Save the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Bears Have Been Saved!

Thanks for all your help! Together, we did it! The Country Bear Jamboree has been saved!

Posted on 6/28/2019 by the Disney Parks Blog:

Thanks for “bearing” with us this week.  With all of the news we’ve shared, we “fur-got” to mention our friends over at the Country Bears. Our Imagineers are always looking at ways to bring more magic to our guests through experiences and stories they know, but contrary to rumors, Country Bear Jamboree is not going into hibernation any time soon.  In fact, we’re looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021, with Henry, the Five Bear Rugs and the rest of the gang. Until then, “we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again; that you’ll drop in and see us now and then.”

The Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.

According to inside sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. Bob Chapek’s mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of this beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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FirstLastStateTell us what the Country Bear Jamboree means to you.
Priscilla Jackson NE I fully recognize that the Disney parks can't just stagnate and not change with the times. That being said, I believe that they also should maintain some of the classic, day 1 type attractions. The Country Bears are one of those classics. If anything, they should be preserved as a place to relax and share a good belly laugh. Not all attractions need to be thrill rides or current intellectual material. Please keep the CBJ and keep it in good operating condition.
Michael Yanez Fl A worthy cause hosted by an unlikable man. My love of the Country Bear Jamboree brings me here to sign this, but I only do it in the name of a classic attraction and not on the behalf of Mr Corless.
Francis Delung Hello from Belgium. I enjoyed the bear jamboree. I have used the website for help navigating Disney world. I do not like the Tom articles, but I love the rest. Thank you and please save the ride
Michael Petrilli NJ Opening day attraction, reminiscent of Walt Disney. There are not many of these left in WDW – preserve them! They are all this population of guests have left.
Beth Sievers Illinois This is an attraction that’s the true essence of Disney World.
Christy R Fl I do support this endeavor,but I will not support a site run by an egomaniac. Tom Corless is a horrible man who is on a power trip. His articles are written with a snobby tone and his sense of humor is awful.
John Crosby New Jersey The country bear jamboree is one of the attractions that bring back memories when I first brought my family to wdw. Back when Disney wasn't trying to suck every last dollar from everyone. Too many classic attractions have gone from the parks. Walt would not of hired any of the current management
Don Comer CO Classic Disney entertainment. I grew up with the original in DLR and miss it. My older kids just got their first experience at MK and loved it. It was great to see their enjoyment on their faces during the show. There is nothing else like it. Original, clean, fun, classic!
Amanda Heusinkveld North Carolina I first got to go to Disney World and experience the Country Bear Jamboree when I was 9, in 1996, when my little brother was granted his Make A Wish wish. I loved it then and again in 2017 when I finally got to take my 2 boys to Disney World! They loved it as well and I would hate to see it gone! I'm hoping to get back to Disney in the next couple years, as my husband is currently undergoing cancer treatment and cannot physically handle it right now. Please keep the Country Bears!!
Melissa S GA This represents my childhood. Please don't take this away from future generations of fans!!
Nate Guthrie Ohio This is one of my youngest daughters favorite things to do in all the parks! It is also entertaining for the grown ups. We love the music and characters. We go two or three times when at magic castle.
Robert Rhoades OH I have visited WDW 22 times in my 29 years of life and in my memory I cannot think of a trip in which I haven't made my way into the Country Bear Jamboree. My grandma and I attending the show is my first memory of watching the show and my most recent memory is my 4 year old niece absolutely in love with the show in our trip late March 19' to the point that she wants her 5th birthday to be a Country Bears Theme. My daughter and I also took a "selfie" with Liver Lips McGrowl while rushing to a Big Thunder fast-pass on the last day of our Spring Break Trip. The Jamboree and other original attractions are the foundation for Disney Worlds immersive theme that make return trips to WDW a necessity. Why Frontier Land would need a Toy Story attraction is beyond me, especially with the recent opening of Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. It would seem to me the Toy Story show would add crowd control in DHS once Galaxies Edge opens. As a life long Disney fan please know that a decision to shutter Country Bears Jamboree would be devastating for not me but my entire family. We support Disney Parks and always will, however Country Bears is a Staple that cannot be replaced.
Chris Youstra Maryland Everything!!!
Cassandra Spitz Ohii It’s my 4 year old daughters favorite thing to do at Disney. We will watch it time and time again. She knows every word by heart and always looks forward to “going to the show”. She will be devastated if it isn’t there when we visit next. PLEASE DONT GET RID OF!!
Joshua Taback California The Country Bears Jamboree was one of my favorite attractions. I looked forward to seeing it every time I visited the Magic Kingdom. Recently my nieces saw it for the first time and loved it. It was taken away ay Disneyland and it would be very sad for it to be gone forever.
John Kayda FL I've been a Florida resident all my life. I've also visited Magic Kingdom since the park opened. The one thing I always made sure to visit was Country Bear Jamboree. It would be sad to see such a landmark go away. From old to young, everyone enjoys the show! Get rid of Hall of Presidents if you need to shut something down!
Katie Cain MD This is a favorite attraction in our family, and I would hate to see it go. It also has historical significance as a WDW original attraction.
Joey Howard GA I first visited Magic Kingdom as a 2 yr. old in 1979. It was a bit intimidating then but magical at the same time. The Country Bear Jamboree was instantly a favorite for me. It is a classic attraction which may a cursed distinction in its self like Mr. Toad and 20,000 Leagues while others still remain, but for how long. Remember when Walt coined the phrase "plus it" ? What could it hurt to just bring new technology to the CBJ or a new vibe? Any number of things could be done to update this attraction. We don't need a Toy Story Show. We have a Toy Story Land at the Studios. Consolidate some of this. You could also move it to the almost dormant Diamond Horseshoe like what was done a few years back. Don't take the bears...again. Please. Or there could be blood on the saddles all over the Disney Fandom.
Kristin Lorenz North Carolina I have so many fond memories as a kid going to Disneyland with my parents and seeing this show. Now as an adult, I took my daughter who adores bears , and she fell in love it with too. It’s so special that I was able to share something that I enjoyed as a kid , and pass that down to my daughter. Don’t take it away!!
MacKenzie Rayman MN
Rebecca Ceniceros California It means memories of not only my childhood but it’s also a piece of Disney’s history.
Mamba Mamba Tennessee the bears have been there a long time and might as well be a piece of disney history, ive never been to a disney park but i want to see them in person before they close
Brian W WI It means I get to see my Dad laugh when Big Al appears on stage. Sometimes that’s all any of us need and the CBJ does it. It did it for Walt too.
Jim Ihnat Ohio The show is classic Disney. I love the Jamboree and often sing the opening song. This has remained one of my favorite attractions and am sorry I didn't get to visit it when my family was there a few weeks ago in my kids first trip but it was 98 that day and we opted to return to our resort to cool down and return for the fireworks. I was hoping to return to the park on our last day so my children could enjoy the show but we didn't make it and it saddens me that my children may never get to experience this wonderful show.
Tom Cbjless You've got a friend in me You've got a friend in me When the road looks rough ahead And you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed You just remember what your old pal said Boy, you've got a friend in me Yeah, you've got a friend in me
William Redmond MD The Country Bear Jamboree is where my whole family - regardless of age - shares in the joy of Disney. In April 2017, twenty-five members of my extended family packed the front rows to clap and sing and celebrate the best of what Disney Parks has to offer. The commitment to song, character, and practical effects are what set Disney Parks apart from the competition, and the unique characters found in classic attractions are a key part of the appeal.
Ray Youstra MD It is such an iconic attraction that harkens back to Walt and especially to Marc Davis. It’s an irreplaceable part of Disney history, which for us requires at least a couple visits whenever we’re in the parks. And the best singalong attraction in all the parks!
Val Sutherland Arizona Laughing and singing with my 5 year old. Watching her amazement At it all. So sad Disney land one is gone. She is in her 50’s now and we still remember.
Tammy M AL I love the Country Bear Jamboree and always have since the first time I saw it. Llast time we were at WDW I wanted to go see the show but for some reason we didn’t get to see it. Even as a young adult I was upset because I had really been looking forward to it. We are hopefully going to go back to WDW sometime next year and I’ve been looking forward to returning to that piece of my childhood known as the Country Bear Jamboree. I still find myself humming songs from the show, and I am trying to buy the soundtrack on vinyl. Listening to the songs are sure to bring back memories of when I saw the show for the first time. It has and always will be one of my favorite shows.
Michael Loescher TX I still have memories sitting with my mother and watching the bears sing. Also enjoyed it many times with my wife and family. It's a great classic attraction that really adds to the spirit of Magic Kingdom. It important to keep these classics around and show to the younger generation.
Frier Reden le propriétaire de ce site est un homme solitaire dont l'épouse l'a laissé à l'autel. c'est pourquoi il est toujours seul dans toutes ses photos et que son nom de famille mourra avec lui, car personne ne peut supporter de vivre avec ce crétin. Jamboree d'Ours Pays
Michele Kreitman PA The Country Bear Jamboree holds so many memories for me. I always looked forward to this attraction at WDW as a child and still do as an adult. My children know love it as much as I do. It is good ole American fun. It unites people of all colors and backgrounds. There are just some classics that shouldn’t be taken out of of WDW and this is one of them. Please don’t destroy one of Walt’s original ideas. Keep some good, clean, non-commercialized attractions in the park. We don’t need another Toy Story attraction in WDW.
Courtney Embry Indiana It is a piece of my childhood I get to relive every time I’m at MK
Serah Burgess Ontario The country bears are a very important and historical attraction that I believe should not be removed, while I do generally agree replacing something is fine as long as it's a worthwhile improvement the space is tiny and the proposed idea of another toy story attraction is baffling and makes absolutely no sense to me, especially considering this attraction was one of the last things Walt saw concepts for before before he died.
David Stanko Florida My parents took me to Walt Disney World when I was 3 years old and I had vivid memories of the Jamboree. Now going back as a 24 year old adult it was the only memories I had of my trip when I was 3. Very near and dear to many. If seen as a relic it needs to be preserved for the next generation just as it has the last 50 years.
Brittany Stanko FL To me the Jamboree is an important part of history for Dinsey World. It's amazing to be able to step back in time to enjoy such an old but very charming show that has been there since Magic Kingdom's grand opening. I absolutely love the show and the animatronics are amazing considering how old they are.
Tom Doorless Fl I love that the ride has no doors. It should stay open forever. No doors are great. Thanks Tom!
Linda Wilham Kentucky Have been multiple times with 3 generations of family. What a shame my great grandchildren would miss such a wholesome show.
Eric Cohn Ohio This is my Dad's favorite attraction in all of the parks. We will be less likely to visit the parks if it is replaced. I think having only attractions centered around well established intellectual properties is boring.
Michelle Davis NC It's a classic that brings back such great memories.
Samantha Griswold Nebraska As a child I was a massive Disney fan, unfortunately my family didn't have the means to go. Just last My husbans and myself were able to take our son for our first trip to Disney World. I almost dis not go on Country Bear Jamboreeb however my husband insisted I try it. I am so glad I did because it is now my favorite thing in all of Disney World. This attraction epitomizes everything that Mr. Disney was trying to accomplish. Unique, fun, inventive, and imaginative experiences you won't find anywhere else. It's a classic that links us to the past. To remove it would truly be the end of an era and the beginning of what would essentially be the end of REAL imagineering. I really hope the Disney Corporation takes things in a different direction and get back to Walt's vision and stop thinking of only the all mighty dollar.
Paulie Schreiber Illinois I grew up watching it when I was in second grade and loved it I was very sad when I found out it was going
A Rodgers NM Beloved and cherished memories from my childhood and the childhood of my son. I hope to share CBJ with my grandchildren.
Alexandra F NY This is one of my favorites , always a must do! Sometimes multiple times. I would be so dissappointed if this were to leave. It is always a full house when I vosit so many people love it!
Lisa Arellano Az It is my childhood and I am 50. Big Al is my favorite.
Josh Munson Florida This show is iconic WDW! It was one of the last attractions that Walt had a hand in and I can't think of any reason to get rid of it. Let alone for a stupid idea by replacing it with a Toy Story marionette show of all things! Please disney, don't do this.
Jamie Martin KY One of my favorite childhood attractions and remains a favorite to this day. Disney has done away with too many of the classics. Please not this one.
Robbin Logan Florida The Country Bear Jamboree is a wonderful childhood memory for me and ever year we go to Disney it is a stop we always make. I want that memory of wonder for my son as we will be bringing him for his first visit later this year. I would be devastated of they closed it down and he did not get to see the wonder and magic that is the Country Bear Jamboree and make that wonderful lasting memories as I did so long ago.
Lori Pinner Va My parents took me there summer of 1972 and I must go see the Bears every trip to the magic kingdom.
Noelle Schreiber IL It’s one of my favorite places to duck in and cool off. It is a must do attraction on every one of our Disney trips!
michael harris florida its been a family favorite since I was born I can remembergoing to Disney for the first time and watching the jamboree.
Ariana Bruno Colorado Country bear jamboree means so much to my family. My grandfather played in a blue grass band and it’s so nice to have a attraction that can bring back the memories of my grandfather and watch my dad have tears in his eyes watching this show. I hope that Disney doesn’t take away this special place for me and my family
Liam W Georgia Country Bear Jamboree is a classic Disney attractions. Will not necessarily one of my favorites it holds a crap ton of history. The LAST thing Magic Kingdom needs right now if for another original attraction to be invaded or taken over by an IP that has its own land!! The last major original attraction built was Expedition Everest in 2006. That is sad. All new attraction’s have been IP based and very unfortunately beloved Disney World originals have had to close to make way for the influx of IPs. I am truly disappointed I’m WDW and the Disney Company as a whole if these rumors are true.
Jamie Frediani Ca One of my earliest memories of Disneyland and a huge loss when it was removed here. Imagine my delight in seeing it again at Disney world and on subsequent visits. It’s a true gem. Please leave it alone!!! Iconic Disney history shouldn’t be removed just for the ability to leverage current intellectual property. You’ll lose the heart of Disney
Eric Blakemore INDIANA The country bear jamboree is a special entity one that I visit every time I visit. It is an attraction that I remember watching on my first visit and after the animatronics on the wall come to life I was immediately smitten. It is an experience I ultimately want to dhare with my loved ones old and new alike.
Guy Birchel Indiana The fact that the Country Bears is going to be removed is outrageous, but even more outrageous is that it will be replaced by a Toy Story show. As if they already did not have an entire land dedicated to Toy Story in Hollywood Studios, and they did not already have a Toy Story attraction in the Magic Kingdom.
Daniel Hull Missouri It is a classic attraction that provides great family fun. It is an original DISNEY attraction. My family laughs & smiles every time. It is truly a family tradition. KEEP THE COUNTY BEARS ALIVE!!!!
Diana Lane Virginia The Country Bear Jamboree is a favorite of our family and especially my son. I have made over 80 trips to Walt Disney World since 2000 and have never missed seeing this attraction on every trip. Please don't take this show away. It is one of the few that remain where a grandmother and grandchild can enjoy a break from the Florida sun without having to worry about height restrictions for the youngsters or medical condition restrictions for the older generation, and . . it's a lot of fun! New is NOT always better. Sometimes the attraction that has stood the test of time should be left in place for new generations to enjoy. Please consider leaving this attraction in place for all the loyal fans who would be heartbroken to see it leave.
Mike Flynn CA Family
Janet Earnest Georgia The jamboree represents the heart and soul of Magic Kingdom. It's as important to the Disney experience as the castle and Main Street. It's a big portion of what makes the park special. It's part of what makes Disney better than Universal. Disney needs to remember their history and what makes them special. It's good to have new things in the parks but not at the expense of the classics.
A D Tennessee No one will remember who this Chapek guy is in 50 years, and he has no right to leave a bear-sized crap on Walt Disney's legacy. Maybe for his next trick he can replace the Haunted Mansion with another redundant short-term cash grab: perhaps Stitch's Haunted Mansion, or Anna and Elsa's Frozen Mansion?
Sarah Scroggins Ar This is one of the few attractions I remember from my two trips as a child. I was obsessed with bears so it was easily one of my favorites. As an adult it's a classic and also a great place for a break from the heat while reminiscing.
Alysia P FL Country Bears represents the heart of Walt Disney's original vision of Disney World. As they keep taking out these iconic attractions, they are throwing away the parks original charm and commercializing for those guests that may visit once in their lifetime; those guests that don't recognize or appreciate what Disney means to those that are dedicated fans.
Jennifer Eckman Maryland This was and is a beloved attraction from when I first started coming to WDW. It was such a joy to share that with my own child 30 years later. He has since developed a love for Big Al and I would be devastated to see this classic go away.
Joseph Rampolla Pennsylvania Well, perhaps they could sell the attraction to Dollywood, since Disney obviously doesn't understand the historical significance of the attraction. Shame to squander such a valuable asset!!!!
NICHOLAS GUY OH A lifetime of wonderful memories, don't even think about taking this classic attraction away, absolutely not an option!
Evelyn Riley Ohio It means FAMILY... It mags the true love ❤️ and meaning of Walt Disney... For the young and for the old it is truly a wonderful blessing for the Disney fan of all ages and ages to come... Whoever decided to get rid of it definitely needs to be fired!!!!!!!! For it is the true Disney Classic...
Nick Lorenz Ohio The Country Bear Jamboree means a great deal to me. Growing up far away from WDW it became an quintessential stop each & every trip. It ingrained itself into our family culture, and has become a family tradition to visit it several times each time we visit. I Love Big Al, Henry & the Gang & even despite its' horrible movie, I have always thought the bears were underappreciated. While I am a huge supporter of Walt's vision that things should change & that nothing in the park should necessarily stay the same (and in most cases I embrace that) I think the bears are in need of an update or enhancement, but not a closure to something IP based. This attraction is one of those of pure original story telling gems that Imagineers blessed us with & that Walt himself was behind (with cancelled the Mineral King project). It is my sincere hope that those concerned reconsider this & instead move their new idea to a different venue more appropriate venue. Otherwise Liver Lips, Bubbles, Bunny, Beulah & Trixie will have no chance to "hope that we'll come back & see them once again..." and that would make not only my family & children remorseful, but countless others who truly enjoy the incredible show that is the Country Bear Jamboree. I do hope you you will reconsider & truly hope that you show the bears the love they (& fans) deserve. Thank you.
Vanessa Sawatzke Wisconsin I fond memories of the Country Bear Jamboree from my visits as a child. I now have kids of my own and hope to share the experience with them. One element that pulls I back to Disney World is the nostalgia. Each classic attraction that is removed is one less piece of nostalgia that is there to pull people back.
Duke Caboom Canada Yes we CANADA
Duke Kaboom Canada Yes we Canada!
Christopher Campanella NY Classic Disney. Great for all ages.
Craig Nicholson Washington I have loved the Jamboree since I was a child visiting Disneyland. It was a favorite of my families, and then it was gone. In 2017, I was able to go to Walt Disney World for the first time, and share the Jamboree with my kids, which was amazing. Not everything needs to be a thrill ride, we need great attractions where guests can be the heat and be entertained. Please do not take the Jamboree away.
Tavie Phillips NY This has been a favorite since I first visited as a toddler in 1983 and continues to be a must-visit for me and my family. It’s a cool (literally) respite from the heat and crowds and a chance to embrace old fashioned corny entertainment. It’s an essential Disney vacation experience.
Holly Fussell Louisiana This attraction has many diverse , meaningful attachments for me and my family. As noted by many, it is important because this is an original attraction ( opening day as well as not tied to a movie). This leads to a second meaning in that the bears holds sentimental value for generations of families. I have enjoyed this attraction with my parents, children, and last December grandchildren. Wow, four generations! My dad passed away last Christmas Eve and I know this would be a great disappointment to him. ( Big Al made him laugh every time , and yes we are a family that sings along!) He and my mom were/are huge Disney fans!; in his lifetime visiting around 100 times, but not Florida residents! Lastly, this is an attraction for all ages. If you are elderly or a baby or somewhere in between you can find enjoyment here- even if you just need a fun place to find respit from the heat and humidity! I hope the Country Bear Jamboree will still be available for future generations to enjoy!
Isaac Powell Ohio The Country Bear Jamboree is a family favorite. It’s a beautiful tribute to my grandparents... please don’t get rid of it. It is a vital part of so many people’s trip. Nothing will ever compare including Toy Story. Don’t get rid of it please!!
Evelyn Schairer Mississippi I have grown up with the Country Bears. I remember seeing them when Disney World first opened in 1971. Went as a family with my cousins for Christmas. After I had my first child, I took her when she was 3 to see the Bears. She loved them. Both of her sisters have seen the Bears and love them. Even last year we saw the Bears show. Even saw them outside and was able to get some pictures with them. They are part of the history of Disney World. They are something that Mr. Disney wanted. Quit taking away attractions the the guest enjoy. We don’t need new all the time. Put Toy Story over in Hollywood Studios where you have them set up. Bad enough you took the Great Movie ride away. Another attraction that guest miss. And if you do want to put in new rides, make sure that they are wheelchair accessible. None of this having to transfer.
Tammy M AL My family doesn’t get to go to Walt Disney World that often, but when we do go we try to do as much as we can while we’re there. That usually includes going to Frontierland just to see the Country Bear Jamboree. The last time we were there I wanted to go see the show and for some reason we didn’t get to see it. Even as a young adult I was upset because I had been looking forward to seeing it. If our plans don’t fall through we are going to WDW next year and I have been looking forward to returning to that piece of my childhood known as the Country Bear Jamboree. Please don’t take that away!
Mack B Indiana It is an enduring symbol of the magic kingdom and Walt's original vision for the Disney Parks
Tom Shackles Michigan It's a common shared experience I have enjoyed as a kid when the park first opened. With my children as they grew up and recently with my grand children.
George K Florida I’ll never forget watching the show and then meeting the bears themselves. I will never forget running around Frontierland with Wendell.
Michiel Morssinkhof NH The 1,000st submission here! I grew up with the Country Bear Jamboree, it started my love for Disney Parks which I now travel around the world for. Having visited all the Disney parks in the world started with the beautiful Country Bear Jamboree. Please don’t let it go, it’s a piece of art.
Chris Storgoff Florida I really hope this is not happening. There are only a handful of things remaining that I consider sacred ground at Magic Kingdom park. This is the last great politically incorrect show in the untamed wild west. Long live Grizzly Hall. Jam it TDO Snowflakes!
Nick Malcolm IL It’s a Magic Kingdom classic. We never miss it.. would hate to see it go and not be able to share what I enjoyed so much as a child with my own children! Please please PLEASE don’t close it!!!
Millie Sharpe London
Wendy Palmquist NH First saw it in Disneyland (grew up in LA) but after moving east WDW became my “home.” I was so sad when Bears closed at DL, but still had it at WDW. It’s a part of every trip.
Amy Wallace OH The Country Bears means every Disney memory to me. I always go see the show. At one point in my childhood, I had the WHOLE show memorized. It's my favorite show and it shouldn't go away. People come back for the shows and attractions of the past, not everything needs to be brand new.
Cindy Huff Michigan My family visited The Magic Kingdom during Spring break of 1972 and we have been going to Disney World ever since. Although I believe in change and growth, and that some attractions should be replaced (Stitch), I feel strongly that the Country Bear Jamboree should stay as a part of the ‘original park’. I think removing it would be a huge mistake. If you want to add a Toy Story show why not put it in Toy Story Land? Respectfully, Cindy Huff
Linda Honrath NJ It's the cutest show at the Magic Kingdom. A must see along with Haunted Mansion and Pirates
Sandra Grimm Florida I remember the first time my family went to Country Bear Jamboree. That was in December 1972. We enjoyed it immensely. The next year, we went again and it was the first attraction that we went to. The next time we went to WDW was in 1980, and it was the first attraction we went to see. Again in 1986 we went to WDW and it was the first attraction we went to see. I have not been back to WDW, Magic Kingdom since. My family, there are 9 of us, are planning a trip in February 2020. I can not wait to see Country Bear Jamboree. Please do not repurpose Country Bear. Something vital to the Magic Kingdom will be forever lost. There are those of us who enjoy going to see Country Bears and make sure that we go there every time we visit the park. I'm looking forward to going at least twice in our upcoming visit. There are 3 in our group that have never been to WDW and Country Bear Jamboree is high on the list to visit. I just can not imagine Magic Kingdom without Country Bear. 20,000 leagues is gone, Mr Toad's Wild Ride is gone, please keep Country Bear.
Robbie McFarland OH The Country Bear Jamboree is tradition with my family. Every trip we make to WDW, we go to the Jamboree. And evevery time we are there someone in our parties reminds us that this was Grandpa’s favorite. Grandpa is gone now. But now we go with my parents and my kids. 4 generations of a family enjoying this attraction. Please don’t remove this attraction. It is too special with too many memories.
Corrie Kelly Florida Country Bears Jamboree is an example of an attraction that holds so much heritage for our company, it would be a slap to our heritage to eliminate it. One of the most important things about our business is the ability for generations to share childhood memories. In order to do this we must save iconic shows/attractions that individuals can bring their grandchildren too that they experienced as children. Since there is no longer a Country Bears at DLR it is imperative that it be saved at WDW. There is enough land at WDW to keep this loved attraction and still add new IP. Keep our heritage.
Steven FROST A true Disney classic. I loved it as a kid, now an adult I take my own daughter to it, and she now loves it. The attraction is timeless and just as relecant mow as it was slmost 50 years ago.
Daniel Whiting It’s a classic. Disney have so much space that they shouldn’t be losing historically significant attractions. Not everyone visits for the latest IP. With Disney more and more expensive and losing the ‘Disney’ attractions, we won’t keep coming back any more
Michael Bodine TX Always been my favorite show from a kid and makes me feel that way every time I see it!!!!
Misty Pickrel Louisiana Country Bear Jamboree means the world to me because it reminds me of my grandmother who is no longer with me! It reminds me of our trip with her and how much she loved it! I get to have memories like that with my grandmother, now please allow my own kids to have memories with my own mom and I! There are so many new rides, and it is so quickly changing, that there won’t be any special rides or attractions left that my kids will be able to share their memories of!
Monica Valentine Pa I love the country bear jamboree. It is a nostalgic attraction that I visit every trip. We need to cherish these and not replace them.
Sherry Cotterell NJ Those bears are a treasure and any company lucky enough to have them should feel a proud sense of ownership. Chapek doesn't value Disney history or understand that many guests return because they want to revisit their favorite classic attractions. Many people will miss the Country Bears, but I doubt anyone will miss Chapek; replace him instead.
Jake Mimnaugh SC It’s been there since I was a kid and a Magic Kingdom original.
Sherry Cotterell NJ Those bears are a treasure and any company lucky enough to have them should feel a proud sense of ownership. Chapek clearly doesn't understand the value of Disney history, or how many guests visit the park for nostalgia and to revisit classic attractions. Many people will miss the Country Bears, but I doubt anyone would miss Chapek. He is the unwanted thing on Disney property, replace him instead.