaking.
Chad Mang Ohio I’m 31 and when I was 5 I saw the Jamboree, it’s was purely magical and elicits belly laughs galore. This May I was able to share my love for the country bears with my own 5 year old son. The joy and wonderment in his eyes and heart were enough to bring a tear to my eye. Please don’t take this time honored tradition from its adoring fans. Please.
O B TN Its a staple disney attraction and it's absence will not at all go un-noticed
Elizabeth S NJ To me, It is a peace of Walt. A living testament to his mind.
Madeleine Hernandez FLORIDA It represents my childhood. It represents America to me. It's part of America that elitists want to sweep under the rug and make disappear.
Gail Dietz New York As one of the opening day rides I saw it as a child during my trips in 1972 and 1974. It has been a great joy to take my family on it each during our Magic Kingdom day which is my favorite day of the year. And the original attractions are still my favorites because they are unique.
Anthony Mustacchio New Jersey The Country Bear Jamboree was not only a project of Walt himself, it’s a show and experience that is uniquely and quintessentially “Disney.” To remove that to introduce more IPs into the parks would only show that the company cares not for the parks as a special entity, but just another piece of a conglomerate looking only at the bottom dollar than the experience of the guests. The parks do not need to be a commercial for your movies, and they never were meant to be.
Chris Swan Clackmannanshire Normally only see this at Christmas, I've been watching it for almost 30 years, I know want my son to experience it, mostly thru the year now rather than Christmas. This is a classic, give it a refurb on the lights and sound, but do not destroy it. Please.
Sarah Weinberger CA Maybe because I had my childhood in the 70s or just because of my personality, but my 2 favorite attractions at Disney and why Disney made a special place in my heart was Country Bear Jamboree, Carousel of Progress, Haunted House, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I love bluegrass music and country. Additionally, one of my favorite shows used to be Grizzly Addams, a show about a bear. I also do not tolerate roller-coasters. Country Bear Jamboree (CBJ) really is one of my favorite attractions and a must stop on my last two times to Orlando. Disneyland has since gotten rid of CBJ, Carousel of Progress, America the Beautiful, old Disney Skyliner, and being shrunk down to an atom attractions, in short my favorites. Disney already has enough Toy Story attractions. The need to modernize and keep pace with newer intellectual properties for the younger generation should be not be at the expense of where Disney parks came from and its heritage. CBJ is Disney animatronics at its finest and does remind me of Walt. Please save CBJ.
Rob C NJ Millions of smiles and family memories!
Rob C NJ Countless family memories
Elwood Leguillou CA It's a legacy attraction part of the essence of Magic Kingdom's stability
Dustin Dicristo NJ Its my most nostaligic part of the Magic Kingdom. My parents came to disney on their honeymoon and introduced me to the CBJ As a kid. I loved it so much I even had the CBJ album on vinyl. I have passed this love to my kids and hoped to do so with my grandkids someday. Please leave CBJ alone and build a new show somewhere else
Andrew Horberry Ontario We loved it so much, we bought the LP! Nearly 40 years on from my parents taking us to WDW for the first time, we still talk about the Country Bear Jamboree (and the other classic Magic Kingdom - for that is all that existed then - attractions). We're revisited the CBJ so many times since - it creates so many happy memories!
RICHARD HATON Florida Its memories. The humor is wholesome and references to Davy Crockett are awesome
Jessica Karageanes North Carolina The Country Bear Jamboree is a landmark at Magic Kingdom. My family loves coming to see the bears every time we visit. It's one of the main attractions my grandfather loved and he passed that love on to my mom. She passed it on to me and my siblings who are passing on the tradition to our 5 children. Please save the Jamboree! Magic Kingdom just wouldn't be the same without it.
Chris Zuest OK Country Bear Jamboree is more than a show, it represents family memories that were started when our kids were in the 6th and 4th grades, now they have kids of their own and want to share those same memories. Disney isn't taking a way a show they are taking away memories. I can list dozens of memories that have been stripped from our family (Adventurers Club). Please respect the past while making room for the future, AND always remember it all started with a mouse...
Todd Merrick FL It is a classic. It is unique. Toy Story show would be a great addition to Toy Story Land. Let’s try to keep something original.
Linda Briel Ga One thing I visit every trip. Not everyone wants fast and loud!!!!
Stephen Schuck NJ Country Bear Jamboree is iconic Disney. It is part of the heart and soul of the Magic Kingdom park, and to remove it would cause a portion of the magic to fade away.
Jeff Bakst FL Grew up with it
Ashley Jackson Tennessee I was not able to visit WDW until I was an adult, but I have adored the Country Bear Jamboree from the first time I experienced the attraction. In learning the history of the attraction, it became that much more important to me. I can’t imagine removing “Walt’s Last Laugh” from our US parks - especially when WDW is the original Country Bear Jamboree. This attraction is a classic and while I know Disney is coming out with wonderful new IPs every year, I think it’s extremely important to cherish those attractions that are such an integral part of Disney history. Our family loves this attraction and we will be heartbroken if it is removed and replaced.
Hannah Wynne Florida I have only been a pass holder a total of 2 1/2 years, but even at the times I have visited the magic kingdom as a non-ap, the country beat jamboree has always been one of my favorites. It’s cute, funny, has air conditioning, and is overall just entertaining and I love the step back into the classes Disney times. It would break mine and many hearts if it was closed.
Jesse Edwards North Carolina "The Country Bears" isn't just a historical piece of Walt Disney World history, but an important pieceof the annals of Imagineering and the Walt Disney Company as a whole.
Stacey York MD I have so many memorieswith my grandparents on my 1st visit as a child. Then as an adult who took the youngest cousin because there were no grandparents to do so as with the rest of us kids. For the last 12 years, taking my daughter and sharing the classics with her. We are a multigeneraltional Disney family who loves the classics and don't want to see them constantly changed with the 'in the moment fad' attraction. To hear this (still entertaining attraction after seeing it 99 times!) may be closing to yet another Toy Story attraction is heartbreaking and aggravating.
Matthew Flynn CA Disney humor and family vacation
Lorie Sampson Massachusetts It’s an original it needs to stay Walt wouldn’t want it to close I saw it back in 1976 and I love that it’s still there
Matthew Flynn CA Classic Disney family fun and humor
Brian Van Ness TX The Country Bear Jamboree stands for what Disney was meant to be. There are attractions that should be labeled as legacy attractions and should be immune from being marked for closure. The Disney magic is becoming less and less potent with every rumor that there will be closures. The Stitch attraction won't be missed, but Country Bears is everything Disney should be past, present and future.
Diana Stebbins Florida I’ve been going to WDW since the very beginning. Country Bears quickly became a family favorite. Years later when I became a Florida resident, my children added to family already in love with this attraction. As an Annual Passholder we frequent the parks a lot and ANY visit to MK includes Country Bears. It’s also nostalgic for me because Country Bears and Smallworld were her most favorite attractions. After she passed I love going to these and remembering her enjoying them so much. I can recite almost every line and sing every song. I will be devastated if they take this iconic attraction away.
Bernadette Daroca CALIFORNIA It means Americana, history good feelings folksy what Walt was about
Matthew Pavlik Illinois
Jonathan Childers Tennessee CBJ means the world. The more and more these next generations are smothered in IP, the more I'm worried they will think more of "Disney" as a made up corporate name, rather than the actual man it was named for. The Bears are one of Walt's and WED's best attractions. It has heart, whimsy and was known as "Walt's last laugh." It was one of the final attractions he had input into. That reason alone should make it safe for future generations (along with Carousel of Progress and the Tiki Room). I want my future kids to see this and love it just as much as I did. Unlike a lot of today's IP, it is indeed timeless! As a kid who was slow to get into thrill rides, CBJ was a blessing. It gave me a deeper appreciation of Walt, the person, as well as his shows like CoP and the Hall of Presidents. It makes no sense to take this show out when celebrating 50 YEARS of the Magic Kingdom. Honor this classic! Spruce it up! Bring back Vacation Hoedown and the Christmas show! Save the Jamboree!!
Jennifer Piehl Mn I love this show/Attraction and see it at least once per visit. It could use a small makeover but please don't take it out! It's a part of history like a historic register building, you should not be removing any more Walt Disney designed attractions. They can be updated but never removed.
Chris Wade CA Honestly, getting rid of this would be getting rid of what should be a historical and cultural landmark. And yes, I have every intention of working towards making the Country Bears a historical landmark to prevent this from ever occuring. It is by all reports the last attraction Walt ever mentioned, it is ingrained in our cultural in various ways, including movies and TV shows that aren't even made by Disney. It is an opening day attraction at Magic Kingdom One of the few animatronic shows to remain and overall a great show (although it was better before the length was shortened and I would like to see historical status require it to be returned to its original glory AND require at least the Christmas overlay to return each year). We don't need more Toy Story or other IPs, we need more original theme park ideas along with IPs. Seriously, there is more than enough land to build another theater without closing this one on Frontierland if that is what you really want to do, but please let's stop getting rid of the old simply because it is old. Country Bears is almost always fully packed whenever I go, except during the fireworks or after hours events, but everything is pretty empty at those times.
Jared Zimmermann Iowa Half of the reason I come to Disneyworld every year is the nostalgia. This is a very big part of my childhood and part of the reason I’m an annual passholder.
Victoria Rduch Texas Must-read show on all trips. For practicality, a great place to rest tired feet, escape Florida heat, and dry off on a rainy day. If this attraction actually show ed up on the Wait Times page of the app (like similar shoes Philharmagic and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor), maybe more people would know about it and enjoy it as my family and I do. For those who value park history, why get rid of an original WDW attraction that people love and enjoy?
Chris Porto NJ The country bear Jamboree is a perfect show to enjoy and I always love seeing it.
Chris Sosa Ca Stop ending beloved Disney traditions!!!! Although I am yet to visit Disney World, Disneyland means a great deal to me. I have seen so many traditions go away to be replaced by quick fixes. I loved the Country Bears from the time I was kid and as an adult. I was very sad to see it go away and be replaced by a poor dark ride. STOP!!!! That is is why Disneyland and Walt Disney World are so loved. The deep traditions that began so long ago by Walt Disney.
Leila W MD My family and I go to Disney World every two years and it is a trip that truly brings us together as we all grow older. Most of all, every visit we make a point of visiting the Country Bear Jamboree. Every time we watch the show, my brother laughs louder than I’ve ever heard him laugh in a Disney attract traction and my parents react similarly. We all end up leaving the show in even higher spirits than when we entered. This attraction, for my family at least, encapsulates the joy and happiness Disney brings to me and my family. Country Bear Jamboree, Magic Kingdom will lose one of its last gems of classic Disney magic.
Kate Lipa MD It's a tradition to listen to the full show audio on the trip to WDW every year. The Bears are over if my family's favorite attractions and the story behind it and link to Walt and his legacy is irreplaceable.
John Castro Kentucky My fathers favorite....I know all the words to every Song!
Dakodah McCurdy Illinois The Country Bears have always held a special place in my heart at Walt Disney World. It's been there as long as I've been alive, literally. I was born in 1988, and every time I've gone it's been one of my favorite shows. It's also one of the last things Walt Disney worked on, and it's a Marc Davis designed show. We honestly don't need a Toy Story themed puppet show in Magic Kingdom. Hell, put the the money meant for that puppet show into fixing and updating Space Ranger Spin. That ride needs it, and bad.