Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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Yves S. Some things are sacred and timeless as I believe Country Bear Jamboree is. I think it is as special today as it was in 1971. I'm sure children today would enjoy it as much as I did as a child. Maybe they should make a feature movie about the bears and they would already have an attraction in place. I hope this doesn't come to pass as I would love to bring my grandchildren to see the bears and I'm sure they would love it as much as I do.
Mia . Hi guys, To say I'm devastated over this would be an understatement. I am 14 years old and Disney World is hands down my favorite place on this Earth. I've been five times with my Mom, Dad, and Sister and couldn't be happier about it. Every time we enter the Magic Kingdom we go to the Jamboree at least two times. Every year I look over and see true biggest smiles on my family's faces, and know that mine looks just the same. If I would have known this might happen I would have visited it more. I would've said goodbye to my favorite attraction. Now I never will. Chapek, if you're reading this I'm going to ask you to please reconsider. Walt wouldn't have wanted this. The trail of broken hearts you will leave behind will stretch for miles, even if you think no one cares. You can't just throw away an attraction that I would love to take my kids to someday. I dreamed about telling them about all of the beloved memories I have had in the auditorium with my family. And you're planning on replacing it with a marionette show. A marionette show. Sorry to those I offend, but that is just downright disrespectful. You think that a marionette show is worth more than out favorite singing bears?? If you really must have your show, Chapek, at least put it in Toy Story land. It's not that much to ask, really. My favorite part of this article is when Corless says, "Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears." This is true Disney, and it breaks my heart that some people want to tear it away from us. I hope you all can stand with me, and find truth in my comment. Love Mia
Brandon . I think they should start a 5th park at Walt Disney World. Call it Walt Disney World Classics. Instead of deleting these attractions permanently, move them over to this 5th park.
Kathlyne N. I feel that this is quintessential Disney and shouldn't be removed. We should be honoring the man that made Disney even possible and be trying to keep his presence and memory alive in the Disney parks. New is good, but sometimes you have to keep the "oldies but goodies". This is an attraction my dad grew up with, I grew up with, and pray to raise my children with. Keep Disney, Disney and don't always try to catch an extra dollar. He wasn't about the bottom line he was about the enjoyment of the families and their experience at the parks.
Don . Toy Story does not fit Frontier Land. Leave Country Bears alone!
Mir . This is too sad. I love country bear jamboree and the christmas version of it. When I was 4 we went to Disneyland and it was one if my grandpa's favorite attractions. Right up there with it's a small world and the tiki room. I remember the feeling of disappointment taking my son to Disneyland for the first time and realizing it was no longer there. So when we took out first trip to Walt Disney world and found it still operating I was way too excited. It continues to be one of the first and last things we do when visiting www. Please dont take it away. While I love woody and buzz there are other attractions where they can be found. Country bear jamboree is unique and special and loveable. Its attractions like this that make disney so much more than places like universal. I truly hope the rumors aren't true.
Jonathan C. Right or wrong Disney is going to do what Disney Corp says. Yes this is wrong, sure it's old but show it to a three year old and remember. That is called nostalgia. I have seen so many changes since 72, many amazing as the park grew. Was that not the intention to have space to grow WDWResorts. Yes I will write both Ca and Fl of my displeasure and they will write back with perfect logic why this must happen. But is it not time to introduce the the fifth land. Yesterland. Pandora can't compete with Harry P down the hyw but what can compete with nostalgia plus some added benefits of rides only offered in the far east. Yes I'm thinking of Julies Vern in China instead of a lagoon 20000 leagues. I wish Disney could keep the feelings of adventure I had a live. My children ' s memory of Figment is defferent to their children's. I can only guess that my grandchildren will fondly remember puppet Andy when its closed for the newest futuristic thing. Thanks for the rent, tears.
Daniel B. Bob Chapek makes Paul Pressler look like a saint. To destroy an original attraction so iconic in and of itself is deplorable. To replace it with something so run of the mill and dull lacks respect for history and what the parks are about. Chapek needs to go. He views the park are a merchandising front and nothing else. Whatever needs to be done to try to save this, sign me up. I've had enough. Honestly, traveling to Japan is a lot cheaper than most people think. OLC knows Disney better than Disney does, and their output shows it. Go to those parks. They deserve a hell of a lot more support than the domestic ones do. Tom, thank you for your passion and your honesty. You're one of the few around who truly get it. You have my unwavering support, sir.
Christine . I love the bears! Their humor and sarcasm is adorable. Don't let them disappear.
Diane S. I really hope that this rumour doesn't happen, I'll be gutted if they take a way the country bears!! They're one of my favourite attractions! This isn't just resistance to change, or new things, but a real love of this specific attraction!! Newer is not always better, classics are classics for a reason.
Keegan . This is annoying. I hate this push of kill the old and replace with modern disney IP. Just expand the parks with this stuff. Honestly, the number of attractions left that I like that aren't covered in IP marketing is so few, I feel that in a few more years there won't be anything of my childhood trips left worth seeing.
Art V. I want to say something here but I'm speechless right now. I want to rant and rave about how horrible Mr. Chapek is and how angry I am about this. But I also feel so sad right now this is our childhoods they are destroying my parents childhoods and my grandparnets childhoods. even my great grandfather saw the country bear jamboree before he passed. His name was Al so of course, he had to buy a Big Al Plush to take home with him back in the 1970s. But more importantly, I will never be able to take my future children or their children to see so many great Disney Icons including the Bears. I know we'll always have a video to show the future generations but that's not the same as sliding all the way down to make room for everyone. I feel so many feelings right now not just about this but the future of the Disney Parks. As a former cast member and more importantly as a Guest I can't help but wonder when all this pain will end and someone with some character and honor will step in and end this greed and madness. Sorry for ranting I really just needed to get that out. Keep up the good work Tom.
Amanda . No no no. Stop taking away the things we love. I don't mind the changes to the other parks, but leave the magic Kingdom alone!!
Matt . If this is true, we are losing a loved one. This one hurts. Classic Disney laid to rest. I wish we had a chance to stop in on our last trip, it would have been nice to say good-bye.
Georgia . Oh how sad! Walt must be crying in his grave! Why say good-bye to this iconic show when instead Disney should be updating and improving this silly ole group of bears plus others. We are making plans for being there for the 50th anniversary and the Country Bear Jamboree is always on our list of must dos. If you close it down thank you for another round of disappointment from someone who scrimps and saves just so my son and I can have a nice/fun filled vaca. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE COUNTRY BEARS JAMBOREE AWAY FROM US WHO LOVE IT AND FROM THOSE THAT ARE WAITING TO BECOME FANS..... Thank You so much for listening and hopefully caring.
Nancy D. If WDW gets rid of Country Bear Jamboree, I will CRY!!!! It's such an iconic attraction.
Phoebe L. This cannot happen. I live in California and I remember how gutted I was when our Jamboree left. If they want to build a new Toy Story attraction they need to do it somewhere else. Disney World is huge and they don't need to get rid of classic rides to put in something new. The Bears are a wonderful, funny show and I personally would be willing to drive across country just to see them again. Closing them forever is the equivalent of closing the Mansion, the Tiki Room or It's a Small World. Please don't do this. The Country Bears started at Disney World, let them stay there even if you'll never bring them back to Disneyland.
Ken R. I have to admit that I feel like a hypocrite as I write this. We often skip the Country Bear Jamboree when we visit the Magic Kingdom so how can I say, with a straight face, that they should not replace this attraction? I suppose that there is a comforting feeling walking by it and knowing it was there when I first visited WDW in 1974. But I suppose that because of people like me, they feel they have no reason to save it. Heck they replaced Snow White, Mr. Toad, 20,000 Leagues (which would be awesome using today's technology), and many more, so why not replace it? But it does make me feel bad. I have to agree with this article on so many points. It Its truly mind boggling as to why they shut down rides and replace them when they have so much property. They sure have milked the Toy Story franchise. More so than any other I think. With only 3 attractions in Toy Story Land a fourth (even a 5th and 6th) could easily be green lighted. I hate seeing some of the classics disappear and do hope they leave the Haunted Mansion, Tiki Room, and the many other non IP rides alone. There needs t be a balance between IP and non IP rides. That said, I think it would be great (and long over due) to expand Frontier Land, add attractions, and try to reconfigure it so that it no longer dead ends. One of the worse "traffic jams" occur there. Looping it back to Fantasy Land would be a so helpful. And since I'm commenting on attractions, when are they going to finally do something with Journey Into Imagination with Figment? This horrid version has been due for a remake for well over a decade and has to be one of the worse attractions in all of WDW (my opinion). To watch them shut down the Great Movie Ride, Snow White's Scary Adventure, and many others while leaving that one alone is mind boggling.
Cyndi B. It would be really sad to lose classic. I can't say we do the show every time we go but it is cute and silly, and yes, a tradition to pass on to your kids. I don't think they need more toy story either. Did they ever hear of "too much of a good thing"? Hopefully this rumor doesn't come true.
Chris . I am still bitter about the removal of the Country Bears from Disneyland after almost 20 years. On my first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 2016 I was delighted to find this attraction still existed, and in it's almost original form (I had only ever known the Vacation Jamboree version). I get that Toy Story is a money maker, and it is a convenient tie in for Toy Story 4, but for the love of everything holy, please stop replacing everything original with IP nonsense. I shudder to think of what they replace our Enchanted Tiki Room with. My money would be on Frozen, because having the musical at DCA is probably not enough and following Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven's continuing "adventure" would fit right into Adventureland (said sarcastically).
Brian B. I couldn't agree more. This latest trend in Disney's M.O. has convinced me to make our next trip to Disneyworld, which we have already booked for September, our last.
Cassandra M. I know it's a rumor, but this is one that really concerns me. I'm beyond devastated that this is a possibility. I share the same opinions as written here, honestly. I used to LOVE Toy Story, but now it oversaturates everything and now I would NEVER buy anything related to the franchise as both a boycott and a slaughtering of my interest in it. And the new land at studios was extremely disappointing (The TS section at All-Star Movies does it almost the same but better theming wise, imo. Or if they had just left TS Mania to be the only thing where it's oversized toy themed). If you're supposed to "be" a toy, why is the statue of Woody so big that he's essentially human sized? And additionally he also walks around and is as big as us and the green soldiers? Why a fourth movie? Why does everything have to be so unoriginal (I'm looking at you, constant CGI remakes)?? The most lasting, classic parts of Disney are mostly original ideas. Even the older IP based attractions have depth and heart and a uniqueness to them. Newer IPs feel like an ad done as cheaply as possible. Frozen Ever After, for example, has SO much empty space. The set/prop design for that ride is honestly pathetic. I love Frozen and the soundtrack, I don't hate everything new Disney does, but the quality just isn't there anymore. Focusing a budget on theming that gets old fast and only building 2 new rides in each land (Pandora, TS, Galaxy's Edge) is a trend that I don't even understand. As a local to WDW, these newer rides rarely have as much repeatability as something like country bears or carousel of progress or haunted mansion. Some of these older attractions have much more detail, scripts that become more familiar and unifying "in-jokes" the more you re-ride, depth, and care put into them. The passion shines through. Every time I visit Country Bears, it's not just me and my husband singing along. There are always a mixture of huge fans and new comers. I saw a mom take her 3ish old daughter and the girl was singing and dancing to the show, and it made me excited for when I have kids and I can show them what I grew up loving. Older attractions sometimes call for updates, but not necessarily execution. Country Bears is so great right now with the fairly new skins on the animatronics and better sound quality and such. I even understand why they shortened the show years ago. But it didn't take away the heart of something that is SO historically significant. The "last laugh" story is something I often think about when watching the Bears, and it makes me feel connected to the past AND to other like-minded people. The park should grow and change, but that does NOT mean that every attraction has to die. They have the room. Make Woody's Round-up a classic dark ride in toy story land. Now THAT I would be excited for. It would make the land feel fuller, be an original story line, and be an option for small kids or those easily nauseated to visit the land and not be completely disappointed. TL;DR Country Bears still draws a crowd, is historically significant while being a super fun time, and made with obvious heart and passion. The Woody's Round-up should be a dark ride to fill out the empty boring-ness of Toy Story Land
Johnny C. No. No, no, no, no, nooooooooooo! Ok Mr. Chapek, I've had enough. I've had enough of your IP loving, short-sighted, marketing over creativity self! Are IP's evil? No. They have their place here and there. Again, the "blessing of size." Build new, don't just replace. But to slowly but surely strip away the very soul and essence of Walt's and WED's creation in exchange for flavor of the next few years' IP is intolerable! The Disney parks were built on the foundation of ORIGINAL, CREATIVE stories and characters. The reason so many people keep coming back to the parks is not just for the next brand new shiny thing. They come back because of beloved originals like Country Bear Jamboree, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, The Enchanted Tiki Room (remember how "Under New Management" worked out??), Jungle Cruise, Small World and so on! They are generational! I mean, just the RUMOR of touching things like Small World sets off a firestorm. Why? Because attractions like that, so lovingly made by Walt and his talented Imagineers, have a ton of heart and are the identity of Magic Kingdom/Disneyland. Just look at the reaction towards the removal of Stitch's Great Escape! While there were some that grumbled it was going away, overall the majority were fine with it. Why is this? Because it was an IP based overlay with little heart or soul to it. And that's saying something because people really like Stitch in general. Disney, if you remove something like Country Bears from the Magic Kingdom, you are going down a slippery slope. You're taking away a foundation stone and your "house" is going to become unstable. I know it's hard to see that right now as you're packing out your parks and pushing attendance numbers through the roof, but if you slowly but surely start removing what makes the Magic Kingdom, well...magical, then those crowds will start to taper off. It may not show at first, but it will happen, because what will there be to invest in? What will bring a kid back decades later with his own family and kids? For me, it was things like the Carousel of Progress and Jungle Cruise, and COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE. That's what I want my kids to experience. Those are the attractions that stick with you and define "Disney." It's sad that the Oriental Land Company seems to know Disney better than Disney knows itself...
Carlos . WDW already got rid of Mr. Toad, now this... what will be next? Pixar's Haunted Mansion? As you say, they have plenty of space. Stop replacing attractions and better build actual new rides.
Debbie . Well, this wasn't exactly how I wanted to start my week, my Monday, or my summer off! I am deeply saddened and a tiny bit angry about this. Can we PLEASE have one classic attraction untouched? I could not agree MORE with the last two paragraphs of this article. DO. NOT. TOUCH our bears. Classic and pure Walt. My family adores this show, and we are peacefully asking that it not be removed for yet one more touch of the "new!
Ben . Oh man, I hope not! I love the County Bear Jamboree. It feels like classic Disney, and every time I got, the audience is hardcore and sings and claps along with every song. I would miss this attraction a ton!
Donald W. Utterly disheartening. It is with deep sadness that I read this posting today. As someone who's parents took him to the WDW Resort during its first year of operation, who proposed to his wife there, honeymooned there, and recently celebrated my 30th anniversary their, I have become more sad with each change to the parks, on both coasts, to maximize "intellectual property" and revenue for the sake of revenue. Between Star Wars and Marvel making fundamental changes to EPCOT (where it doesn't fit), and the constant changes to Pixar oriented rides, I am at a loss as to understand the direction if the Disney Parks anymore. Walt always knew and expected the parks to change and shift...but he also kept one foot in the past and another in the future. EPCOT has always been one of my favorite concepts and places to visit in all the world. In the last 20 years, it has lost a sense of itself in many ways. The continued loss of iconic attractions and rides, the addition of merchandise that has ceased to be unique to specific parks, times, etc. (such as is now in the Main Street Cinema in DL, which is disgusting) is just beyond belief. Things have come to feel like a "money grab", especially with evening events like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween" that costs as much or more than a one day park ticket for a few precious hours. It is my hope that there are those in Disney management and imagineering and cast members who stand up and say "enough". Having attended the 50th anniversary at DL, we are planning to do the same in WDW...but what is the value of that if the parks are a mere shadow of themselves and don't harken back to the special nature of what they were at their inception. Change is inevitable, but every time I walk the park I miss Mr. Toad, Snow White's Scary Adventure, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and on and on. Many will disagree with my opinion, but I believe something has been lost in the last 10 to 15 years in the Disney parks that has changed the experiences in a negative way. I hope that is a trend that will shift back to the visions of Walt and the gifted imagineers of the past and those in the present that can keep those amazing and visionary ideals alive.
Steven . Honestly, I have never really connected with the Country Bear Jamboree. With that being said, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are my two favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom, and two of my most favorite attractions period. I've seen the Country Bear Jamboree a couple of times in my life, but it's always at the bottom of my 3- or 4-day park trip when we go to Disney. The last time I watched it, all I could think is that it has not aged well. The technology just does not stack up with today's modern standards, of which Disney is continually raising the bar (with the likes of The Shaman of Songs, Dok-Ondar, or those up-and-coming Beauty and the Beast animatronics. By contrast, every single small mouth opening or other unimpressive bodily movement in the Country Bear Jamboree is accompanied by a very distracting clicking sound. I know there are other old attractions still where this is the case, such as It's a Small World, but there is just simply so much more going on in each scene there that it is not nearly as noticeable. That being said, I also know the Enchanted Tiki Room suffers a similar set of problems to the Country Bear Jamboree, and I would be absolutely devastated if it were on the chopping block, and if this trend continues, it probably would be. So, while I personally would not be sad to see the Country Bear Jamboree go and would understand why it would possibly, I also understand why it's a problem and don't want the Enchanted Tiki Room to be next! Also, all of that being said, I also absolutely love Toy Story, think this new attraction sounds somewhat neat, but agree that we don't really *need* this attraction, especially in this park. I was five years old when the first one came out, had a slew of Happy Meal and full-size Toy Story toys, played Toy Story video games, and have seen all of the movies! I like Toy Story Land, although I wish it were even slightly bigger and had kept its original bigger budget. Like you said, Magic Kingdom already has Space Ranger Spin, so they already have a Toy Story presence, so adding a new attraction won't really increase merchandise sales that much. If they should build this new Woody's Roundup attraction anywhere, it should be off of Toy Story Land where they actually have some extra land to play with. Do that instead of the BBQ joint. But again, the thing is, we don't really even need/want this attraction. It's not a matter of "We have an awesome concept for an awesome Toy Story show based on a fictional show from within Toy Story 2 which came out a decade ago and need to find some place to put it"; rather, it's moreso "We need to find a way to interject an IP into this beloved Disney attraction that does not have any sort of IP in it right now." Also, although they will have to develop animatronics for the show, the building itself is already there and western-themed, so actually retheming the building will probably be much cheaper than constructing something brand new. So again, I get all of their arguments for putting it in there, but I do also agree it's scary that they're erasing bits of Disney history one-by-one and just bringing new IPs in for no real reason. Plus, although Woody's Roundup is western, it's also a much smaller part in a much larger film franchise, and I feel like it almost takes a little bit of Frontierland's credibility away. One more thing about the scary slippery slope as it applies to the Enchanted Tiki Room: They've already tried inserting IP into the one at Magic Kingdom once, and it did not go well. Honestly, I was a little kid when I first saw the Under New Management show, and I actually really loved it just because I grew up with Aladdin and The Lion King, so I really enjoyed seeing a couple lesser-used characters from a couple of my favorite movies. That being said, I know almost nobody else liked that show, and so the odds of simply adding IP to Enchanted Tiki Room in Orlando again seems slim. That makes the odds of it simply being completely replaced more likely. The couple of saving graces that it has, though, are that it has a very small footprint overall, so it's not taking up as much space as some other attractions, and it is also such a small building with such a specific purpose that it seems unlikely that something else would really fit well in it as it stands. So, hopefully the Enchanted Tiki Room will stay safe and still be around for many years to come! All right, I think that's enough ranting from me for now. Good day to you all, and thanks for the awesome reporting!
Jason Z. This kinda news disheartens me so much. I think back to my first trip to Disney World as a 12 year old in 1993 (back when the logo was the Block letters like in your logo), and going to EPCOT Center as my first Disney Park. It was such a unique and amazing experience, and besides on some merch the characters and traditional Disney IP were no where to be found. WDW used to be a wonderful mix of IP and original unique experiences, and it saddens me as the parks become more and more fully IP driven each year. Even an amazing attraction like Splash Mountain would never get made today as is because it isn't a major IP. I still LOVE WDW don't get me wrong and will still continue going as much as I can with my family, but seeing more and more of the unique and original attraction/show disappear does make me sad.
Al . I am shocked and upset by this news. The country bear jamboree has been apart of my life ever since I can remember. Every time we go to Disney it is something my family and I always make sure to go see. I'm tired of everything having to relate to a current movie. There is already a whole land related to Toy Story. The country bear jamboree is an essential part of Magic Kingdom and should not be taken away.
Andy . As much as I love Toy Story (it was my first date with my wife of 20 years) replacing CBJ is something that should not be done. We are on our way down in July with my teenaged kids and we will definitely be seeing the Jamboree one last time (I hope not!!!)
Dark r. No. Just no. An overlay with maybe 10% new material referencing the old, even a new character or two- sure. (Even as both overlays pale to the original). Removing Disneyland's was a HUGE mistake. Please do not repeat. The anniversary should honor not replace the original attractions. Hard to believe this is not a joke. Plus, marionettes are limited in their movements. Add in the change from sizing up to accommodate an audience. Fake marionettes? Can't see this working at all. Maybe a real temporary marionette show somewhere. Thank you. No.
Margie . Such a sad news report to read! One of my favorite shows and a true classic! Was hoping I'd get to bring my kids (I don't have any yet) but with this news I'm not sure I'll even be able to go see it again before the closure! I'll keep hoping they change their mind and find somewhere else to expand rather than cover up Disney Parks classics!
Jeremy . Why do they think we only want rides that are associated with IP's? The best rides in Magic Kingdom aren't connected to movies or weren't when they were built. I understand they want synergy between the parks and movie/television, but leave us some of our childhood. Like others, I remember seeing Country Bear Jamboree with my parents and grandparents. It was also one of Marc Davis' remaining masterpieces. Surely there's room to build the Toy Story attraction in another part of Frontierland while keeping Country Bears open for other generations.
Emma . If they close the Country Bear Jamboree, my annual attendance will become once every five years. The attractions have become empty shells with little care or attention, just as ways to push whatever IP is popular in that moment. This beloved attraction is where I draw the line.
Mark P. It would be really sad to lose such an iconic attraction. Replacing it with a Toy story "woody's roundup" doe not seem to make any sense. The appeal of such a show is to small kids at best, not families. Country Bears on the other hand continues to appeal because of the timeless humor with no explanation needed for anyone. It would be a huge loss for WDW.
Laura . sigh. this makes me incredibly sad. if they want to put in a toy story show of some kind, use the golden horseshoe, it sits empty half the time it seems anyway. country bears is iconic and timeless. could we compromise by adding lotso in somewhere, like that's where he ended up after toy story 3 (but done in a much better fashion than that tiki room disaster)… i get wanting to create NEW attractions based on popular franchises, but original park attractions that are unique to disney are also uniquely disney and beloved. it's like most of these people in charge didn't growing up actually going to visit the parks.
Robert . What do you define as stale, something that is 10 years old? 5 years old? For many people, a trip to Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime experience, so it is all new to them. For others, revisiting beloved old favorites is it tradition, evoking nostalgia and joy. What would you suggest they remove next, Pirates of the Caribbean? The Haunted Mansion? The Jungle Cruise? I would not want to see Disney parks tearing out attractions every few years to replace them with the flavor of the month. I am not opposed to change or new things, but I feel it have to be done with thought and care.
Doug . I will gladly suffer the ever increasing price of admission as long as our beloved classic attractions are maintained while new ones are added. I understand the logic of closing duplicates of rides while keeping one version of the original (e.g. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.) I even understand the sentiment of "running an amusement park, not a museum." However, closing the only remaining version of a beloved, original Disney audio-animatronic show that appeals to all ages to replace it with a second-rate parody Howdy-Doody show that was a minor plot element in a sequel film is inexcusable and head-shakingly dumbfounding.
Megan . This is Walt Disney's park and one of the last attractions he had a hand in was the Country Bear Jamboree. This is an iconic Disney attraction and should never be removed. This push for IP everywhere is getting out of hand. Disney, please leave the classics alone! It's a direct tie to your founder! And you Mr. Chapek would make Mr. Disney roll over in his grave.
Ashley . I'm not one to post my opinions on forums like these because it's usually the unpopular one but this news was the last straw. I LOVE THE COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE. The Great Movie ride news was heartbreaking but this is personally soul crushing. I'm slowly seeing a park I once loved turn into a greedy way to promote their merchandise. Of course, it is business and that fact seems to always win but to what extent? Taking out an original Walt Disney attraction to promote another toy story attraction that will inevitably flop? It is unnecessary. Let's stop taking attractions that actually stick and making them irrelevant and dated. I love the Disney company but messing with my favorite attraction, mama bear's coming out to protect her cubs! I just hope this to be a rumor or a decision the company reconsiders. SAVE THE COUNTRY BEARS!
Edward . Even if you agree with the premise that Country Bear Jamboree should close, shoehorning in yet another Toy Story attraction is stupid and short-sighted.
O.S. . If Disney keeps on ruining every park by carelessly throwing IP everywhere that they can think of, I'm going to stop going there. They're ruining the whole magic of Disney by spiking prices and taking out all of the care, wonder, and magic that used to define it. It makes me sad to see what is happening to Epcot and Hollywood Studios most of all. Why, Disney? Why spend all your money creating constant sequels and live action films that no one even asked for, and then slapping the franchises in question on top of a beloved attraction? You may still be getting guests into the parks, but if this keeps going, the loyal Disney fans are going to eventually stop visiting the parks because there won't be any more magic at all. I mean what's next, turning splash mountain into a lion king ride? Seriously, Disney.
idn . Hell. No. This is one of a very few things they could do that would make me stop going to WDW, from a few visits a year to cold turkey.
heath J. Country Bear Jamboree is a staple in the Magic Kingdom. I am a huge fan of the attraction. I make sure to visit it every time I go to Disney World. I tell my wife and kids that every time we go that we are going to see it or we are not going at all. This has been my favorite attraction since the first time I ever went to Disney World. (I was 10 then and now I'm 47) I've visited every other year since I was 16 and It would be a shame to get rid of this and I would even consider not going anymore if they close it.
Michael T. So sad! My son is a child with Down syndrome, and he gets very excited to see the country bear jamboree. He will be very sad now. Disney is killing the parks! Taking away memories and the charm of a visit. I sure hope they reconsider for the sake of the children who live the show.
Josh . I'm no fan of the Country Bears, but I'm not interested in another Toy Story attraction.
Dan . I sincerely hope this isn't true. Getting rid of a Day 1 attraction touched by Walt himself seems incredibly short-sided.
Luke . Disney has, in film and in the parks, created some of the least understood art to have ever courted the public's affection. Animation is beloved, yet seen as a medium for only children to appreciate. Similarly so are the parks viewed. For those of us who appreciate not just the experience of the parks, but relish in the details of each and every ride, restaurant, bench, and trash can, these are the attractions that matter most. But those of us who understand are a rare breed, and the many more people that enjoy the parks without considering why can only view the value of their visit through the lens of cost-to- number of attractions. It was only a matter of time before people who do not understand, like Mr. Chapek and Mr. Iger, were in control of this strange fantastical beast of a company. Whatever happens, I will appreciate what Disney has given me and what might remain after all else is gone. Though I truly hope that I will have little to mourn.
Jerry B. I attended the Country Bear Jamboree in Disneyland and was so bored I ran out. Nobody ever went there. Still I see your point about removing classics just to push movie merch.
Norma W. To say that this saddens me doesn't even touch how I feel!! I love Country Bear Jamboree and it is a MUST SEE on every visit and with being a DVC member we visit often! If Mr. Chapek wants to do a new Toy Story attraction then put it in Hollywood Studios with the other Toy Story attractions. DO NOT take away a favorite classic!! This Toy Story attraction does not even fit with the theme of Frontierland! It doesn't belong there!! STOP MESSING WITH WALT'S DREAM!! STOP DESTROYING WALT'S VISION!!! STOP TAKING AWAY THE CLASSICS!! MR. CHAPEK LEAVE COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE ALONE AND STOP TAKING AWAY CHILDHOOD DREAMS AND MEMORIES!!! IF YOU MUST DO THIS NEW TOY STORY ATTRACTION THEN PUT IT IN TOY STORY LAND IN HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS WHERE IT BELONGS!!
Anonymous . This is a classic attraction, that we all love, and like it was said above, one of Walt's last projects. I love the country bear jamboree, and we see it every time we go to wdw. My grandparents always ask to see that as one of the first things. If it's got low wait times, freshen up the sound, the animatronics, add a new scene, there are many way this can be saved, give us a Frontierland expansion, and put woody in it. Leave the country bears alone. It's like getting rid of Space Mountain, sure country bears isn't as popular, but it's a classic, and has so much heart and charm, and Ian a defining part of Frontierland
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