Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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Dovetail65 . Perfect time to update the Country Bear Jamboree with current and brand new animatronics of Toy Story! Even my wife said last time we went Country Bear several months ago, Jamboree needs to go. I disagreed, BUT it was packed at the Kingdom that day,near a 2.5 hour wait for Peter Pan, Country Bear had a zero minute wait. So what is Disney to do, they can't leave Country Bear being empty all the time. They can come up with a fantastic mash up that is far better then the current show, but paying tribute to it. Adding or remaking the tech new and bringing current Toys Story to the show is one way to keep the Bears. If they were smart they would mix the two! Like the old Mickey Mouse cartoon at EPCOT where they mash it up with new 3D effects, our family just loves that show. This way we get another 50 years of Country Bears and my kids will actually go back a second time to see it. Right now very few of the 7 kids I have think Country Bear is more than a one time thing, I mean when restaurants have as good a tech as Country Bear it's just is just no big deal anymore, not for this newer generation. Add Toy story elements or completely change the show, but keep the Bears in some way! I think starting the Country Bear show as it is now, then Woody interrupting the show in some way and a new show happening with maybe the finale having the Country Bears jumping back in could be a neat way to do it. It could be combined with the marionettes with or without 3D or whatever, really there are many ways to go with it. If anyone could do a good Country Bear Toy Story mash up the Imagineers could!
Chris . Wow, if they do remove it, that takes away yet another reason for me to visit. They are already making both coasts too similar, then take away the classics like this and yikes! Seriously, there is enough room to double or even triple the number of attractions at every park without closing a single attraction. It is a out time they wake up and realize this. And don't tell me it is a staffing issue in this case, country bears usually required no more than two cast members at any given time. By the way, if they do announce this at D23, I strongly encourage everyone to boo the announcement at D23 and do so heavily, it is a REALLY bad idea to do this.
Will . I can't believe they would remove such a precious Disney treasure!! The country bears are an incredible piece of Disney history. Perhaps they can change the bears show a bit. What's next, replacing the president's with the Muppets? Oh yes, they did do that for awhile.
Nicole . This is TERRIBLE news!!! That is a Magic Kingdom Classic!! If they want to add a Toy Story marionette show, they should put it in Toy Story Land!!! I still get sad every time I see the Winnie the Pooh ride and say how much I miss Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Don't ruin Disney World by replacing all the classics. Add new stuff, yes, but don't ruin the basics.
Craig . I've never cared for Country Bear Jamboree. I don't find it fun or funny. That said, you make a strong point about there being too much Toy Story. If you're gonna get rid of something beloved (whether or not it's actually beloved by me), then do it with something fresh.
Danny . I do love the country bear jamboree and would hate to see it go. I also love the classic swiss family Robinson tree house. That being said I would love to see the tiki room update for a Moana ride. Maybe because I never liked the tiki room or maybe because my girls a d I loved Moana so much. But I definitely agree that the Toy story stuff is way over saturated and we don't need another ride focused on that. And I would love to see updated 20,000 leagues ride to combine for an undersea learning ride at Epcot but that's probably a dream I will never see.
Wizzo . I totally understand and appreciate the idea of the Disney park landscapes changing to keep up with the times. I support this, but I also do feel that, especially at the park in Florida, where there's so much room to grow, it makes more sense to leave older classic attractions and just build new ones (rather than revamp things in more space constrained parks, like Disneyland). I also understand that just because people hold onto things for nostalgic value, it's not necessarily worth it for such a big amusement park to keep it around. If the attraction's audience is dwindling, it is a waste of space for them. I will say this, though; I just took my boys, who were 9 & 13, to Disney World over New Year's, and took them to that attraction, and while they found it strange in some ways and a big creepy, they definitely enjoyed it. My youngest boy definitely thought it was funny. Even though when he first saw the stage & the characters he wasn't into it, because he didn't recognize them, by the time it was over, those characters had become familiar friends and built upon the already strong arsenal of Disney characters that he recognizes. Isn't that just as important as reinforcing characters that are already over-saturated on television, and in social media, and in every store we walk into? That's a part of the magic of what Disney is, Creating new magical experiences through the theme parks. That's the very point of the Imagineers, and that was certainly the core idea that drove Walt Disney himself. It is certainly important to hold on to that. Yes, it's important to grow the Empire, but it's also important to hold onto its core beliefs, and keep the magic alive. That's my two cents, for whatever it's worth. Love & Peace, Wizzo
Sherri . I hate this idea. Stop getting ride of iconic rides/shows. I will miss this show greatly and the trend to get ride of original show/rides is disheartening. I don't need anymore toy story stuff...a full land is plenty
missyhp . Keep the bears!
Greg G. This is horrible news. Why oh why do we need 2 Toy Story attractions in 2 different lands? If you want to fix the low attendance, give us the three rotating shows that already exist. This show is at the heart of Walt's vision of entertainment for all ages. There are fewer attractions that do this. How I look forward to taking my great nephew's generation and sharing the same jokes their great and great greats enjoyed. If we had known this plan during gay days, there would have been signs and chants. The bear community and more absolutely mob the show for an hour solid!
Aaron . Improving the parks does not have to come at the expense of removing the classics. We all love the new characters and IPs, too, and feel that they do have their places in the parks. But Country Bears is its own original IP, as are the Pirates, the Ghosts, and so many others. These are legacy properties that deserve their place. If Disney were to open a "museum park," where old attractions could continue to live and thrive—great! I'd come visit. But until then, stop trading quality attractions—and our memories, along with the desire to pass them along to younger loved ones—for cheap thrills and disposable experiences. I have no problem with Disney needing and wanting to make money, but they're already doing it hand over fist and it's just getting crass.
Sarah M. I love the Country Bear Jamboree and have been angry ever since removed from Disneyland. I live in California. The Carousel of Progress and Country Bear Jamboree were my first stops on my two visits to Magic Kingdom in Orlando and I hope to continue that tradition. I like to see it multiple times. We do not need another Toy Story land attraction. We do need this attraction to be saved or at a minimum transferred back to Disneyland. It would be new to many guests in Disneyland. I hope that it can stay in Orlando and come back to Disneyland. I am angry at Carousel of Progress, not to mention America the Beautiful going bye-bye from Disneyland. ATB exists as China, Canada, and France at Epcot, though not the same as ATB, but okay there. Keep Country Bear Jamboree!
Stephanie T. No, no, I am so disgusted right now to hear this. I have been going to Disney since I was 4. I have always looked forward to The Country Bear Jamboree! They took away TGMR at Studios. Not the Bears,ugh,that show is adorable. Toy Story doesn't even fit in Magic Kingdom. Yeah, you have Buzz but come on. Toy Story belongs in there land at Studios. I know you need to change some things but leave this one alone! It will be sad day if it happens. I love the Bears!!!!
Julianna . Tom I seriously wish that Disney could see the packed house I am in here. I literally just pulled up this article as I was walking in. If Disney wants to see my pictures I would be glad to forward them. Seems like incorporating Stinky Pete in here and maybe having a Disney Junior show with the bears would bring a new generation to love them as much as we all do. I am rushing over to guest services to register my complaint on this one.
Christian S. I have no loyalty to this ride and it probably needs to go because it's old and outdated but when are they going to stop stuffing animated movie characters down my throat. It should be like Jungle Cruise create the theme, the music, the characters, the ride if it then is great enough, the movie. I might start seeing actual "Forky" sporks in place of plastic silverware, forcing me to love some character I have yet to even see. They are trying to control us.
Linda . I worked at Disneyland in the 69s and grew up in daughter and I are taking my granddaughter to Walt Disney World in December 2019 and one of the attractions that we were most excited about is COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE!!! Hearing that it is closing, is so very disappointing. I sincerely hope it is still open in December 2019 for us to see it one more time. Changing it for Toy Story is over kill....Toy Story is already in Hollywood land...,.leave the bears where they are....PLEASE!!!!!!
CYNTHIA T. As a west coast resident i was very upset when they took out the country bear jamboree in disneyland. But i had hopes of seeing it again this year as i have finnaly saved up enough to go to disneyworld. The fact that the original may be gone before i get there is beyond disheartening. I know walt said the parks will never be finished. But to take away an icon is wrong.
Jenn P. This breaks my heart. Country Bears is my dads favorite attraction. He used to sing the songs to my mom when they were in school together. We go every trip. I understand that sometimes things need to change, but replacing such a unique part of the parks with another Toy Story attraction just isn't necessary. I love Toy Story but there is not a lack of or a need for another ride. I don't want Country Bears to go. But if it does, I would rather it be replaced by something new, like the countless Disney movies that are constantly neglected at WDW.
Stephanie T. Right, the show is iconic. Before too long, it all be Guardians, Toy Story, Avatar. I can honestly say if that ever happens my vacations at Disney will decrease in numbers greatly. I guess it will be Universal more frequent.
Doreen . Don't we have enough of Toy Story since it has its own land at Hollywood studios. Don't touch the Jamboree. I loved it, my kids loved it and still do as adults. My Grandson will see it for the first time this summer. I'm sure he will love it. Disney needs to stop reducing everything to a money grab. Some attractions need to remain on tradition alone. What goes next Haunted House. This is terrible. BTW my daughter, who loves Toy Story, was very disappointed on Toy Story Land. Not enough to do and no greenery to boot. Like a cheap carnival. We go to WDW often for northerners . Every 2 years or so. So they get our money big time.
Brian . Very disappointing rumor. How about Disney create a new movie about the Country Bears and keep the Jamboree show! This would be a win-win. Just as it was for Pirates of the Caribbean. There is plenty of space in Disney World to add new rides, however there are only a limited number of classic rides and shows, and I visit them every time I am at Disney World, including the Country Bear Jamboree. Please save this classic and make it better with a new Country Bear movie or Disney+ content!
Melissa N. I visited WDW the year it opened and remember quite well seeing the Country Bear Jamboree very well. Visited many times to include taking my kids 25 years later and then taking them a dozen times more. Consequently my daughter lives nearby and has become a season holder pass... We love the bears please leave them be. Update but don't delete. It's a classic and all too often in this country we discard instead of treasure.
L M. They shouls change the Tiki room before the Country Bears
Audra G. My 11 y.o. daughter HATES all things "Toy Story". However, we all love "The Country Bear Jamboree". Taking out this classic would be a huge mistake! We need more stand-alone rides, not less. Something unique, that isn't just an iteration of a movie, but at the same time can be thought of as 100% Disney. I just beg them not to take my Big Al away!
Susan . Please, keep our classics! My parents loved the bears, I love them, my children love them too! We go annually and will be so heartbroken if they're replaced. The classics, the tried and true, the historic, are worth updating & cherishing. That is what (up until this point?) has kept WDW apart from other parks. Nostalgia, some integrity, well cared for attractions. Listen to the fans, Disney! We love Toy Story too, but not if it means replacing The Country Bear Jamboree. Toy Story has enough space of their own, don't over do it.
Susan . Totally agree! The nostalgia, integrity & history of the "last laugh" is something that should not be replaced. Woodys round up dark ride would be wonderful!!
Lee . As a kid, I remember the excitement of seeing talking bears and the laughter it brought me and my family. We still lovingly talk about "a great, big puddle of blood all around." This is a fun filled show for the whole family. It's been a while since we visited the country bear jamboree, but I made it a point to introduce them to my kids. It would be a shame to lose this attraction that has been there since the beginning.
hillary s. I worked at Magic Kingdom in 2008 in Frontierland. On a day off, I went to the park and was looking out at Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer's Island. A group of people walked up near close enough to where I could hear what was being said. They were wearing business attire, and one woman who must have been in charge of the group. She was saying how they should shut down Tom Sawyer's Island since no one ever goes over there or something to that effect. She was facing me, and when I heard her say that I looked at her like she was the scum if the earth for saying that. I mean she was ripping into it saying it should have been gone a long time ago. It was crazy, and I ran into some of the other castmates as I was walking away. I told them what I had just heard. I guess that woman never got her wish since Tom Sawyer's Island is still there 11 years later. Maybe Country Bears might start stick around if there is a petition or attendance picks up. Who knows? I always saw the show because it is cute as well as getting out of the heat and off my feet for about 20 minutes during the summer.
Drew . Given the prices (two hikes this year) how about new additions vs. taking things away. This does nothing (substantial) for dealing with the crowds. It makes no sense thematically to have Toy Story items smattered across the different parks, and even within different sections of the same park.
James r. Just say no to replacing "Country Bear Jamboree".
Leslie . Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience." Absolutely. This should not just be a park of IPs to sell more merch. Nothing is sacred if this is true. It shows disdain for the long term fans of the parks. I can only hope that Chapek retires soon and that his replacement cares more about the loyal fans than a quick, sleezy buck.
Dorothy A. Country Bear Jamboree is loved. Do not destroy the past, those of us who have loved Disney for over 60 years want the Bears to stay. My family loves the Country Bear Jamboree, it is a staple, and we want them to stay right where they are. Spare the Bears!
hillary s. I would go watch the show because it was cute as well as get out of the heat and off my feet during the summer. There are not many things like that in the parks. It should stay.
Rhonda W. No, just no. I was there last weekend....bad move Disney, they should refresh it.
Lee . Why do we need more Toy Story IP outside of the land that was designed to host it? To be honest, I'm nearly sick of Toy Story and the 4th movie hasn't even come out yet. Disney doesn't need to be gutting and replacing classic attractions that made this theme park so great. If anything, it needs to find ways to celebrate these attractions for the 50th, and if they must add attractions to promote IP (and sales of related merchandise), then they need to utilize that "blessing of size" to do it. That would add capacity which would please shareholders as well.
Damian H. No! No! No! Incredibly bad idea, Disney! Country Bears are *fun.* If you must put in Toy Story, put it in place of the gawd awful Hall of Presidents! That is such a boring show that people only go in there when they're tired and want a 20-minute nap in the air conditioning!
Amanda . Really, you would rather have country bear that a toy story attraction? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy CBJ but it's outdated and half of the time the animatronics don't work correctly. I enjoy Disney, but with the rising cost of tickets and resort fees, I certainly hope they would do some updating.
Neko . ... don't they literally have a land dedicated to Toy Story already? Can't they just leave anything alone? I already was pretty "meh" about all the Pixar movies, but this nonsense is actually making me curse their existence.
Christin . Seriously this is a MK tradition for us we see it every time we go, even my little girls love it. I can remember it as a child myself and it is an essential part of our Disney experience. Please don't do this Disney! We can't remove the rides that Walt approved we can't remove him from his parks!
Charlotte . We have enough Toy Story at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Leave the classics at MK alone. And plant some trees at DHS. It does feel like you are being roasted alive at Slinky Dog.
Cindy R. Oh no! Why would they do such a thing?! They need to save the originals! The older generations pump a lot of money into Disney and they want that sense of nostalgia for when we first saw Disneyland or WDW. Sure bring on some of the newer themes like Toy Story, but please preserve the originals!
Lacie P. I wish they would simply move the attraction to the Fort Wilderness resort perhaps. I think that would settle many issues from both a business and a sentimental stand point.
Aaron M. Bob Chapek should be impeached.. wish that was an option. I see a deterioration in Disney's service and it has influenced me to not renew and annual pass and take my money else where. I'm all for progress but this isn't what's happening.
SimGy . I'm totally against this decision! Disney should respect these classic rides, even more nowadays that we lost many of them.. I really hope they listen the fans, and not pnly in this situation.
Christine . Some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience." Couldn't have said it better! Don't do it Disney! If you must add Toy Story, add it to the Diamond Horseshoe and make it a $$$$ dinner show. Spare the Bears!!!
Hunter . What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World than to destroy the legacy of Walt Disney? Nothing is more magical than destroying history. This makes me not want to support Toy Story 4 with my money. #SaveCountryBears #KickChapek
Jonathan T. If your going to take it out, put it at Fort Wilderness.
Kathy R. Disney World has gone straight to Hell! Destroying their own property. $175.00 for a Senior to even get in?! 200+ times there---never again!
Janell . Meh. Country Bear Jamboree is dusty and stale. It is just a way to pass time while relaxing my feet. It bored me when I was a child, and now it bores my children. Toy Story seems like Disney just doesn't have any new ideas.
Nancy . Why do they need to bring Toy Story into Magic Kingdom? They already have a packed park at Hollywood Studios. This attraction is like the Tiki Rooms. It has been there since Magic Kingdom open. Leave these classic rides alone !!!
Cj B. Maybe if Bob Chapek wasn't so occupied trying to impress Bob Iger (in order to obtain his job upon Iger's retirement), he would think carefully about what's so important - schilling intellectual property continuously OR maintaining the integrity of originals such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, the Country Bear Jamboree, the Jungle Cruise and the Enchanted Tiki Room (if I left an original Ride / Attraction out? please feel free to add)! Here's a rumour - when there is no more originality left at a Walt Disney Theme Park? Guests will go elsewhere (oops, maybe that isn't a rumour after all!) Having said all of that? I am all for Pixar being at a Walt Disney Theme Park, but preferably in a separate Land dedicated to Pixar (same goes for Marvel!) vs replacing original Rides / Attractions that could benefit from updating what exists - and that's all !
Corene . The Country Bears are a Disney classic, and to remove them as they approach their 50th anniversary along with Magic Kingdom Park is insanity! Clearly they are not an e-ticket attraction, but not everything can or should be. We visit this attraction every trip (3 trips in the past 2 years) and absolutely adore it. There is undoubtedly nostalgia attached to it for my husband and myself, as I recall seeing it on my very first trip to Disneyland in 1977 as a kid and loving it. We were gutted when we went to Disneyland in 2005 (after a decade away from the parks) to discover it was gone, but thrilled to find it still going strong at WDW. I LOVE the Toy Story movies, but I HATE this idea. There are already plenty of Toy Story attractions in the parks, there is no need for another! And especially not at the cost of losing an iconic, classic park original! Bring back the seasonal overlays to keep this attraction new & fresh (I've never seen those, so would love that), but DO NOT remove it! The parks were never meant to be just about IP, and I hate that this seems to be the direction they are taking now. I went to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time a few months ago & I bought Country Bears plush there - WDW could have had my money if they'd been selling those plush, but I haven't seen them when I've been at MK. I completely agree that this attraction is iconic along with Pirates & Haunted Mansion. These are the attractions that made me fall in love with Disneyland when I first went, and these are the attractions that keep me coming back and bringing my kid 40+ years later. Yes, new attractions are always welcome, but not at the expense of older classics. The Country Bears should be celebrated for the 50th anniversary, not removed.
April D. Save the Country Bears! While I get how it would fit in Frontierland, there is plenty of Buzz and Woody. I grew up with the bears and so have my kids and it would be sad to see it go.
DAR1974 . People can protest and stomp their feet(believe me if true this stinks) but the only way a difference can be made is to hit Disney where it counts, the bottom line. When this attraction opens, walk right by it. Or if your curious do it once and that's it.
Mattlegostar . Every time you rip something out of the parks that Walt created, you are ripping the Walt out of Walt Disney World.
Lisa v. As a Disney fan and twice a year visitor (DVC owner) I agree with you that there are some Disney experiences that are part of the Disney fabric. Let's not lose all the heritage sites for recent additions. (Disney managment...if you really have your heart set on this, add it to Toy Story Land.) Keep Walt's last laugh ... it is important. And another thing we are REALLY missing ... late night Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom. Our family LOVED staying until 2am for years and years. Now that you can sell it as a hard ticket event it's gone! I own Disney stock and it's great that Disney is profitable, but again, some things shouldn't be discarded. You keep upping the ticket price ... so please bring back, at least part of the time, something your die hard fans VALUE!
Diana S. While I have enjoyed the first couple of Toy Story movies, I absolutely do not think we need yet another attraction. We've all heard the phrase "too much of a good thing"! Bears is a Classic and I believe should stay but if they are so determined to remove it at least come up with something original instead of cramming more movies down our throats. I'm honestly not at all interested in seeing Toy Story 4 because of all this.
Michael . To me the "magic of Disney" larks is being lost in a different place in time and toy story does not do that for me at all. it just looks like a messy room that my kids left laying around toys everywhere except their giant so I hate even more. I'm in southern California and I really miss country Bear jamboree in Disneyland. I was thinking about going to Disney world so I can show my kids other than what's on YouTube of country Bear jamboree now it doesn't seem like I'll be able to.
Ed K. I get the idea of progress. I get (and frankly) welcome the concept of change. I know Walt wanted his park(s) to continually grow, evolve, and change. But there are some touchstone attributes to visiting a Disney park. Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Dumbo, Space Mountain, and Country Bears are among those. I often lament the loss of the Main Street USA of my childhood. The Penny Arcade (where you could actually experience entertainment how it was in early American towns (an early version of edutainment?)). The Magic Shop. Who does not miss that? Remember the gigantic flower mart? All of those were lost for what? A 57th location in Magic Kingdom alone to by Hollywood Studios key chains and "I'm so Fly I Neverland" t-shirts. The unique stores (that sold unique merchandise) and the unique attractions where what made a trip to Disney special. A visit is still special, don't get me wrong, but it is not the same and not nearly as special. For those of you who did not get to experience Magic Kingdom like this (or for that matter, EPCOT Center), you have missed out. Every year we fans are charged more and given less for our money. It is sad, it is disheartening, and it harkens back to the Michael Eisner "strategic planning" days that gave us our current generic, boring, and bland shopping experiences and cookie cutter, low budget expansions (thank you Universal for helping to right that ship with Harry Potter). Sadly, it appears that Disney leadership is trending toward losing touch with what makes the Disney parks special again. So we will lose another classic. Yes, the attendance at Country Bears is not stellar (and I am guilty of not visiting every trip), but who thinks a Toy Story show will draw in more people more consistently after they see it once? This feels more like change for change's sake (or perceived dollars in merchandise sales), rather than the evolution, growing, and plussing of experiences that makes a Disney fan a Disney fan.
Connie . I am still angry over Mr. Toad's wild ride and now my beloved Bear's for yet another Toy Story attraction! They built Toy Story their own land so keep it over there leave our childhood alone.
Ken G. Mr. Chapek, You would not be in the position you are today if it wasn't for the vision of Walt Disney. Walt had a dream to create something families can come to and enjoy. With each passing day you are removing the legacy of Walt Disney and everything he stood for by replacing the very rides that he helped create. Bear Country has been a staple of the Magic Kingdom since it opened and there are somethings that should just be left alone. This is one of those things that Walt wanted created and should be left alone.
Randyland . What is missing, is the guy living the dream. When the decesions are made by the guy in charge who is right there everyday, going on the rides along with Guests, and living the experience, then he too is a part of the magic. Decesions would then be made through the eyes of those who hold the love deep in their heart. When decesions are made based upon marketing and proffit, there is no room for sentiments, even though in the big picture, the long term effects from decesions will advertisly effect brand loyality. New customers spend more money per visit then old ones... New customers do not already have the souvenirs that were already purchaaed, and will reach in their pocket faster. But it will take MANY years to develop the undying loyality in new customers, which the old customers already have. It is short sighted thinking, and driven by objective of quick results of increased proffits. The people making decesions will likely not be there when the long term effects of those decesions is realized in the form of proffits. As long as there are new customers ready to come and pay, traditions are on the chopping block. There was a time that Disney loyalty was so strong that Universal was but a small shadow. Now it seems that there is not such a big difference... What Disney had that Universal could not touch, was it was all about one man's dream... And Guests were living that dream... When Guests come the feel that the dream really does not matter anymore, and it is all about the money, then it becomes just another amusement park, and what is lost is the magic.
Melanie . If you continue replacing classic attractions, WDW will feel like any other amusement park. These classic attractions are what make Disney World unique and to replace them would be heartbreaking to many!
Patricia M. I am VERY disappointed that the Disney management staff have decided to replace Country Bear Jamboree in WDW. Since WDW has so much acreage, I don't understand why they have to replace beloved attractions (I.e. Mr Toads Wild Ride and Country Bears) rather than building new. It was bad enough they replaced Country Bears in Disneyland, but to do so at WDW would be unforgivable! I LOVE their Christmas show.
M M. Dear Disney, don't throw away this piece of art. Built and rebuilt all the new stuff you want, but keep just a few of the truly WDW originals in the park. Country Bear Jamboree is absolutely one of these. Please keep it up and running!
Rhonda D. Agree! Disney has gotten to Expensive for the average family. Dorsey it is sad when I saw the Tokyo Disney and it is a lot keep!
Maryanne . The country bear jamboree has been a staple for our family to see each time we go there. Brings back memories of our many family vacations there. Renovate it but don't take it away. It's part of Disney World.
Jarrett . I never felt it necessary to experience CBJ ever time I was in MK. I knew it was there and had a comforting feeling that it would always be there. I'm sure this sentiment is common for a lot of classic Disney attractions, COP, Jungle Cruise, and POTC(DL version). I'm sure the faith in attractions lasting forever was shattered for fans with closings of 20,000 leagues, Mr.Toad, the skyway to FL &TL, Horizons, World of Motion, River Country, Dreamflight, Alien Encounter, etc. Growth is necessary but some things need to remain sacred. I can only imagine one day we will be having this same discussion if they decide to permanently mothball the monorail fleet. Disney is in a period of giving us new and better experiences like Cars Land, Pandora, SWGE, GOTG in Epcot, the renovation of Future World. However it will make future visitors of WDW and parks around the world not appreciate it fully. Having the mixture of old (yet still functioning and popular) attractions provides a living history of how the parks and attractions have evolved through the years.
Carleen . I get it... Love the show but only watch it every so often, and usually just because it's too hot outside/raining or we're killing time between fast passes. If they are ultimately going to remove the jamboree, it would be nice to see it moved or reimagined for Fort Wilderness or Wilderness Lodge. Either would be a perfect venue.
Andy s. Please don't close this fantastic attraction- pure family fun
Megan K. It would be sad to see the Bears go. They have always been a favorite. Maybe they could update and incorporate others into the show?
Rhonda d. Loved mr. Toodd's ride. They should leave while Disney's original stuff alone and build stuff other places they have the land to do it
Brutus F. Why doesn't Disney just capitalize on what it already has....make a movie that STARS the Country Bear cast!!?? ... similar to what they did for Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney could have a whole new expansion on a current product AND keep the classic attraction!...(if your theory is correct and the CB Jambo replacement is driven by desired sales of Toy Story merch). Why not "re-make" or write movies for all of the "originals"...instead of replacing everything? They could just ADD to what they have??! I have fond memories of the "old" attractions since my first visit in the 70s!! To instill appreciation for these "originals" in my kids prior to our Disney visits, we all sat down and watched the Swiss F Rob movie so they could live in the awe of that attraction upon seeing it, like I did many years ago. Very sad about this news. What's next on the chopping block...Tom Sawyers Island, The Jungle Cruise, The Haunted Mansion? They already got rid of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Maelstrom at Epcot! Worried that Disney is ridding the park of "themed" attractions to jump on the bandwagon for "thrill" seekers. Isn't there a difference between Disney and "amusement" parks?? Glad my kids at least will have memories of what Walt intended Disney to be...and not the fast paced rat race, thrill a second, potent energy place it is becoming. Guess I'm just old fashioned, nostalgic, and see value in a slower paced kind world.
Diana S. This. All of this. Country Bears is absolutely an attraction I make time for on every visit, and I'm an Annual Passholder so I go a lot. Are there less full shows? Sometimes yes but the several times I've been recently it's been pretty close to If not max crowd.
Michael . While I love classic Disney attractions and feel that many are timeless additions to the parks, I think the Country Bear Jamboree has run its course. I saw it May and it was obvious that the show didn't draw crowds and that the majority of those there were interested mostly in the air conditioning. I agree that WDW is over served when it comes to Toy Story attractions. That's not the right choice for this spot. But I would support a proper replacement.
Michael . This decision, if it comes to fruition, speaks incredibly poorly of Disney. If they want more IP, that's okay. But they should do it on a high level instead of replacing existing beloved attractions. Build new. Of course some attractions need to be replaced. The parks are not museums and they should adapt to changing guest preferences; the product needs to kept fresh. That said, can't Disney just let the handful of iconic attractions survive with their dignity intact. Disney's current strategy is alienating longtime fans. That might be fine while the economy is strong and consumer confidence is high but the hardcore fans are the ones who will prioritize Disney when the economy isn't so swell. Relatedly, I'm not sure if Disney is creating enough new fans (I could be wrong). If Disney becomes no different than Universal (a mishmash of IP with little coherence in design and gaudy aesthetics), than what's so special about Disney? I'm not anti-IP. Some of the best things Disney has ever done are IP-based. But Disney management seems to think that IP is solely what makes Disney parks special. It's not. It's the ingenious, well thought-out, meticulous design/theming. To me, what makes something "Disney" is just proper theming, which can be IP or not. Toy Story in Frontierland is an incredibly poor fit that weakens the design of that area of the park; it only "works" thematically with an incredibly superficial understanding of Frontierland's design. Furthermore, it would replace a truly distinctive show designed by one of Disney's greatest animators and Imagineers, Marc Davis.That's why millions love the parks. They're works of art that are just great places to simply be. It's a shame Disney may no longer understand that, instead deciding to tailor their product to the lowest common denominator. It's imprudent.
Maitre . Hey, I'm a guy from France, always wanted to visit walt disney world and I would be very disappointed in not being able to experience Country Bears when I'll go there as I know it is a part of Walt's legacy. I already tried it out at Tokyo disneyland though I unfortunately don't understand japanese so I was hoping someday I could see it in its most original version existing. Moreover I'm not interested in Toy Story at all, as I feel like there is already enough in disney's hollywood studios and that is doesn't fit in Frontierland that much. Well, I hope it won't happen...
Rita V. Do discouraging to hear that WDW is even considering this move. Almost annually, my husband and I brought our kids and now our grandkids to the Magic Kingdom. Country Bears is a show we always make a point to see if at all possible. I would really hate to see this go away. More to the point, why would I want a multi-park pass for glut of Toy Story when that is offered at Hollywood Studios? Too much is never a good thing in the long run. At some point, people will stay away.
Rhonda d. We should start a Petition to stop them for taking the Country bears jamboree.
Eileen L. WDW and Mr Chapek: Please do not take our Country Bears away! Please listen! In 2001, I was heartbroken and devastated when my all-time favorite attraction "The Country Country Jamboree" was removed at Disneyland. I have still not gotten over that one. Probably the very main reason why I travel to WDW at least once per year now is to visit Big Al and all the other beloved Country Bears. The attraction has a special place in my heart. It recalls the great times of sitting with my family as a kid, watching a show that we all were able to enjoy together as a family. We all loved it. We loved the songs and the adorable Bears. Please, do not destroy this beloved Disney Audio-Animatronics legacy! It's the only attraction of its kind in the States. We don't need another "Toy Story" attraction. But we absolutely need this one "Country Bear Jamboree." Please, please, please...keep it where it is for all of us who love it so very much! Big Al, Wendell, Liver Lips McGraw, Trixie, Henry & Sammy, Teddi Barra, Ernest, Terrence, Gomer, The Sun Bonnets, The Five Bear Rugs band & Baby Oscar, and Buff, Max and Melvin! They have been our beloved Bear friends for years! Please allow them to live on for us... and for future generations to come. Please do not take them away! Thank you for listening.
S l. Have not been in 4 years this is one more reason not to go
Connor . Why get rid of a beloved show, that gives a chance to cool down, take a break and entertain many people...children of all ages love it. I don't see a knee jerk reaction needed to sell more Woody and Jesse dolls as a good idea. I don't mind new replacing old, Walt disliked being stagnant, but this is not a great plan. People don't associate Woody with the old west. Yes, Woody's Roundup was a tribute to the old westerns, but people don't think of it as that.
Michele . Yes. What most everyone has said: why not enrich toy story land with a real new dark ride or show instead of taking a classic away? We switched from an annual pass at Disneyland to an annual pass this year at Disney world in part _in order_ to spend time with the country bears. I light up whenever i get a chance to see them out and about on the street as well as in the show. While on the subject of toy story land and lack of shade, too bad they didn't move the giant clover there from Bugs Land.
Thomas S. Please don't close Country bear jamboree! That has been one of my favorite attractions!
Jeff . Well, there's a genius move only a CEO could make! Replace an original with primary colored toys in Frontier land Certainly, no one else could come up with that winner! Looking forward to Buzz meet and greet at fort on Tom Sawyer Island While you're at it Chappy, change Hall of Presidents to Hall of Pixar Come on, man!
Walter . Is this like some false-flag rumor being floated by Disney to divert attention away from something else? Will they later announce that the Country Bear Jamboree is safe, and when everyone breathes a sigh of belief, quietly dismantle the Carousel of Progress? This is one of the last remaining original attractions in the park, and it isn't like this is an unpopular attraction. It was actually my three-year old son's favorite attraction during his first trip in November. If they want a new Toy Story show, just put it in the underutilized Diamond Horseshoe.
Thomas S. Please don't close Country bear jamboree! That has always been one of my favorites. I look forward to taking my grandchildren to see it!
Michelle D. People do not realize that a lot of children and adults love the Country Bear Jamboree. I always go see it every time I go to Disney World. I have a totally disabled sister that loves to see the Country Bears. Disney will never be the same for my family when they are gone.
Stephen C. If Mr. Chapek wants to leverage the Disney Intellectual properties, why not add classic Disney songs with a western or blue grass flavor which would fit the CBJ theme. It's a best of both world compromise. Keep CBJ!
Paul Q. That stinks. Love The Country Bears Can't they leave something's alone? Leave toy story attractions for Hollywood Studios
Karen C. I loved Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland! It was one of my favorite attractions, and I am still upset that it was replaced by a sub-par Winnie the Pooh attraction. I can't believe they are now considering doing away with the one in Florida.
Lori R. So other than posting our opinions here, is there anyone we can directly contact via email, text, page, etc...?
Ben . This is rather coincidental because I just watched the Country Bear Jamboree show on YouTube yesterday with my youngest. She was not feeling well when the rest of the family watched it in person last year, and I assured her that after watching the video, we would see it in person the next time we visit. I guess we need to book those reservations now!
Lori R. Anyone we can contact to protest that might make a difference?
Bob . This is another example that the higher ups have forgot that people come back for there favorite atractions as well some of the new ones.
W K. Please don't do this. Such an iconic, heart warming attraction that has roots in the Magic Kingdom for decades. I understand the 50th is a big one and that they want to make an impact, but replacing rides that have defined Disney for generations of people is not the way to do it. It's losing its nostalgia and becoming nothing but a way to push new merch. Think this through Disney. For all of us who have been let down by Mr. Toads, 20,000 leagues , Great Movie ride and other removals, please listen to those voices. They are your die hards who keep coming back. This would be such a shame.
Greg . Please, no! Country Bears is a classic, and to be replaced by more IP is just nauseating.
David . Maybe it's the times we live in, but I am so disgusted with the state of the world in general right now that I truly believe that no matter what the public thinks the "powers that be" will do whatever they want. I'm glad that I got to see the Jamboree when I was there in March. Unlikely I will ever see it again.
Marilyn F. I agree! I am not a fan of Toy Story, I think they should leave it as it is. Very soon Disney world and all it has represented throughout the years will be gone! I understand they need to keep up with the times but this obsessive slant towards comic book heroes and the flavor of the month movie is ridiculous! They are showing a total disregard for loyal customers and Disney brand.
Rachel . PLEASE DO NOT REPLACE THIS ATTRACTION! People love nostalgia and this is one of Disney's gems. Our favorites when we visit are always the classics. Don't take that away!